100 thoughts on “The sniper scene that shocked fans! | Bodyguard – BBC

  1. I need the roof!

    [Security guard opens the door to the stairway]: Through there and up!

    No shit sherlock. Thought the roof would be downstairs.

  2. This show was so well done it opened hetic it kept leading and had way to many twist and turns short to the point idk how they can make any more but for a mini series it was smooth.

  3. When you realize that David never even fired a gun throughout the entire season, the only time he fired one was when he tried to commit suicide…and there was not even a single Action scene involving him lol…that scene with him walking with a vest and the police who were just few meters away from him is just so stupid, I mean that scene doesnt have any logic at all, why the hell wouldnt you shoot him? The policemen are just few meters away from him pointing their guns at him, so which means they are assuming and they are pretty confident that the impact of the bomb wouldn't cover a huge area, so why not just shoot him and let the bomb explode if ever…if the bomb could wipeout a huge area, then why the hell are they close to him? They would explode too if they are planning to shoot him a few meters away right? Lol seriously its just so stupid

  4. OK…. my mind is blown… The Bodyguard in a gay role (Rocketman – The Elton John story)
    and Elton is played by the actor from the Kingman movies…. kudos gentleman, well acted.

  5. FFS Americans on here moaning about British pronunciation when they pronounce tomato ketchup as tamatoe catsup. You really can't make this shit up hahaha.

  6. I wouldn't say the scene was shocking. The actinh was first class. I liked how the bodyguard was in shock, himself, for a few seconds. I also liked how scared he was at the very beginning of the series when he was standing in front of that woman with the bomb. To anyone who's not watched it, I highly recommend you do.

  7. DAMN…now that's a tight grouping…well done…oh right…ummmm…the horror…n…shock n stuff…yeah pretty accurate blood spray

  8. These BBC shows are popping man.
    First Peaky blinders and Sex education. I think I’ve found me another series!

  9. Sniper is played by same actor that stabs robb starks Wife in game of thrones who’s actor is playing the bodyguard

    Same story, different timeline😂

  10. If those rounds can make it through that inch thick ballistic windows, it will make it through the steel plate armor, just may take a few rounds.

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