The Truth About Allergies and Food Sensitivity Tests

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100 thoughts on “The Truth About Allergies and Food Sensitivity Tests

  1. You have inspired me to better my heath so much! I was sightly overweight and back in December when I found your channel I started changing my diet and going to the gym! Starting out with once a week now I’m up to 3 times a week! I have dropped 1 dress size already and I am working on dropping 2 more by June for my friends wedding!! Feeling so much healthier but more importantly happier! Thanks Doctor Mike

  2. I’m currently lactose intolerant. It was a huge change that seems to have been a result of becoming a quadriplegic. Previously, I had no symptoms. This seems to be a common issue among higher levels of SCI. I’m wondering if there’s a study on it?

  3. To start I’ve had 8 surgeries in my life, during my 5th (13 y/o) the med profs identified my bodies growing intolerance to latex. So then when inserting a catheter after my 5th my throat started to close. So they labeled me anaphylactic. Years later found out bananas 🍌 have latex in them yet I can eat them just fine. I can touch it and just have to wash that section of skin ASAP and be fine too. Only time I have any kind of reaction is when I’m in a party store. I can only stay in there for max of 20 min. So I look at it as I’m not anaphylactic I’m just sensitive. Does that sound more accurate to a Ned professional?

  4. Chiropractors recommending tests that aren't real makes sense, because chiropractors aren't real doctors. It's considered a pseudoscience.

  5. What would you call it if I have a reaction to artificial perfumes? I get a headache, and if I really can't get away from it I'll start to feel nauseous. Prolonged skin contact can cause rashes too. Naturally derived scents like, say, orange oil don't do that. Obviously, I've long since removed such products from my house, but in other environments I frequently have to tell people I'm allergic so they'll take me seriously.

  6. Can you talk about sex and like premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, erectile disfunction and home remedies, etc. @doctormike

  7. As a dietitian, I have patients come in wanting to discuss these food sensitivity tests. I was excited and wanted to share this video when I first started watching, until the comment about dietitians was made. We only support evidence based practice and would never recommend one of these tests to our patients.

  8. i have mild allergies to a bunch of foods like cherries, celery, peaches, baby carrots, etc. I developed it a few years ago. those foods just make my mouth, tongue, gums itchy, what is this type of allergy called and is there any way I can train myself to go from allergic to tolerant?

  9. Hey doc Mike I'm starting a new job as a CNA what are some recommendations for me? I'm nervous to be there without my instructor

  10. the sensitivity test is so true it literally said I was allergic to EVERYTHING when I got tested in like 2nd grade even tho I ate those foods basically everyday

  11. I would like to point out that on medical forms, they only list allergies. So as patients can only list these things or adverse reactions as allergies.

  12. Can you talk about step 1 becoming pass/fail? I'm entering med school this fall and have seen controversial things on what it could imply. It would be interesting from a DOs perspective!

  13. Thank you for this. Sincerely, a girl with life-threatening allergies who is often asked to "just try it because you'll just get a little sick, but it's really good." No, I could actually die.

  14. I’m allergic to avocados and carrots. I used to think they were super spicy lol. My tongue would burn and I noticed no other reaction. Good thing i hate them anyway.
    However I can eat carrots if they’re super cooked down and soft like in soup or stew.

  15. Is there current up to date evidence to back de-sensitisation? I had thought that once the exposure to the allergen was removed the tolerance decreased again reverting back to an allergic response. Any papers you have would be great

  16. Is severe diarrhea after eating certain foods a sensitivity (how I've alwats described it), allergy, or what? I have a sensitivity to curry and some unknown spices. Pretty sure it's the tumeric in yellow curry that's the culprit. I will have severe diarrhea if I accidentally eat something with tumeric in it (even a small amt – like when it's used as a coloring) but not hives or trouble breathing. It's a consistent reaction, and not sometimes yes and sometimes no – and the amount does not matter. Unlike stomach flu or mild food poisoning – once all of the spices have gone through my system I'm hungry, because I didn't absorb any nutrition from the food I ate. This is different than flu or a virus or mild food poisoning where I might have diarrhea and/or vomiting, but I also have no appetite until a day or two later when I've recovered. I've thought of seeing an allergist to find out what, precisely is the issue (tumeric and what? Or maybe it's something else?) And yes, I know the difference between not liking something and having a reaction to it. I don't like shrimp – but if a couple fall into my seafood bisque I won't like stop breathing or have such severe diarrhea or other problems. (I'm also alleric to wool and lanolin. Even accidentally brushing against someone's wool coat will turn my hand or skin bright red.)

