The Problem With Pete | (Ep 7, Pt 2) The Unsleeping City

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(dramatic electronic music) – She walks in to get a
glass of water for you, she walks back in with the glass of water, and right behind her is Liz. – Oh, come on. (groans) – Liz Herrera walks in, she clearly knows who
she’s going in to talk to so she has her game face on. She sits down, looks at you. “Mr. Brown, thank you for coming in today, “my name is Liz.”
– “If you gonna call me, “if you gonna call me Mr. Brown, okay.” (laughs)
– “Are we gonna do this?” – “No, we’re not gonna do, yeah. – “Are we gonna do this?” – “No, Mr. Brown’s ready to talk.” – “I’m at work. “So the thing with me here Kingston, “is that I’m at work right now.” – “Okay, (sighs). “Okay, I’m-”
– See Epona puts the water down and says, “I’m gonna fully go.” (all laugh) And she steps out. You see that Liz turns a recorder on, and keeps her voice professional, but is just staring daggers at you. “So, Kingston. “It’s my understanding that
you attended the wedding “of Angela Confetti to Ronald Pigeon.” – “Yes, I was on a date, with Misty Moore, “to the Confetti wedding on Sunday.” – Click, “(beep) you.” – “No, (beep) you.” – “(beep) You.” – “(beep) You.” – “Go (beep) yourself.” – “All right, you know what,
I don’t wanna do this.” – “I always knew there was something-” – “There was nothing!” – “She’s wanted to (beep)
you for years, I know it. “You’re such a piece of (beep).” (expletives beeped out) – “Don’t even do this!” – “You telling me you were
faithful, voice to the city!” – “I am faithful! “I was faithful! “I would have continued to be faithful! “It wasn’t a date, I just. “I’m mad, okay? “It was, we were going there “because there’s been some stuff going on “with the whole Santa Claus thing, “and yeah, it was business. “I don’t know why I said it was a date.” – “Business. “So what, so the mummy’s
back or something?” – “No, the mummy’s not back. “Something’s going on with Nod.” – “Nod, refresh my memory, that is?” – “It’s the sixth borough,
it’s the dream land. “It’s, I don’t know, “there’s this new kid
on the block named Pete, “who I guess is the Vox Phantasma, “he’s me, but for them. “And anyway.” – She clicks the thing back on. (sighs) “So, Mr. Brown, you were
attending at the wedding. “Did you hear anything
amounting to criminal conspiracy “having to do with the assault “on Santa Claus in Central Park?” – “According to Don Confetti, “the two pixies had gone downtown “and confessed to being
the ones who, you know, “had hijacked, or vandalized this lit.” – “And the names of
these individuals are?” – “Pixie and Trixie or
something like that? “I don’t mean to be rude.” – “No, their names are stupid, it’s…” (everyone laughs) “Twinkle and Pinky.” – “There it is, Twinkle and
Pinky, that’s what I heard.” – Click, “And because I have (beep) work “in this department, now, “I have to prosecute Twinkle and Pinky.” – “It’s still law,
these are still people.” – “It is, I live in a (beep) cartoon now!” – “You don’t live, this is not a cartoon.” – “Because of you, I live
in a (beep) cartoon.” – “This is New York City,
this is the real thing!” – “Oh, oh, a horse woman just
brought you a cup of water, “and these two pixies I gotta
put away for attacking-” – “She’s a (beep) centaur.” – “I go through, I would say, “half a bottle of whisky every night, “just to get through the fucking day.” – “That is so bad for you,” (everyone laughs) “you have to come see me.” – “Oh what, so you can
do your magic hands?” – “I don’t wanna fight with you.” – “I was on track to be
the district attorney. “I was on track to be somebody. “And now I’m here, “I had to watch them
fingerprint a pile of (beep).” (Emily laughs) “Today. “Do you know how unpleasant
that is to watch?” – “I can only imagine. “Liz, what do you want
me to say, all right? “I’m sorry? “I’m sorry I fell in love with you, “I’m sorry you fell in love with me, “I’m sorry we were married,
“I’m sorry it didn’t work out, “I’m sorry I brought
you under all of this? “What do you want me to say? “And please don’t call me Mr. Brown.” – Click. “Mr. Brown, thank you
very much for your time.” – Ice cold.
– “Right. “I’ll see you later. “Call me if you need anything, “and tell that pile of shit
I’ll get cut grass down here.” (everyone laughs) – Our lives suck so bad! (everyone laughs) – You can’t do a campaign
about New York City and have people’s lives not
be truly (beep) miserable. Incredible. – Greatest city in the world! – Awesome, we’re going
to cut over now to Sofia. Where does Sofia go to after the bodega? – Okay, well, first off
I’m starting to sober up, I think I go to a drugstore, I’m trying on some sunglasses. Maybe I’m impulse shopping
some Christmas stuff. (everyone laughs) ‘Cause they have, like,
you know, a nice display, and when you are missing
something in your life you try to replace it with material items, anyways, I text my brother, and I say, “Mario, I’m heading back to Staten Island, “I need to talk to you.” – You see you get a text back that says, “Missed you last night, sure, let’s talk.” – Okay. So I think that’s my objective, I take my huge bag of Christmas stuff. And then while I’m on the ferry, I also wanna try to
meditate for the first time. Actually, oh, you know what
I also do at the drugstore? Are there any self help books? – You start looking at
these self help books. Make a perception check for me. (dice roll) (Emily laughs) – Okay, 11. – You don’t notice it, but you hear a voice behind you go, “Ah, don’t look at all that stuff, “that’s all trash, you don’t need that.” – I turn around, who’s there? – You see a guy with a little
shopping cart in his hands. He’s like a 5’4″,
extremely built older guy. You see, he looks like he’s probably in his late 50s, early 60s, Chinese-American guy, he’s got a Mets windbreaker on, and a little Mets hat, and you see that he has, like, very comfy kind of
athletic sandals and socks. You see he’s got some stuff in there, it looks like rash cream, and ointment and stuff in his basket. – Wow. This is, I never thought
how intimate it is to run into someone at the drugstore. (everyone laughs) – But he sees you looking at it. – Well, you know, honestly, I may look, on the
outside, very put together, but that’s because I’m an esthetician, truthfully I wanna make some changes, I don’t know if that means I
need to be, like, journaling, or, like, you know, meditating
or something like that, so I just was interested in a book. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person if you turn to self help books. – You see he shrugs and goes, “I mean, listen, meditation is “maybe the most important
practice one can partake in, “center oneself, become
aware, I get that 100%, “it’s just that these books are commerce, “they’re not real wisdom,
you know what I mean?” – “Then how am I supposed
to learn how to meditate? “A podcast, or what? “Get one of those little apps? “That’s commerce as well.” – You see he looks and goes, (sighs) “Forget it, do what you’re gonna do. “Hey, it is what it is.” And you see that he walks- – “You sound real familiar. “Someone recently told
me it is what it is.” – You see he turns round and
looks back at you and says, “You talk (beep) you I don’t talk to you.” You see that a whisper of
sparkles appears round him, and over his shoulders that he can’t see, La Gran Gata’s eyes
appear, and wink at you. He goes, “You, what’s your problem?” – “I don’t know, what’s your problem? “Also, what’s your (beep) name?” – My name’s (beep) Jackson,
what’s your (beep) name? – “My name is Sofia, “I mean, Sofia Bicicleta.” – He says, “So why did you stutter, what
