The Truth About Peanut Allergies

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Kirk: When some people think peanuts they
think this (pbj), while others think this (skull), When it comes
to allergies, peanuts are amongst the deadliest
foods in the world, and because of their ubiquity in the food industry, people
have gone to great lengths to protect themselves, but in
recent years, the number of peanut allergies
in the general population has actually increased. So What’s the deal? (Reactions Splash Intro) Ignore the “nut.” Peanuts are a legume like a pea or soybean, which puts them in a separate class than normal nut allergies. Peanut allergies affect between 1-2% of the global population, with the affected population in the United States having more than tripled in the past two decades. To get a better sense of why peanut allergies are so dangerous, here’s our buddy Andrew Maynard from the Risk Bites channel. Maynard:  A severe allergic response to peanuts can bring on a state of anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening, full-body reaction. This affects these four systems in your body, ([1]integumentary/skin, [2]respiratory, [3]gastrointestinal, & [4]cardiovascular) with these corresponding symptoms ([1]Rash,
swelling, [2]Swelling throat, tight chest [3]stomach pains, diarrhea,
vomiting, [4] drop in blood pressure). As you can see, anaphylaxis
is pretty serious. The most dangerous symptoms are the throat swelling which can lead to suffocation, and the drop in blood pressure which can cause a person to enter into anaphylactic
shock and possibly die. Even trace amounts of peanut residue can cause a life- threatening response in some people, which is a big problem due to their prevalence
in the food industry. Kirk: What makes peanuts stand out
from other food allergens are the unique proteins found inside. There have been 13 proteins identified to cause allergic reactions, Ara H 1 through 13. Maynard: Peanut proteins like Ara
H 1, 2 and 3 are especially problematic because they aren’t readily
destroyed in your gut when you eat peanut products. This means that when they get into your bloodstream after digestion they still have what it takes to trigger an allergic reaction. We still don’t know what makes these particular proteins so potent. But if you are severely allergic, the smallest amount of them – even if you just inhale them – can cause your body to go into
defensive overdrive, potentially killing you in the process. When this happens, the drug epinephrine – the substance in epi-pens – is a life-saver,
if injected fast enough. It counters the symptoms of anaphylaxis by opening airways to make breathing easier, and restricting blood vessels to increase blood pressure. Kirk: But why are peanut allergies on the rise? One possibility is that we have been taking
too many precautions to limit peanut sensitivity. In the early 2000s, mothers were advised to limit any peanut intake during pregnancy, and to even
avoid feeding their child peanuts until the age of three. As it turns out, recent research has indicated that introducing peanuts to a child’s diet very early on can actually
reduce the chances of developing a serious allergy! This new discovery may lead to a future decrease in the total population affected
by peanut allergies. Scientists are still digging into
peanut allergies to reach a greater understanding of how to stop them. We at Reactions dream of a world where — with a little help from science — every man woman and child can be blessed enough to enjoy one of these (PBJ),
any time, anywhere. Make sure to check out Risk Bites channel on the way out today folks, they got a ton of great videos about the science of health risks,
including a follow up video on the LEAP study about feeding peanuts to infants! Also, we want to give a huge shout out to Tehkidah who posted this awesome lego glycine molecule. Jawdroppingly brilliant, our
hats off to you Tehkidah. Alright people, you know the drill, leave your chemistry questions in the comments, subscribe and thumbs up on the way out.

