The truth about living with food allergies (3 case studies)

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I’m Daniel and I’m ten years old. I have allergies to pistachio and cashew nuts. I’m Stuart Semple and I’ve had allergies
pretty much my whole life. I’m Chun-Han. I have lactose intolerance
which means I need to avoid all kinds of milk. I have some minor reactions to some fruits
and vegetables which means I have itching around the mouth, but that’s it. I’m quite
lucky in that respect. Every reaction I have tends to be different
– some of them are quite extreme and they come on very very quickly, and it’s an epi
pen and an ambulance job, and I’ll find it difficult to swallow and I’ll find it
hard to breathe. And I’ll become very anxious and nervous at that point because I think
I’m going to die. I feel scared because I know its potential
to kill me from my throat swelling up so that I then can’t breathe. If I’ve accidently had too much milk, or
milk when I am stressed and tired, then the result is that I get bloating, I will have
those kind of painful symptoms for about four to six hours and it basically means that I
can’t function properly for the rest of the day. The new food allergen rules will make a big
difference. It means we can go to somewhere new and he can find out as much as I can find
out and he will be able to ask for himself and so it will make him feel better and more
relaxed in a place. Currently people can just say ‘I don’t
know’ and you are just left in the corner with a fruit salad because you don’t want
to make a guess. Hopefully it will give me more choice and I will actually know what’s
in what, and I can eat more hopefully. I think the new allergen rules could be good
news for businesses actually because it means that people like me are going to be more confident
of going into their establishments, buy more food rather than sticking to the things we
know we can have and that are safe, or that the one place we know we are safe eating.
We are going to be a bit braver, experience more things on the menu, we are going to join
in more.

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