did you say before that?” – “I said, I said my, whatever the, “I said my married name, I was married, “I was Sofia Lee. “I’m not any more. “Now I’m the crazy old woman
who’s got a cat she loves “and is shopping for self
help books in a drugstore “and I got a pocketful of Santas “that spit up colorful
red and green M&M’s.” – “Jesus Christ. “I didn’t ask for your
whole (beep) life story.” (Ally laughs) – “You asked what’s my (beep) problem.” – (laughs) You see that he looks at you, he looks at you, and says, “Sofia Lee?” – “Sofia Lee,” I’m getting into the M&M’s. – You see that he looks at you and says, “You’re a (beep) mess. “You (beep) crying for?” – “I don’t know. “Honestly, I didn’t sleep well, “I didn’t sleep at all last night.” – You see he looks at you
and puts down his basket as you go to eat something else, he, lightning-fast, you
can’t even see his hand move, snatches it out from
in front of your mouth. – “Oh my God, I got the sharing size, “you could have just asked for some.” – He leans back, kicks your
basket up into the air, and all the candy scatters
everywhere, and goes, (blows air) (gong sounds) “Come on, toots.” – Okay, I fight him! (everyone laughs) All right, I take my earrings
out, and take my Spanx off, and I shimmy out of my
Spanx, let’s do this. – You see that he says, “You thought you’d (beep)
get left by some guy? “You (beep) get a little bit sad “and all of a sudden you’re
gonna plow into some chocolate? “Have some (beep) self respect.” (makes boxing sounds) And, you see, he just boxes your ears. Go ahead and give me some attack goals. – Oh my God, I wanna
(beep) do well so bad. Oh yeah, 13! 27! 20! (everyone cheers) – So you see that he comes at you, he plows into your sternum, and you straight up lose two key points. – I only had one left for today. – Oh, he, boom! Robs you of your key points, as you like, stumble back,
you see he goes like, “I don’t know who the
(beep) you are, lady, “but let me tell you right now, “you gotta get your (beep).” And you spin, roundhouse
kick him right in the chin, and you see that he skids
back about three feet. (crunch) Sets his jaw back in, and goes, “That’s a nice hit, kid.” – “Thank you. “And I just want you to know
that I wasn’t kicking to, “I wasn’t kicking to kill.” (Ally laughs) – He says. – “This was a friendly spar for me.” – He looks at you, he says, “Yeah, we’ll work on that.” – Okay.
– You see that he- – “I guess we (beep) will.” – He looks at you and goes, (grunts) “You,” and you see that La Gran Gata
appears on your shoulder. And she goes, “Jackson Way of the Order
of the Concrete Fist. “This is my chosen Sofia
Lee, or Sofia Bicicleta.” You see that he looks and goes, “Yeah, Sofia Lee, huh. “All right, listen. “If you are a chosen of the great cat, “and you wish to study at the
Monastery of the Midnight Sun, “learn the secrets of our art, “I will accept you as a student, “but, our monastery is
extremely challenging to get to. “It lies far away, in a remote place, “where only the most
dedicated can reach it.” – “Yeah, I know something about that, “I’m from Staten Island.” – “Oh, well, in Staten Island.” – “Oh, oh!” (everyone laughs) “Okay!” – “No, that’s what I was referring to, “yeah, the monastery’s in Staten Island.” – “Oh my God, where? “How close are you to Spaghetti’s?” (everyone laughs) – “We’re literally across
the street from Spaghetti’s!” – “I’m there every other day.” – “Oh, God, that’s crazy. “All right, yeah, that’s
where the monastery is, “in Staten Island.” – “Oh, okay.” – “Honestly, people have
usually guessed wrong “about where the center of Kung Fu is. “No, it’s Staten Island.” – “But if you listen to Wu-Tang, “there is a commandment to Staten Island.” – “Can I show you something?” You see, he takes his wallet out, and goes through some
pictures of his kids, and he gets a picture of Method Man, and him sparring in the
Monastery of the Midnight Sun. – Oh my God. – “He was my best and greatest student.” – “Yeah, well, I’m hoping to
give him a run for his money, “honestly.”
– “No, yeah,” he says, “we’ll see.” So you see that, so you take the ferry, you see that Jackson goes and
gets a little cup of coffee, and sits next to you, and goes, “So, you know, tell me a
little bit about yourself, “you have to know that you have a gift, “your key power is incredibly strong.” – “Thank you, honestly, until recently “I did not really understand, “I mean I always knew I
was like a tough cookie, “but I didn’t know that
maybe that toughness “was coming from something magical. “I didn’t know about, “I didn’t see anything
magical for a while, “but recently I’ve been running
with quite a magical crowd, “and it’s been really helpful
for some soul searching.” – He says, “Do you know Kingston Brown?” – “Yeah.”
– “Old friend of mine.” – “Honestly, this is
gonna drive you crazy, “but I was just with him.” – “What?!” – “Yeah!” – “Son of a (beep), tell
him to come by and visit. “No one ever visits Staten Island.” – “I can’t get any of them, “I have a huge house, and no
one will (beep) come to it.” – “I have a three-bedroom, my
oldest went off to college, “and I’m over here with a spare bedroom. “Do I put a gym in there,
you know, I don’t know!” – “You think, it’s like, “if I have the guest
rooms they’ll come stay. “They don’t.” – You arrive in Staten
Island and walk with Jackson, who you see immediately
has taken a shine to you, and you keep seeing out
of the corner of your eye, never fully manifesting, kind of like, spectral or ghostly, La Gran Gata smiling and winking at you. – “Can I, Jackson, can I tell you… “So, as you know, I am the
chosen of La Gran Gata. “La Gran Gata loves you.” – “What’s that? “Oh, well, you know, I’ll
explain a bit what we do is.” You guys walk up from the ferry, he says, “So I’m part of the Order
of the Concrete Fist. “We are dedicated to the
defense of New York City “against those things which break through “from the other side. “We have a number of spiritual practices “and there are spirits, like
La Gran Gata and others, “that are actually of the
magic of the waking world, “of the treasures and splendor
and wonder of this place. “So it’s very wonderful that the great cat “has smiled on me in that way, “as she’s chosen to smile on you.” – “Yeah.” – Make an insight check for me. (dice roll) – Nine. – He gets a little bit
of a sad look in his eye, when he looks at you. And you see he just goes, “In any case, I don’t
think it’s an accident “that I found you in that drugstore, “and I will be very happy “to induct you into this monastery.” And you see, as you get
to this little place across from Spaghetti’s, Jesus. (everyone laughs) – Spaghetti’s bakery, was it? – Yeah.
– Spaghetti’s bakery! We bake the best spaghetti! You see that-
– Staten Island specialty. Baked spaghetti. – There’s that little sort of three-story kind of apartment building,
across from Spaghetti’s, you see that he, you get
there and you see that, there’s like a little
kind of fire hydrant, and you see that there are
two metal buckets next to it with one of those shoulder yokes, you see, he says, “All right, kid, you ready
for your first test?” – “I guess so. “My only question would be
maybe we start with meditation, “’cause I think I could give you, “I’m running on empty right now, “and I’m willing to
continue to run on empty, “but if you want I could…” – “Yeah, there’ll be healing at the top.” You see, he points to a fire escape, and you see that the fire
escape goes to the third floor, and then you can see that it keeps going up above the op of the building, and as you follow it, the
Umbral Arcana fades away, and you see a, it’s like