100 thoughts on “The Truth About Peanut Allergies

  1. I have 150 anaphylactic food allergies. I’ll repeat that. 150. Including most nuts. And I am not alone. I belong to several web forums and groups and face to face groups for people like me. Broad spectrum food allergies and environmental allergies are becoming much much more common. Is it because we don’t play in the dirt? I don’t think so. I played in the dirt, I was a serious outdoors man. I lived on a farm. I was a carpenter and handyman and I was not afraid of anything. Then two things happened. I was treated for a major illness with maximum grade antibiotics and then I was exposed to a series of major scale house cleaners – industrial grade ones – and a week later I was in a hospital allergic to everything BUT water. Since then I have recovered somewhat. I can eat 11 organic foods, but it’s been five years now. Housebound. Unemployed. Unable to enter restaurants or theaters or go to a hotel. Unable to have visitors. AND I AM ONE OF THOUSANDS. I think it is really time that Americans consider their many chemical loves – sanitizers, cleaning solutions, perfumes, and paints. Not to mention MOST pharmaceuticals. I have since learned from my doctors that the drugs I received were overkill and unnecessary. Plus all these things have natural alternatives that are just as effective. So I thank you for sharing this on Peanut allergies but honestly it’s not quite enough.

  2. The elementary school I went to banned them. If you DID bring peanuts or anything containing them to school, you had to eat it in a Peanut Butter Room, away from any other students and faculty members. Don't know how common this is elsewhere though.

  3. I had asked a few questions some time back. However, neither have you made any video on those questions, nor have I received a response from you. so would like to know from you whether you have seen my questions. if you have, am curious to know if you would be doing a video on the same. Thanks

  4. These are way too cheerful for their subject matter. I about vomited when I saw the promo for the Zika and microcephaly video, presumably in the same style. Ghoulish. Yeesh.

  5. Kids are being born with all types of attacks, allergies, syndromes, dysphoria, etc. now a days and no one can explain the reason why. The industry is poison our food, and we should avoid eating GMO modified food in any case, and stop messing around with our DNA.

  6. My mother ate all of the things I'm allergic to during pregnancy, but I'm still severely anaphylactic to eggs, nuts, milk, and peanuts and I have been since birth. Why are some people more effected?

  7. In Jamaica we feed young toddlers peanut porridge at a pretty young age, after they're weaned off of breastmilk. That's probably why I've haven't met a Jamaican with peanut allergies, I know they exist just haven't met one yet.

  8. I would like to know by how much has breast feeding decrease in the past 2 decades since breastfeeding helps to avoid the developing of allergies.

  9. this video did a poor job explaining why peanut (and tree nut, soy, dairy, egg) allergies are on the rise. pretty much didn't learn anything by watching.

  10. Try having an acute (severe) allergy to coconut/palm, it's in everything these days (coconut being the new panacea) and nobody takes it seriously, I have been laughed at just asking if something contains it, my sister's place is a death trap because she loves it, and far too many people just don't seem to understand that it can kill me because they don't understand how allergies work, and because of the publicity that peanut allergies get, other life threatening food allergies just aren't taken as seriously (the "if I haven't heard of it, clearly it doesn't exist" mentality.) Before I graduated out of public school, there were days I had to go home early because the cafeteria (which is supposed to inform me/my parents if they intend to use coconut that day) failed to inform me, and ended up nearly killing me on account of their negligence, again because it isn't taken seriously. I hate having allergies.

  11. FINALLY!!!! SOMEONE GETS THE POINT ACROSS TO PEOPLE!! I get frustrated that people don't understand how serious this is. I am allergic to all nuts and I am incredibly happy.

  12. I feel sorry for anyone who has allergies 🙁 I'm so grateful that I'm not allergic to anything & I hope I never develop allergies.

  13. Can we say GMO boys and girls? It is changing our food into food like substances that our bodies cannot recognize or process.

  14. Only a portion of the nuts we traditionally term so, are actually nuts. A good many are instead seeds. Almonds are a prime example. This nothing to waste energy correcting . The same problem of nomenclature, is seen throughout are classification of foods. Many so called vegetables are actually fruits. The coffee bean, is also often called a nut. It is neither of these, but in reality fruit pit. The red coffee berry(another mislabeling), is a variety of cherry.

  15. great video. Peanuts are indeed a legume not a nut. Therefore by law must state both ( peanuts and nuts) on food products.