  17. Can you talk about CMV and how it can affect pregnant women and foetus’? My best friends youngest daughter is a CMV baby and has severe anaphylaxis to egg, dust mites, and idiopathic anaphylaxis and has to carry EPI-pen with her at all time.

  18. Hey Dr. Mike, can you talk about the new "cure for cancer" that involves the killer T cells please. I'm really curious, what do you think about this?

  19. Very informative, I was about to try a food sensitivity test. Guess I won't be doing that now! Can you review Ritual Vitamins? I keep getting ads for them and it's very convincing! Would love to get your take.

  20. Sadly the doctors I have don't really help or care. Like I have a lot of health problems that I don't even know what they exactly are or what is causing them.

  21. how come when i sleep i wake up in the middle of the night when this happens i just go back to sleep but then i wake up again what do i do

  22. Can y'all go around to restaurants and explain the difference? As someone who never gets taken seriously with celiac disease, it'd be helpful (:

    Not a dietary choice, a dietary need.

  23. I’ve always wondered but never found a good answer. I’ve been gluten intolerant for 23 years. I found out because it caused swelling in my throat and what appeared to be an asthma attack. I have a few other symptoms (including itching in and around my mouth), but this was the main (and scariest) one. Is this an allergy? 🤔

  24. Doctor Mike, my friend's nana just had a stroke, and now he's saying it's his fault because he was arguing with her. Any way of making him feel better? It just happened a few minutes as of when I posted this.

  25. Hello doctor Mike I have one question and I would be very thankful if you could answer me. So whenever i eat candies, chocolate, gummy’s my eyebrows start sweating why is that? Do I have any type of allergies or it’s something more serious? Also I’ve been diagnosed that I have depression and anxiety attacks I’ve been taking meds for 3 years and I’m depressed for like 6-7 years I’m taking psychotherapies for an year now and they’re useless but before all that I think i still had the same problem, what should i do to get rid of it?

  26. Perfect timing for the video! I am using instead of actually studying for my Monday microbiology test on immunology! Love it!

  27. Would you consider continuing reacting to Cells At Work? You seemed to have really enjoyed it, and I feel like it'd be really fun and educational to watch you react! 🙂

  28. What about a false negative? I'm severely allergic (yes, allergic) to dairy, but it didn't show up in a blood test. And later I was told that that might be because blood tests aren't as accurate as prick tests (then why do the test at all is my question).

  29. I don’t know if you have answered this before, but my mother thinks that AirPods are bad for you and that they cause cancer, is that true? #AskDoctorMike Also, love your vids, and tell bear 🐻 I love his fluffy self! 😆🥰

  30. Hey Doctor Mike! So I have a question about antibiotics, ever since I was in third grade (second year in college now) I have gotten very sick whenever I take an antibiotic and I have tried three different kinds and it has only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older, as a result I’m deeply afraid of getting sick because I’m scared of taking antibiotics, what do you recommend I do?

  31. totally shared this with my mom. A few years back they did a food allergy test on my dad because he kept getting upper respiratory infections and they basically told him he was allergic to almost all food… totally thinking they are probably wrong about that now.

  32. Dear dr.mike Story time one time I had a fever of 103 then Doctor gave me medicine and a rose to 106° I had no other symptoms today I still don’t know it’s wrong with me and the doctor didn’t know either so far I’ve been fine this happened about a little bit less than a year ago I was wondering am I OK I haven’t been sick or had a fever since then,should I go see my doctor ?He want me to get blood work but I’m deathly afraid of needles .any advice?

  33. Can you do a video on Neurofibromatosis please most people don't know what the ut is please dr Mike I hope u read this love ur videos watch u all the time but please do a video on neurofibromatosis all types

  34. Hey Dr. Mike, I know some people who don't get easily drunk on alcohol, does this mean that drinking is less harmful for them, or does it have the same effect than it does on people who get drunk immediately ??