a gray, overcast day, the fire escape goes up into the sky. – “Okay, you want me to climb that?” – “I want you to fill these
two buckets with water “and bring it up to the top.”
– “Okay, yeah, I can do that.” – “I’ll see you up there.” (whooshes) Jackson jumps straight into the sky. – “I bet I’ll be able to
do that in like, a day.” (everyone laughs) So I guess I look for a hose. – Yeah, you fill up the two buckets next to this little fire, you see that you can
undo the fire hydrant, and like (whooshes) fill up the buckets. And you head off. Pete, we’re gonna go over to you. – All right. – Cool, what are you up to that day? – I think I’m getting pissed. I think I wanna be as
intimidating as possible as I just, like, walk down the street, and I’m listening to
like (beep) The Prodigy, like blasting out of
my wireless headphones. – I’m a firestarter!
– Yeah! – Hell yeah. Go ahead and make a check for me, about like looking over
your criminal network, for any like, clues about-
– Oh, cool, like, inside? – Yeah, actually, just do, I think do a flat charisma check for me. – (mutters) 18. – Cool. You begin to like, hustle
your criminal contacts. Do you go to see Priya that day? – So I have a plan. I’m gonna get a tattoo,
’cause I need to calm down. And I’ve been wanting to
find an eight letter word to go across my fists, and I’m gonna do Phantasma. (everyone laughs) So that I’m like, freshly tattooed, and just like, “Hey Priya,” oh, weird. – F-A-N-T-A-S-M-A? (beep) Yeah. – It’s not gonna look really cool, you’re just gonna have like bandaged- – It’s gonna look so red and cool, anyway I’m definitely doing it. (Emily laughs) So I’m getting the tattoo, and
then I text Priya back like, “Oh, I happen to be in the
area of this coffee shop, “can you meet up there?” And it’s like, the one that
we had our first date at. (Brendan laughs) – She responds back, “Naturally.” – God, this girl’s
language is infuriating me. – I hate that I love it. Okay, cool, so yeah,
I’m getting that tattoo, and then I think I try to hit up my like, the dealers who work
with like, Wall Street, or like, business people, the ones who look very suit-and-tie, and can talk to these people
and sell them all, like, drugs. – Okay, you’re looking
for the most suit-y people in your network. – Yeah, that might know of
Robert, or have sold around him, or something like that, and I’m like, getting
a sick (beep) tattoo, and bleeding. – You get a (beep) dope tattoo, it’s like that crazy,
like playing card font, you know what I mean? – Exactly. Exactly, yeah, yeah. – I get you, I get you. – Fantasma (laughs). – What does the word “asma” mean, do you have asma, did you
misspell the word “asthma”? – No, I don’t have asthma, okay? I smoke all the (beep) time. – What’s a fant? – What are the letters precisely? – F-A-N-T. – Oh, okay, so it’s with an F. – It’s with an F instead
of a P-H, yeah, for sure. So you arrive at the coffee shop, you started to kind of
put your feelers out. – Ow! (everyone laughing) – And you see Priya is
there, she looks gorgeous, she’s in this enormous green army jacket, her hair’s kind of off at one
side, beautiful nose piercing, she’s got this like weird
little shredded undershirt that has a picture of
like a weird cartoon mouse saying “Kill Me”, and paint-spattered skinny jeans, and you see she goes, (sighs) “Peter. “You have some new ink on your fingers.” – “Oh, yeah, I’ve been
getting some new tattoos. “How are you?” – “You know that Phantasma’s
spelled with a P-H, right?” – “Oh, not this one.” – You see she nods and says, “Would you like some coffee? “Would you like some coffee?” – “Yeah, I’ll probably get some coffee. “How are you, you look
great, how are you doing?” – “Well, I’m very sleepless at the moment, “I have a big gallery showing the 30th, “and I am just absolutely inundated, “as usual, I’ve said yes to everything, “and I should have said no, “and there’s just too much going on. “How about you, darling?” – “Yeah, I’m good.” Can I roll insight and just
see what’s going on here? – Sure, go for it. – 11 with… 16. – She’s a little bit inscrutable. You think that there’s stuff
she’s sort of not saying. See she goes, “Well, listen, I’d heard
through the grapevine “that you were homeless at the moment, “and I wanted to make sure
that everything was all right, “because I know that things
didn’t end well between us “but I still do care about your wellbeing, “I want you to be safe.” – “Oh, that’s really nice of you, thanks.” I’m like, maybe gonna cry, “I’m gonna go get that
coffee really quick.” – “Please, take your time, absolutely.” – I get the coffee and I
hold all the tears (laughs). – The barista is this enormous jacked dude with a handlebar mustache and a neck tat, and you see he goes, “Hey man, “you want a pour-over, “and we have a little
booth around the corner “if you wanna go do that real quick. “I’ll cover for you.” – Wait, what the (beep)? – “Do you need to go cry?” – “There’s a cry booth?” – “Yeah. “We’re all about it here.” – “That’s really nice but I
actually wasn’t gonna cry, “so I’ll just take that pour-over.” – You see, he’s like, “Hey, dog, everyone’s relationship “to their masculinity is
a journey, and I get that, “but this right here, (beep) kills me.” – “What makes you think
I’m gonna cry, dude?” – “Dude, my (beep) dad died, at (beep) 67, “because he never (beep) let it out, “and stress clogs your arteries, dude, “it’s a (beep) medical condition.” – “Where’s the booth, man?” (everyone laughs) – He brings you around to a booth. – I just let go in the
booth, I’m like, heaving. – He comes over and holds
you at a certain point, and he starts crying. “Dude.”
– That was (beep) sick. (everyone laughs) All
right, I get my pour-over, I’m back to Priya, I look great. – “So yes, everything’s all right?” – Huh? – [Brendan] “Everything’s all right?” – “Yeah, he mistimed the pour-over. “That’s so nice of you… “So nice of you to offer, “I do actually have a place to live, “I have a really good new
mentor and friend in my life.” – “That’s wonderful.” – “Yeah.” – “I asked you to come here because “I had a dream about you.” – (laughs) “Cool.” – “I had this insane dream, “I was talking to a man on a giant clock “who was like, a broken glass man, “and I saw you, and you were there, “and you started to run
away, and he was dancing, “and I talked with my
therapist about that, “and she basically said to me, “you are on a clock
because the time is now “for you to resettle what your
relationship to Peter was, “because even though it didn’t work out, “he still means something to you.” And she slides a hand
onto your knee, and says, “I think that there might be a role “that we have yet to play
in each other’s lives, “and I want to discover what that is, “and I want to discover it with you.” – (laughs) “I am dating a lot of people.” – She says, “No, I don’t wanna get
back together with you.” – “Oh, cool, ’cause, again, “all the people that I am dating. “Well yeah, to just be
more in each other’s lives. “I’m gonna need to think about that.” – “Can I ask something? “It’s just one favor that I want to ask.” – “Yeah.” – “Think about it, and can you… “I’m nervous about my opening. “Would you come to my
gallery opening on the 30th, “and we can talk about it there?” – “Sure, yeah, I would love to. “Do you have like, a flyer, or something, “or is there like an event
or story I can screenshot?” – “No, what’s happening is, “we actually only have one invitation, “and it’s being forwarded
from person to person, “and each time they do,
they’re gonna take a Polaroid, “of the exchange of the invitation.” – That’s cool, that’s really cool. (everyone laughs) The art world, it makes sense, and it’s very new, it’s always new. “Oh, well that’s so great, Priya. “Yeah, I’ll definitely