  16. Today was my second time with a severe peanut reaction. The first time it happen I was 6 and it was a very long time ago and I blanked out the first few hours. All I remember was being rushed to the hospital and given antihistamine to drink and I guess it worked. The second time happened just now. I'm 16 and i accidentally ate a small peanut butter m&m from yogurt land it was disguised as a regular small chocolate m&m. I swore to my self that I would be careful and not eat anything with peanuts but I guess I wasn't too careful. When I ate the peanut m&m I tasted the nuttiness of it and immediately spat it out. I told my aunt and uncle and sister everything was okay so they drove me home for the night. During that car drive home, my mouth itched, it felt weird and unusual and I was begging to become paranoid. Soon I was home and my stomach started hurting really bad, it was immense pain,I had to lie down on my bed. 1 hour I woke up to coughing, wheezing, and trouble breathing.

  17. ok here is the think. i live in Caucasus, and here i have never seen a person with peanut allergy. In fact the only place i keep hearing about this stuff is on north american tv shows.

  18. So, we can kill people just by trowing peanuts at them? lol
    As Charles Darwin once said: kill him, he's weak- its survival of the fittest >.<

  19. you probably get the allergies from peanut butter, so much salt and grease. but your body identifies the danger by the proteins. so your body just think omg!! another load of salt and fat!!! even if it's just the peanut, yb but since our bodies identify the protein first it doesn't know it's just a peanut. it thinks it gonna get all the bad stuff in peanut butter. I absolutely love peanuts, but peanut butter is so disgusting. peanut butter is just a mixture of salt and grease with a little bit of peanut, so disgusting.

  20. it's not true that if you have any nut at a young age you will not have a peanut/nut allergy believe me my mom ate many types of nuts when she was pregnant and when I was young I had my first reaction when I was 2

  21. It's caused by vaccines!!! The rise in food allergies, specifically peanuts, began in the mid 90s when the vaccine schedule was changed.

  22. I've had my peanut allergy for 10 years now, and whenever I get an allergy test, it still shows that I'm still 100% allergic to peanuts. No Nutella, no peanut butter, and not enough protein. Well that sucks. I'm pretty sad that i might be like this for the rest of my life now:(

  23. Peanut allergy is on the rise because vaccines use peanut oil as adjuvants. Human bodies cannot break down complex proteins in the bloodstream.
    The "overuse" of peanuts was debunked. Countries that eat lots of peanuts have lower rates than the US.

  24. I nearly died cause of a Brazil nut when I was 4 years old, i was suffocating, but somehow I made it out alive just as I got to the hospital…

  25. I was diagnosed with a nut allergy when I was 9 or 10 when I was at a party and ate a bowl of mixed nuts. I can't eat anything that says may contain nuts on the package and have to carry an epipen and loratadine 10mg tablets

  26. Story time: ok, so one time these 2 brothers at the cafeteria were throwing food at each other and one of the foods was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When one of the brothers threw the sand witch the peanut butter splattered all over my arm … I scrubbed for 20 mins straight and thank god I didn’t stop breathing! ( I’m severely allergic to peanuts) so long story short the science of peanut allergies is as simple as be aware of your surroundings when their is an allergic victim in the room 🥜

  27. Eating peanuts at a young age reduces peanut allergy??? My grandmother discovered I had a peanut allergy when I was 3 years old because she gave me my first peanut butter sandwich

  28. I have a peanut allergy, and it sucks because I have to check pretty much everything I eat. When I was born, it was 110 percent and I’m ten now, went down to 80 percent. My life sucks because of peanuts.

  29. I’m allergic to peanuts and over a hundred other things. All nuts, trees, grasses, and even sea food. Because I’m allergic to trees and grasses my allergies are ALWAYS acting up. I have rashes that goes from my feet to my head. Let me tell you, it burns, itches, and hurts so much, it literally makes me want to kill myself 😡😭😢

  30. what this tragedy represents is the body developing a potentially fatal allergic reaction to peanuts…Where did this come from…It came from the vaccines–=but how is that possible…Folks, the vaccines have peanut oil ingredients…Injecting the vaccine into the baby the 1st time lets the body be ready to totally be over-reacting when given the 2nd vaccine/peanut oil..This baby can die when exposed to peanuts any day of their life,,,I feel so sorry for the baby and the family… More on this at the Vaccine Support Group ..