  35. Hi doctor mike im new to your channel and i wanna know About Life hack on how to remove pimples in several Weeks..
    Please Notice this 😁

  36. As someone who was told that I had a antiphalatic allergy to peanuts and treenuts because of a scratch test I am now questioning everything. Why did you have to do this to me at 3 a.m?

  37. Question: Is it possible to be allergic to your own sweat?. I usually don't sweat after working out on the gym or doing physical activity, but when I sweat my skin gets very itchy and I get a rash, usually in my back or lower abdomen, if I take a shower or wipe the sweat with a wet towel the itch and rash disappears.

  38. I have a question doctor Mike. What is your response if a doctor gave a medicine to a patient and say that the illness this medicine prevent is a lifetime sickness? The patient after a year or 2 has stopped taking the medication and has not gotten the illness after a year and a half. What would you say to the patient or the doctor prescribing the medicine?

  39. Dr Mike I am currently sick. I have a bit of cold. Btw, does mosquito coil cause throat pain or stuff like that? I am 14 yo. Plz reply.
    Illness haven't caught me fully until now.

  40. hello Dr. Mike and Dr. Dave! I am a pharmacist in a small town in Portugal and in my area there's a lot of patients that have respiratory symptoms of breathing allergy (coughing, sneezing or nasal blocked, etc). I usually recommend them to visit an allergologist if the problem is not solved with anti histaminic prescribed by the family doctor. I'm curious about how do the allergologist can detect with 100% sure the allergy/allergens without the oral challenge?

  41. Hey doc, how do I get rid of stress mainly caused from people I can't really get rid of… please help me, thanks 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔😬🤷🏽‍♀️

  42. Thank you for also talking about food intolerances. Whenever I have mushrooms or shellfish I get a super upset stomach, but many folks when we go out to eat don't quite know what an intolerance is.

  43. Hey Dr. Mike! Idk where to comment to be featured in your "Responding to your comments" series, but figured this is as good a place as any.

    What can't you do as a family medicine doctor? I wonder if there are any limitations or restrictions on the treatments/prescriptions you are able to offer your patients before referring them to specialists… Do you tend to refer your patients to specialists or treat them firsthand?

  44. If you taste a food for the first time and you don't like it, does your body have a reason you don't like it? I know there can be psychological bias at play here, but let's put that aside and say it isn't a "mental thing"…will the body direct you away from certain foods? I've heard that when woman are pregnant they get food cravings or get naucious with food smells…just wondering if we need to listen to our bodies more in this area?

    I was told I'd grow out of disliking certain foods…I haven't…not from lack of trying them again and again over the years.

  45. Dr. Mike, I tell every Dr I see that I have a sensitivity or overreaction to local anesthetics. I get disoriented like I was given a sedative. Is this a common reaction? And why does every Dr want to test a different one on me if I need something simple removed? I.e wisdom teeth or moles. I react the same!!

  46. I have an allergy to latex that was diagnosed when I was a child (I was born with spina bifida) and reading online if I'm allergic to latex I should avoid most fruit and veggies like strawberries, potatoes and kiwifruit to name a few. Kiwifruit makes my tongue itch so I dont eat it often but I'm not worried because my son says it does the same with him. I also read avocados should be avoided so I'm terrified to try them. I recently read Tapioca is a latex product and it seems to be in everything 😔. Not sure where I was going with my question and I apologize. I guess I would like to no if allergic to latex can I eat stuff with tapioca or should I stay away.

  47. I've always had a bad reaction to peanuts since I was 4. My lips get swollen, my throat is a sort of itchy burning sensation, and I get very nauseous and sometimes vomit. I got an allergy test when I was around 7 and it said I had no allergy (I don't know what kind of test but they pricked these things in my skin.) Because of this, my parents didn't believe me and whenever I refused something with peanut butter they made fun of me like I was crazy. I'm 15 now and recently my mom saw me throw up after accidentally eating peanuts and now she finally believes me. It sucks I got made fun of and invalidated because one allergy test said I wasn't allergic

  48. Hey Doctor Mike…just wanna know, have you ever heard about Ayurveda?
    P.S. I have recently subscribed your channel and love watching your videos. #PeeWhoop

  49. When i grow up i want to be a doctor and i watch you for knowlege and inspiration because to the world your a person but to a person you maybe the whole world

  50. So if you have a food sensitivity is there a specific symptom that everyone has in common or it differs from person to person?

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