be at your show, though. “Like, I wouldn’t miss, argh!” (everyone laughs) “I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” – “Wonderful. “I’m going to leave now, Peter.” – “I was also gonna leave.” – “All right.”
– “Race ya.” (Lou laughs) – “I’ll let you leave first.” – Hm? – “You can go.” – “So you can watch me go.” (laughs) I like, flex my back as I’m walking. (everyone laughs) – And Pete walks outta the coffee shop. – We are all such rejects. – Cool, couple of real quick things, Kingston, as you are leaving
City Hall to go back to work, Epona comes up to you. And basically says, “Hey, I wanted to talk to you real quick, “Kingson, if I could?” – “Yeah.” – “Look, I was wondering if, “there were some people that
I didn’t recognize before, “there was the firefighter
and that young woman.” – “Yeah, Ricky, yeah.” – “And that young kid. “Who are these guys?” – “New friends, they’re all-” – Gimme an insight check. – Great. (dice roll) 19. – You just think there’s a weird thing where Epona’s talking to you outside of City Hall
while this is happening. And not talking to you in any
of the rooms that you were in, where stuff was being officially recorded. So she’s like, “So this kid, what did you say, Ricky, “and what was the other name you said?” – “Yeah, they’re all new people. “Would you prefer if we went inside “and had a chat about this?” – “No, no.”
– “It just feels informal, “you know, to be talking out here. “Seeing as you’re, you know,
officer, and I’m a citizen.” – You see she says, “No, man, I’m not trying to
bust your balls or nothing, “I just wanna know about
the kid, just because, “it seems like if we can
collect statements from them, “or anything like that, “or honestly, if you even tell
me where I can find this kid, “I’ll actually be able to just
go “and talk to him myself.” – “Why would you need to do, I mean, “why can’t they just come downtown? “This just feels like, “you know, what can I say, I’m one for, “everyone needs to do their civic duty, “and they should do it civically. “So you know, I’ll just
send them down to City Hall, “how about that?” – She looks at you, nods, and says, “That sounds all right, “if you wanna give them my information, “I’d appreciate that, Kingston.” – “Of course.” – And Kingston walks away. We’re going to scoot over now to Ricky. You’re over at the fire house, you’re hanging out, having a ball. You’re having a great time. – Literally playing with Ox, your dog now. (laughs) – You’re looking at your
phone over texts from Esther, and you see some, you know, looking at your last
texts they seem very curt, you see that there’s three firefighters all named John that you work with. – The Johns.
– The Johns, yeah. You see the Johns are all kind of like, lifting weights, and one’s
making a protein smoothie, the other one’s doing sit-ups, and you see they all look over, you see one of them goes, (sighs) “Hey, Rick, what you looking at over there “on your phone, man?” – “Oh, I’m just looking at my texts.” – You see they all look
at each other and go, “Texts from a girl?” (whoops) “Come on, man!” They’re all so jacked. (everyone laughs) They come over and start
shoving you, they’re like, “Come on!”
– “Ah, come on.” – “Come on, man, dude, come on! “Like, we were gonna go
to A.C. last weekend, “and you were like not about it, “and what’s going on, man?” – “You know, just texting with this girl.” – All of them pull up chairs
and sit them backwards, and go, like, “Talk to me, bro, what’s she saying?” – “Well, I think we’re
just kinda different, “and I’m just trying to
find some middle ground, get on the same wavelength.” – “How so?” “Is she like a different
sign than you, incompatible, “or are you like, talk to me man.” – “She’s very, she’s so smart.” – They all look and nod at each other. – “She’s more of a learned person, “and I’m trying to
become a learned person.” – (sighs) “Bro, I feel that. “‘Cause here’s the thing, man. “It’s (beep) hard in this
world for any educated person, “let alone, I mean, are you
talking like she’s smart, “or you mean, like,
educated, like academic?” – “Academic, yeah.” – You see that one of the
Johns looks at you and says, “Bro, wanna tell you straight right now, “that’s a hard obstacle to overcome, “because a woman trying
to make it in academia “is overcoming so many
hurdles and obstacles, “and honestly, that is a
(beep) challenge, bro.” – Yeah, I’m just doing a big fly. (everyone laughs) – Yeah, you see that one of
them is doing one-arm pull-ups, and is just like, “So like, talk to me, “are you getting a vibe from this chick?” “Or is it like, do you think that “she doesn’t feel that way about you?” – “You know, there are moments “when I feel like there’s
some sort of vibe going on “but overall, she’s pretty
much about her business, “which is something I really
respect, but you know.” – “Dude, I respect that,
I respect that too, man, “that’s so respectable.” – “You know, I’m not really
worried about it right now.” – You see they all nod, and they go, “Honestly, dude, that’s awesome, because, “here’s the thing, man, like, “if you have feelings for somebody, “and you feel that you
are attracted to them, “that attraction is a form of respect. “There’s something about
them that you find beautiful. “And if you respect somebody,
you have to let them go.” – “Yeah.” – “Right? “You see I was like-” (both groan with effort) You see that the fire chief
walks in, and goes like, “Who’s by the alarm right now? “You’re all out here,
you’re working out?!” – Oh. (beeps) – You’re gonna sort of
tumble out of there. You guys start to get a
little text back and forth from Alejandro and Esther, being like, we wanna have that meeting tonight, as tonight rolls around. – “Salads at my place.” – Cool, you guys arrive there, is Sofia going, ’cause you
wanna go talk to Mario. – (whistles) I do wanna talk to Mario, but I mean, did I make it
to the top of the ladder? – Yes, you did. (Emily cheers) At the top of the ladder,
this enormous, awesome, monastery in the clouds is there, you see it’s all gray, the walls look like they’re
made of sidewalk material, like those big sidewalk squares, with like gum on them. And you see that, you’re like, oh, everything here is
made of sidewalk or floor. And you see, because
it all looks like that, the monks are able to walk on walls, because the walls are,
everything here is floor. – I put my foot to a
wall, can I walk on it? – You can walk on it. (Emily laughs) The gravity shifts. You see there’s tons of
other monks here training, who look and smile at you as you walk in, you see that there is this
incredible yin and yang symbol, up, the yin yang is made of
not black and white though, there is a golden half, that is speckled with grime and soot, and there’s an incredible
purple, pink, blue half, with like, star energy in it. You see that Jackson looks
over at you and goes, “Yep, there it is. “The dreaming and the waking world. “Let’s get your training started, kid.” You heal, you are healed by
your presence in the monastery, but then also just spend a
whole day (beep) training in all these awesome martial arts. – This is too cool, I text Mario, and I’m like, “Rain check.” (everyone laughs) I’m like, “It’s super pressing that we talk, “and it’s really important, “if you’re in Manhattan,
please let me know, “but for now, rain check.” – Cool, you don’t get no response back, Jackson is awesome. The first thing he works with you on is he gets all the other
students to pile into this room and they start walking like a crowd, he puts a bucket of water
on your head, and says, “All right, crowd of people,