  31. The increase is psychosomatic. Stupid people think they are allergic when they aren't, either because they are stupid or they want attention.

  32. I’m 33 and I’ve been allergic to nuts all my life, I’d like to point out that my mother ate jars of peanut butter every day while pregnant and I’m severely allergic to them, seems like more than a coincidence

  33. I'm just going to say this…..I used to be very allergic to cats. If I was in the same room with one for just 10 minutes….my nose would run like a sieve, my throat would contract a bit and I would just be miserable. Over time, with increasing but still limited exposure to cats…my allergic reaction has severely declined if not non-existent.

    point being, we Americans are WAAAYYY tooo neurotic when it comes to "safety." Parents are waaayyy too over protective of their kids. Controlled exposure folks. Stop banning and taking everything away whenever a case comes up.

  34. This is a great informative film, full of excellent and accurate information that is sometimes hard to find presented in a way that's easy to understand

  35. So like most health issues, if you or your kid is allergic to peanuts, blame your doctor. Telling pregnant women not to eat any peanuts who the fuck comes up with this shit

  36. So my sister got the results back and she seems to have a light peanut allergy. Though she told me she can eat satay sauce?! How is that even possible

  37. One time my grandma bought some cereal bars, I checked imidiatley for any type of nuts on the back, no sign of any. After eating it I was in the hospital for nearly a month due to a massive reaction to peanuts and pistachios. Me and my grandma then went to the store where she bought the bars and checked all over the box, labels and even asked the staff but there wasn't even a may contain nuts… We then took that company to court and sued them for over £100,000… Now my family live in the Cotswolds and live a peaceful stress free life. Thank you nut allergy, but I still hate you

  38. yes when I think of peanuts I think of BLOOD RED AND SKULLS lmao but thanks for informing the public on how severe these allergies actually are, so many people think I fake mine or that is can't be that bad and there's no way I can die when in reality they actually can kill me.

  39. It’s problem cause doctors tell mums not to eat nuts when there pregnant (just watch all the video I was right)

  40. Im 15 and I’ve been allergic to peanuts my whole life. Its gone down a bit over the years but I’m still severely allergic. I’ve never had a reaction (fingers crossed) and I literally get panic attacks every time someone eats foods that contain peanuts in front of me. The worst part has got to be the exclusion part of it. Like in kindergarten or something on your friend’s birthday and you cant have the cake because it has peanuts in it. Its tough but I know that a lot of people have it way way way worse

  41. I don't eat peanuts evem though i'm not allergic because peanuts are nuts and eating nuts is gay because nuts are balls and balls are in my pants

  42. Just do your own research and read between the lines. Anaphylaxis is not a cause it is a symptom of the immune system chucking a wobbly! When an immune system has been hyper sensitised by messing around with it from the day of your birth, and by the injection of food proteins into the body bypassing the digestive system, you are gunna get severe reactions to that protein when you eat it. And so you ask: How did peanut protein get into my interstitium? And when did that happen? And who did it to me?…….Do your own Reasearch…..Truth is scarier than Fake News

  43. The epidemic of PEANUT ALLERGIES are caused by the POISON BIG PHARMA VACCINES…. DO RESEARCH ON WHAT ARE IN THE POISON VACCINES and you will CONNECT the DOTS and SEE WHY the EPIDEMIC of HEALTH PROBLEMS are happening……. BIG PHARMA makes money only when people are SICK $$$$$$$ !

  44. the human body is so amazing… especially when it kills itself over a trace amount of harmless food.

    Clearly intelligent design by god.