Penn station, rush hour. “What are you gonna do? “You gotta get-
– “Oh, I can do this.” (Brendan laughs) – And you just do these sprints through a crowd of people with a bucket- – Can we say that part of
the reason I do it well is ’cause I’ve got really
good hip movements? (everyone laughs) – You see, he goes, “Great hip movements out there, “your center of gravity’s great! “Watch your hands, you’re
sloppy with your hands!” – “Oh, oh, sorry, sorry, sorry!” – He says, “You’re always
talking with your hands! “Keep your hands to your side!” (Emily babbles quickly)
(Brendan laughs) And he starts to drill you in this awesome New York Kung Fu. You traversed that day, so Alejandro, I think,
probably calls up Ricky, Kingston, Misty and Kugrash, but Sofia also heard about it, so if Sofia wants to
go, she can go as well. – I’m gonna deferentially
refer to Jackson and say, “I have an invitation from
Kingston to talk some shop, “I’m cool to stay here and train, “however if you’d prefer
me lend my services there, “I can also do that.” – He says, “Kid, you put in a hard
day’s work, all right? “Go for it.” He says, “But remember, we’ll start
working on meditation tomorrow.” – “I’m gonna start doing it on the ferry. “I got these really big sunglasses “so I can close my eyes “and no one will know I’m meditating.” – All right, he nods. You head off, you guys get to the meeting
place with Alejandro. You see that he looks around, you guys, Esther’s there
as well, Pete is not here. But he looks at the other
five of you, and goes, “Friends of the Grammercy Occult Society, “thank you for answering this message. “Congratulations, as well, to Sofia “for being our newest member
of the Unsleeping City, “and joining the Monastery
of the Midnight Sun.” – “Ooh, you went around with Jackson?” – “Yes, he speaks very highly of you. “He was asking for you.” – “I tell you, that man
did damage in the 90s.” (everyone laughs) – Alejandro looks around and says, “The presence of the Vox
Phantasma begs a question. “There have in the past
been Vox Phantasm-I?” Phantasmus, Phantasmas? – Phantasmuses. – Thank you. – “I’m gonna say it’s an English word, and we’re gonna say Phantasmas.” – “Thank you.” – “It’s not a Latin, we’re
not speaking Latin here.” – “No, we are not.” – “Language is mutable, you know, “it’s a beautiful thing,
and we should use it-” – Misty, sit down, sit down,
you don’t need to stand up. – You see that Alejandro
looks out and says, “There is a version of the
fight that happened in history, “that goes very different way. “I want to offer forward the
question of what should be done “if young Peter loses control of his magic “in a way that is even more dangerous “than what we have already seen.” – “I mean, I’m certainly worried about it. “I’m wondering, actually, if
your friend Jackson can help? “He’s such a centered man. “Focused on meditation.” – “Jackson was really cool, “I’d love to spend more time with him. “Should I text him? “This is a great first
reason to text him.” – “I mean, here’s the truth Alejandro, “if things get out of
hand, we put him down.” – What?
– “Straight up.” – “I think, I have kids, I have kids!” – “What? Rat kids?” – “No, no, you know I was a
human, “you know I was a human.” – “Oh, you have human kids.” – “Yes, I have human kids, and
I made this mistake before, “of overlooking people, and
making them angry, and bitter, “and we need, Pete should
be part of this discussion.” – “You know what, Kug is right, “Kug is right because if
you mess up someone’s hair, “like if you fry someone’s hair dying it, “you don’t just shave their head. “You do like a deep
conditioning treatment.” – Yes.
– “The problem is, “we are not talking about hair. “We’re not talking about your kids. “We’re talking about the entire
population of New York City. “Now if you’re asking me to choose “between New York City, or Pete? “10 out of 10 times, I
choose New York City.” – “I’m just saying
maybe we should consider “locking him in some kind of
magical cave for eternity.” – Okay, that’s the worst one. (everyone laughs) – Alejandro goes, “Misty, you cannot keep suggesting
to lock people in caves.” – “It’s a useful tool, I was just saying!” – “You were trying to get us
to lock the mummy in a cave for a long time.” – “I saw one time when you
were at the first Sephora “that opened up in New York City, “and the person wouldn’t
let you speak to a manager, “and you demanded to lock
them in a giant crystal cave.” – “Those stores are confusing,
and I don’t know what’s good, “I need some help! “And they don’t clean
their brushes properly.” (Brendan laughs) – “Oh, they don’t? “That’s why I always get pinkeye from it. “I wanted to know, why, “just so I can better
understand the situation, “why would the, is there a reason that “the inhabitants of Vox
Phantasma would wanna come here? “What’s wrong with what
they got going on?” – You see Alejandro says, “When you continue your training, “you should ask Jackson about that. “The Order of the
Concrete Fist was created “because of the danger represented “by the realms of dreaming. “It was the response to the waking world “constantly besieged by the forces beyond. “In dream, things are insubstantial, “and chimeric, and ephemeral. “Acts of sudden change and
chaos in the realms of dream “do not fundamentally alter
the nature of that plane. “But when raw, pure magic enters forth “into the waking world, “as often as it creates wonder, or joy, “it creates destruction and chaos. “It is not fair to the people
who have come to this city “or been born here, and lived
here their entire lives, “that their wellbeing, safety, “and in fact, even their life or death, “should be thrown into chaos “because of what amounts
to, often, a joke. “The spirits of dreaming
are frenzied and wild, “and you can even see from Peter, “the sense of weight or gravity
of his actions escapes him. “When a Vox Phantasma comes to New York, “in the case of Josephina
Gatsby, which you knew.” – “So fun.” – “She manifested
dreaming through delight, “and wonder, and whimsy. “Peter actively courts the
darkness more than the light. “And the realm of dream has much “in the way of destruction to offer. “If Peter treads his path recklessly, “he could become something
far more dangerous “than we have the capacity to handle.” – “Okay, so we just replace
all his drugs with Tic Tacs.” – “I mean I think that’s the obvious-” – “We’re giving Pete
something to rebel against.” – “We’re having a meeting without him.” – “Okay, well, we need-” – “Let’s get Pete here.” – “No! “Hold on! “Y’all need to slow down, all right? “Because I get it, “I get that you feel that
Pete is being left out “and thus he thinks he needs to rebel, “he is already rebelling without that. “So we do need to have this meeting, “we do need to have this space, “because we need to decide how
we are acting towards him.” – “Yeah, I’m a big fan of mischief, “obviously, personally myself, “but there’s a difference
between mischief and danger, “and I do need this city
to be stable enough-” – “For your show to come out.” – “Honestly, for theater to happen, “because otherwise I can’t live.” – “Because there’s not a lot
of art during uncertain times.” – “Truly.” – “I’m all for keeping New York Safe, “but that includes Pete, in my mind.” – “Again, just a magical cave, “we could make it a nice cave.” – All right. (Emily laughs) You see that Esther looks up, and looks at you, Kingston, and goes, “I agree with Kingston. “When Kingston speaks, “he speaks for the people of this city, “and I think Pete is a swell guy. “I’ve also seen him, multiple times, “attempt to sell drugs to children. “And we would be really foolish “not to acknowledge the danger. “Why don’t we let Alejandro
hit the books, I will as well, “and we can see if there, “I’m not saying crystal cave. “But I’m saying some magical
remedies to our situation, “maybe something that can at least “lessen Pete’s level of power “while he’s learning about himself.” – “Can I just interject, “because I’m in a somewhat
similar situation to Pete, here, “which is that this is all very new to me. “And it’s all very overwhelming. “So magic feels really old
hat and normal to you guys, “but to him, he’s barely
just beginning to grasp it. “So it’s not the same as, like, “mishandling magic that
he’s known all his life, “it’s mishandling magic “that he learned about a couple days ago. “So I think that there’s gotta be “more of a grace window for someone.” – Alejandro, make a persuasion
check with advantage. (dice roll) – 18. – Alejandro takes the little jewel out of his jacket, and looks at it, and you see his eyes water
up a little bit, and he says, “Sofia, I think you are absolutely right. “There is research to be done, “Pete has only known of
his powers for a few days. “I would ask that we keep
this a secret from him “for the time being. “All of us are very busy,
you have your training, “you have your ward over the city, “the rest of you, of course, “have your own duties and
responsibilities to attend to. “We will be in touch in a few days’ time.” – “All I’m saying is Mullen, “after a couple hundred
years, was happier.” (Emily laughs) – “I cannot hear about this
crystal cave one more time!” You see that, you guys head off. A few days of downtime
passes, you’re training, all you guys were plenty busy
before the weekend from hell, Pete, you, in your searches,
a couple days after that. You get a call from one of
your suit buddies saying, “I know where the guy’s gonna be.” – I’m talking to him, right? – Yeah, you’re talking to him. It’s like him and, if
you’re looking for Robert, if you wanna get a beat on him, or you wanna talk to him,
I know where he’s gonna be. – I have a card with his address on it, is this the same address? – The guy says, “Yeah, you could probably
also spot him there “if you wanted to.” – “Okay, where’s he gonna be?” – He’s like, “A party up in Hell’s Kitchen.” – Cool. Nice. “What’s he like, like, who is he?” – You see he says, “A big finance guy. “Old, old power behind the throne “in Wall Street circles.” – “But is he known for anything, “is he like, brutal, does he
have people he works with?” – You see that he says, he’s like, “No, he’s not brutal,
he’s a smooth operator, “and a pretty easy guy
to talk to, actually.” – “Hmm, okay.” (laughs) “Thanks, man.” – Cool, so Pete has
this info on this dude, what’s Pete gonna do? – Can I try to talk to
Alejandro’s daughters? – Sure, you can text them. – Cool. I’m like, “Hey, your dad, I hate
it when men yell at me, “can I talk to you?” – You see they both text you
back in this group chain, and one of them sends a GIF of someone rolling over laughing, and another one sends
something of a very old man falling over on a walker,
with “Fail” under it, and you see one of them
says, “G-Pa sucks, what up?” – Yeah, okay, cool, I
try to meet up with them, ’cause I have a bunch of questions. – Cool, you meet up with them, you’re gonna meet up on a corner, you see, yeah, they arrive
and meet on a street corner. – Okay. “Do you guys know anything
about Vox Phantasma, “or like, what’s going on?” – “We can like, look
stuff up if you want.” One of them looks over and says, “Yeah, Grandpa’s super pissed. “I would probably not hang out
with him much in the future.” – “What do you mean? “He hasn’t calmed down? “It’s been like, a week.” – You see they say, “Look, Pete, we think you’re awesome, “and just like, be careful, okay?” – “What, why?” – “The society has to come first.” (whooshes) They vanish. Make a protection check for me. – Okay. 20. – There is a car idling, a black town car, idling at the street corner. And you see that its doors unlock. (clicks) – I walk towards it. – A door, the back door opens up. – I mean, I don’t get in,
I like, kinda have my gun. (laughs) (everyone laughs) – You hear a voice from inside go, (sighs) “Friends let you down, huh, kid?” – I say, “Who are you?” – “My name’s Robert Moses. “If you wanna figure it out, “why don’t you hop in, take a ride.” – I say, “(beep) you.” And I run. “I’m sick of all these men in my life!” (everyone laughs) I don’t have a home to go to, I think I go to an
Equinox for a free trial. (Emily laughs) – You start, and as you start to run, you see that he gets out of
the back seat of the car, and stands, and you see he says, “I like to talk in a town car, but,” you see he says, “if that makes you uncomfortable, “I’d be happy to talk somewhere else. “You have been running me down “through your criminal network, “so I thought you’d like
the opportunity to speak.” – “How do you know everything? All right, you can come
to this Equinox, too.” (Emily laughs) – He starts walking with
you down the street. – Get on the ellipticals! (everyone laughs) – Get a date and peanut butter smoothie! – He starts walking with
you down the street, you see he starts walking and goes, “While we’re heading to Equinox, “you want a Cubano, my friend?” – Yeah, I take it. Can I, like, check it? – Yeah, oh, go for it, check it. – Eight. – Seems fine to you. You see that he says, “Here you go.” And takes an old match case
out and lights up a match, and holds it to light the cigar. He walks along with you, and goes, “Well, I wanna apologize, “I think we got off on the wrong foot.” – “How did you know that
thing about my dad?” – “I make it my business
to know these things, “and I don’t know if this is
gonna catch you off guard, “but you’re not the most
subtle Vox Phantasma “there’s ever been.” – “Well, okay, I have a lot of questions. “What happened with my
dad, did I cause that?” – “In a sense, yeah, you did. “You got (beep), kid, I’m sorry.” – “What do you mean?” – “Well, did you sign up
for this Vox Phantasma job, “did you weigh the health benefits, “did you get a choice in the matter?” – “No.” – “No.” – “Does it suck to be the Vox Phantasma?” – “What do you think? “You’re homeless, you
got a bunch of problems.” – “That’s just New York.” – You see that he holds out a camera and plays something on his
phone, and shows it to you, you see a security cam footage from the Grammercy Occult Society, and see Kingston talking
about killing you. And you see Alejandro and
Esther weighing that option. – “That’s not real. “No, that’s not real.” – “Your call, kid.” – “No.” I text Kingston, “Hey, what up?” (Emily laughs) – “What’s going on, Pete?” – He walks with you a little while, you see that he goes, “You’re texting Kingston Brown? “Why?” – “How do you know everything?!” All right, “He’s my friend, man, that
must have been out of context “or something like that.” – You see that he turns around, you are suddenly standing
outside this like, very big-looking sort of night club place, you see that he goes, “Well, as another Vox, you should know, “Kingston Brown’s the biggest
schmuck there ever was.” – “You’re a Vox also?” – “No, hell no, I don’t do a
job unless I’m getting paid.” – “I’m not getting paid for this?” – “No, you’re not. “Look, kiddo, you’re a businessman, “I get you, you’re an entrepreneur.” – “Yeah, yeah, I am.” – You see that he opens this door and walks into this night club, and you see it is filled with vampires, and there are a bunch of humans everywhere who are, like, having their
blood drunk around you, and you see that he looks and says, “You get it, right? “They think you’re some kind of threat “or something like that. “Everybody here chose to be here. “All these humans.” You see people, again, looking