  45. I hate allergies i have a false.positive on peanut allergy blood said no but skin says yes ugh i hate my skin

  46. Im intolerant to peanuts skin was positive but blood was negative its been 7 years since that day i got a reaction from eating reese's pieces

  47. I’ve had peanut allergy my whole life. It wasn’t as severe as others but if I accidentally ate it , under my chin would immediately start burning and itching, my throat became itchy and it was kind of hard to breathe. Growing up with asthma made breathing even harder… fast forward a to now, I grew out of my asthma and I trained my body to no longer be allergic to peanuts.
    I started getting shots but I didn’t think that was helping so I would take a Benadryl around bedtime and eat a few nuts to build my bodies tolerance up. Then I’d eat a few peanuts during the day while taking a Zyrtec or Claritin. Now I can eat a handful of trail mix or a small peanut butter and jelly without any medication. It was a long road of training my body but it worked for me. (I am not a doctor or recommending anyone to try my method.).. if I could just shake my grass, pollen and animal dander allergies I’d be one happy person.

  48. so you can’t answer why peanuts are strangely so lethal, waste of a video, waste of my time, just presented that ppl have peanut allergies….BRAVO BRAVO GREAT FUCKING JOB my penis can make a video and edit it and upload it to YouTube while not even being erected better then this bullshit call ur self a science nerd and when the hard questions comes out scratch your head “scientist still don’t know” then why the fuck you open your mouth and make a video? did you have something important to share? Or just repeated copy and paste shit you found on google….that doesn’t even answer the most basic question why people get peanut allergies….don’t waste my time don’t waste people’s time….you still didn’t answer why it’s spreading? even a inbred gang banger is more scientific and “nerdier” “geekier” more “scientific” then ur piece of shit ass don’t know why you had to make a video. It’s like I make a video about breathing and say ppl just breath differently and have different lung capacities and that’s it… 1 – 2 minutes right there wasted away talking about absolutely jack shit

  49. I have asthma and a peanut allergy and somehow my asthma gets really bad and I can’t breathe at all when I even touch a peanut.

  50. I have a question…a while back I was on an airplane and the stewardess made an announcement that from a particular row of the airplane to within 10 rows could not even open a bag of peanuts if they had brought any because a child with a peanut allergy was seated in that particular row. Well I was seated in one of those rows and just so happened to have brought a bag of honey-roasted peanuts and that is basically what I had to eat for a four hour flight. I questioned the stewardess about this and she stated that just the dust coming off of someone opening a bag of peanuts could send this child into anaphylactic shock. Well I followed this directive and went hungry for the whole flight but I have to say I had never heard of this. I can see that someone with a peanut allergy cannot themselves eat peanuts but everyone else within a 25 foot range of the allergic person cannot eat them or even open the bag? Come on…I have to say I am struggling with this one.

  51. I went to the E.R today 😞 after school lunchtime! I didn’t eat anything, as I know how to avoid reactions. I pack my lunch, but even a small amount of peanut dust, oil, and any small amount. My principal thinks that a sign is going to fix everything, but I’m not stupid! I don’t sit with people who have peanuts, or any kind of nut. The thing is they don’t even keep the sign there during the other grades lunch times, so a kid could sit there eating a pbj sandwich 🥪 and then the janitor will “clean” the tables by a quick swoop over them with one cloth that has been used on all the other tables. People just don’t understand how serious it is! You can’t clean a table with peanut shmear on it, and then go and clean the “peanut free table” with the same cloth and expect me to be fine! Ughhhhh 😑 and then they blame it on me because “I haven’t been putting the sign on my table”. Wtf?!? How is my allergy my fault?!?! They just don’t get it!!!

  52. If it's this dangerous, then people with this condition should not legally be able to leave their homes, or a hospital. Don't expect others to bow down to your WEAKNESS.

  53. So peanut allergic people can't eat any beans. No black beans no pinto beans. It's a legume allergy right.

  54. I can't be in the same room as open peanuts or peanut butter. If I so much as inhale a molecule (no exaggeration) my throat tightens. This includes giving my dogs peanut butter dog treats or going into a pets supply store where peanut butter dog treats are out.

  55. That's really dangerous in American products if the doctor doesn't know he will never detect all those sinthomes.

  56. Peanut allergy is uncommon worldwide. Ive never heard of anyone allergic to any nuts in south america. Maybe you have a different species or toxic product over there and of course the industry wont take any responsibility for that.

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