like haunted and empty. “They all want to be here.” – “What are you doing,
what’s happening with them?” – “Well, they need money,
these vampires need blood.” – “So they’re selling their
blood to these vampires?” – “Look, you get it, “I didn’t create the demand, people did.” (Ally sighs) – So pissed. I text the group the
night club that we’re at. – Cool.
– The address. – You see as he walks through with you, he looks and says, “There’s nothing wrong with you “using these powers for yourself, “you don’t owe anything
to anybody, all right? “This city is the gateway
to the American dream, kid! “Rags to riches, making
something of yourself, “that’s your story, and it’s my story too. “It’s that little gray kid, “that put this curse on you,
it’s this little gray kid, “that made you this
thing, against your will.” – “What, why me, and who’s the baby?” – “Nod.” – “Yeah.” – You see that he walks
in a little bit further, and he says, “So, here’s what I’m thinking. “You wanna make money. “I wanna take care of my business,
and protect my interests. “So why don’t both of us
do each other a favor, “and talk to this little gray kid “and see what the story is.” – “Is the gray kid here?” – “Could be. “I can’t get the gray kid to come here, “but you’re the Vox Phantasma.” – I look at my phone and
see if there any texts from any of the group. – I would like to text
that I’m on my way, yeah. – I don’t have anything else going on, I was standing in front of
the mailbox trying to open it. – All right, yeah, a lot of people have been hitting me back, like that they’re interested,
so I’m gonna be like, “That sounds really interesting, “I’m gonna think on it “and get a cocktail across the
street at my favorite bar.” – He nods and as you turn around, you see that there’s a large
mirror in the night club. (dice roll) You see in the mirror,
as you turn to look, you see that you have no reflection, where your reflection should be, is Nod. Who looks around and goes, (gasps). You see Robert raises his hand, a seam opens in his wrist, and a rope of blood shoots out of his arm, around the child, and he rips the child out of the mirror as it skids onto the
floor in front of you. – Okay, I point True Strike at Robert, so hopefully that will activate next turn, and I, like, lunge to grab
the baby as like, my own. – What is the emotion you’re
feeling towards the baby? – Protection, full protection. – You grab it, roll for wild magic surge? (dice roll) – Two!
– Fuck! – You go, hold on a second. – Wait, two is?
– I’ve already done so many. – Every time they roll. – You grab the child, you see that Nod immediately, its skin starts to like, crack, as it’s pulled out of
the dream world, it’s (gasps) it starts to die, and you glow every color that has ever been, you fill the night club, incinerate about 20 vampires around you, and Robert is flung backwards. You see that Nod looks at you and goes, “I knew I chose right.” And kisses your cheek. And you teleport away. – What?! – And you are standing in the
Lorimer Street subway stop. Far the (beep) away from that bad place. Your (mumbles) surges, and
Nod is dying in your arms. But still alive. You have service here, if
you need to text these guys. – Okay, I re-text, “Now I’m at the Lorimer,
like, this is an emergency.” – “We gotta turn around!” – Turn into the fastest
animal that we can. – I try to get the ferry
driver to make a detour. (Ally laughs) – You’re on the ferry?! – [Brendan] You guys all
descend on the Lorimer stop from all the corners of the city, you (pants) hoof it
there as fast as you can. – Are we on the G stop or
the L stop on the Lorimer? – You are on the L. Oh, the L stop on the Lorimer! Yes, well, what does Misty say, do any of you text each other after that text to be being on that stop? – “G stop or L stop?”
– “G stop or L stop, which, “am I on left or right as
I come down the stairs?” – You get a text from Alejandro saying, “L stop, L stop.” Do you mention- – “Wait, Brooklyn-bound,
Canarsie-bound or Manhattan-bound?” – You remember, Misty, you remember, the L train Canarsie-bound- – Goes to the sleeping
city, goes to Dream Land. – Goes to Dream Land. So probably Canarsie-bound, or Nod-bound. – Let’s do it, let’s go to Nod. – Alejandro, also on his way. Does anybody, do you guys
call anybody else, or no? – I think I tell Jackson. – You tell Jackson, cool. – I probably text Esther about it. – [Brendan] Esther as well. – I tell Jackson, I probably also like, in my heart, am like, “La Gran Gata, just ’cause
I feel like you should know “what’s going on, but
you don’t have to come, “I know you’re busy, but it’s going down.” – You guys all arrive,
you get to the L train, you see Pete standing there
holding this gray child, that’s like, skin is starting to crack, and wheezing with breath. You also see that, yeah, so you all arrive there, on the train platform together. – “Pete, what happened? “I’m gonna cure wounds on the baby.” – Cool, you cast cure wounds on the baby. (pants) You see some of the
damage is starting to be healed, Alejandro is there as well, and he says, “Okay, listen, it’s a Friday night, “so it’s hard to tell when the train, “’cause that particular train
to Nod is a little bit tricky, “the MTA, the (beep) MTA!” – “God, we’ve got to be in
the front two carriages, “and then move to the back two carriages, “after we get to Canarsie, “but it’s gotta be the
front two at the beginning.” – Alejandro says, “Okay, I’m going to
summon all of my power.” His eye goes gold. “We must make the MTA run!” (explosion booms) Clocks appear all around him. “On time for once!” (everyone laughs) You hear another voice, you hear a horse, clip-clop, clip-clop,
clip-clop, clip-clop, Epona shows up, she looks up and says, “Oh my God, is everything all right?” – “I gotta say, I don’t know
what the (beep) is going on.” – “No, not at all.” – Can I do a perception check on Epona? – Yeah, I would like to do that too. – Perception I can do it twice? – I got a 17.
– I got an 11. – Perception? – Yeah. – I got a 29. – You see that her
police badge is replaced by a different badge
you’ve never seen before. It is a shimmering onyx badge, and it is specifically crooked, zig-zags woven into the
pattern of the badge. – “Epona, what are you doing here? “‘Cause clearly it’s not police business.” – “This is bad, right?” – “This is very bad.” – “Epona,” and I cast suggestion, “Wouldn’t it be great, “I heard there’s some
shenanigans going on downtown.” – You see that as you
start to cast the spell, the spell is (whooshes)
sucked into the badge, and steam begins to coalesce
and form out of the subway. You see that she looks and says, “Problem is, Kingston, I am
here on police business.” I’m gonna need all of
you to roll initiative. (dice roll) That’s all for this episode
of “The Unsleeping City”! Tune in next week as we have
a little rumble in the subway. Hope the trains run on time! See you then! (everyone claps) (Brendan laughs) Well guys, that’s it for today’s
chapter of “Dimension 20”, but, what is that, an archer? Looking at me through the- (gasps in pain) A screw, attached to the arrow. Brigand, there are more full
episodes of “Dimension 20” available right now on Dropout.TV. Hopefully your viewers
will be less fool than you, and sign up for their free trial today. You must succeed where I
have failed, brave viewers. Sign up, at once. You see steam and smoke echoing forth from the cracks of the subway. Alejandro is casting an incredibly powerful
concentration spell, appearing to summon the train to Nod, summon the train to Dream, because Nod, the monarch of Dream, is dying here in the waking world.

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  1. Just subscribed a couple days ago and this is the first video I got a notification for. Here's to many more

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  3. This feels good. If they are all watch the episode without pause, at this moment, every commenters are still watching. Hey guys! Catch NADDPOD for more of Murph and Emily! Caldwell is also there, Jake from Jake and Amir is also there, Brennan and Siobhan has also been guest players there, just go search NADDPOD wherever you got your podcast! Internet Synergy, bay-beh! Come on over, sweeties! There are crawdaddies(browns intact), huge beds, and hot sticky buns with mallows!

  4. i just dont understand the whole "vox phantasma" naming thing because in latin in literally means "the voice the ghost" (vox is first case, phantasma first or fourth). not even "the voice of the ghost" or something. but I might be just not getting it and it will turn out to make more sense to me later on. I love the unsleeping city and I love you guys so you could probably get away with a lot of shit

  5. And I'm suppose to wait a week for the next episode? After that ending?! What are you guys doing to me 😖

  6. Idk why but that image of Pete cradling the child whilst exploding in colour is honestly such a beautiful image. Someone needs to draw/animate that.

  7. I love that the Monastery of the Midnight Sun was an on the fly fabrication from a botched roll to look for self help books

  8. WAITWAITWAITWAIT- Misty Moore referenced Merlin being trapped in a crystal cave, apparently loves doing it to people….IS SHE MORGANA LE FEY?!?!?!

  9. Fuck! Oh my god this is torture O_O

    Shout out to the amazing people at Dimension 20. You never fail to make me care. ^_^

  10. 19:32 So one of Pete's fists is just gonna say "fanta"? fucking rad.
    Edit: I've just remembered how to count and I'm sad to say that Pete will not have a fist that says "fanta" 🙁

  11. This show did get me to hosting once more, and I love it. Now 6/7 days is a session I host or play, but I leave Tuesdays for this show.

  12. Im from Quebec and to me baked spaghetti has cheese then they you know…bake it..its fucking amazing lol its like lasagna kinda so good

  13. 38:30 Um, actually, the singular would be "phantasmus" (nominative singular) because it refers to Pete, who is a male. And its plural would be "phantasmī" (nominative plural). Also, technically the proper Latin phrase for "Voice of the Dreams" would be "Vox phantasmī" because it would need to be in the genitive case (translating to "of"). Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

  14. I honestly thought that they were gonna say that the monastery was located in the transit desert that is eastern queens bc I totally forgot that SI isn't just a collective fever dream

  15. I didn’t know it was possible to be physically in pain on behalf of the awkwardness of a fictional character until Peter said “race ya” pls tell ally they’re a genius

  16. Why didn't they take Carl's train? From the drawfee oc episode? That's got to be easier than trying to make the normal trains run on time.

  17. I like how none of them could even look at Ally when discussing what to do with Pete. They all really felt like they were betraying him

  18. Brennan's story-telling is so flowing and evocative. Being able to both imagine something awesome and find the right words to spin that into a visual is a great skill. Definitely DM goals right here

  19. It’s probably been said a hundred times but I love that the teenagers in fantasy high are so much better adjusted people than the adult New Yorkers.

  20. Every episode is just amazing and I need to see what happens next at the end of every episode. Amazing job everyone at the table and editing team <3

  21. damn, all these immigration parables in here: sophia asking the tough question, well why do the dream people want to come over– paraphrasing "its not fair that the people who have lived their whole lives here to be put in danger by the chaos of the dream people" and then the emma lazarus connections

  22. Do you think you'll ever run a sci fi campaign in space? I'm asking because I'm gonna be running one in a couple of months and I'm pretty hyped.

  23. Omg this is such a good series. I've been hooked since the ad I saw. Love the work and all the voices you do. Keep it up. Look forward to more in the future

  24. No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Not a single soul:
    Brennan Lee Mulligan whenever an NPC does or says anything or anything happens:
    "So you see they…"

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