25 thoughts on “The Truth About Testosterone And Depression

  1. Bodies are so complicated! It's over whelming the number of chemical reactions going on inside of each of us every minute of every day. Truly shows how every one of us is different and we all require different protocols. Do you have an opinion on BIO Identical hormone replacement? The kind administered via an MD where blood levels are monitored and hormones adjusted.

  2. Great video Doc. You have a way to summarize without dumbing down.

    Unfortunately here in Canada, GPs refuse to test total T or even SHBG because it's too expensive!

  3. Dr. Mark's, you are just so wonderful. You provide great information in easy to understand terms. You present everything calmly. And, my husband and I love that you post the main points of your discussion in the area below the arrow. Thank you so much for this truly amazing public service. Sue

  4. Thank you Dr. Marks and good to see you, hopefully Michael didn't hit your area too hard. On the subject of the video – are there any natural herbal remedies you aware of which can be used to regain testosterone level? And are there any side effects in the long run?

  5. Thank you for the video.
    I have a question regarding the bit where you said testosterone level is the highest at 8am.

    What if someone has a night shift job and works till 7 am and then sleeps 8 am to 3pm.

    Will they still have highest testosterone at 8am or does those level change according to your working/resting cycle ?

  6. I know this isn't related to the video but I wanted to ask you something. I am mostly depressed(and suicidal) for maybe a week or two and then I get happy and think the world is great for a couple of days. I don't do anything drastic, I'm just happy for a couple of days and not sad at all. Do I have bipolar disorder or depression? I've been to a couple of psychiatrists and some say I have bipolar and some say depression.

  7. so i don't have any of the physical symptoms of low T, but the behavioral symptoms are fairly saturated, and meds seem to help, so i'm going to assume my T levels are fine? if so i can finally stop being insecure my T levels.

  8. I'm only 23 but iv had social anxiety since I was 16 . recently I started getting depression and I knew something was seriously wrong. my body was screaming at me. I went to my doctor and demamded to get my testosterone treated. they were hesitant but they did it. doctor got the results and said they were normal so I asked for a copy. stupid idiot thought 310 was normal for 23 years old testosterone. he wouldn't give me any testosterone supplements so I self mediated. I started taking the 100ml of testosterone every week and it's been nothing short of a miracle. but it made me so mad that something so simple can cause me so much pain and ruin my life for years. Needless to say I went back Into that doctor and actually have him a really bad giving to and sacked him and changed doctor straight away. not I'm in the middle of working things out with a new u understanding doctor. I think I actually know more than the new doctor but at least she u understands. no we are working on doing it the legal and proper way

  9. Thanks Dr. Tracey I gor 15 kgs for just one year, was drinking a lot, day by day and last year in August I got first panic attack and blood pressure at high levels. After a month I started medications such as anti-depressants and inhibitors, breasts was growing, but now I'm not getting attacks, also was fighting against agoraphobia, even now I am not fully healthy from agoraphobia, but things have been changed to right direction. Was it caused by alcohol? Also I was sleeping less than 6-7 hours for years. Thank you Dr. Tracey

  10. What about total and free testosterone. The deficiency of one of them have the sympthoms of testosterone deficiency?

  11. I was suffering from anxity and depression and suddenly one day my head got very heavy and immediately I lost all my happiness and sexual desire and erectile dysfunction started…. now six years have passed but I am not cured yet you can you please tell me the reason behind my low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. And what to do to cure this

  12. very informative, although I clicked in the hopes this could include information of testosterone in people of all genders, including folks who are medically transitioning through HRT in either direction. I am curious why it would be the case that low testosterone would cause depression in cisgender men, and would this also affect trans-feminine and trans-masculine spectrum folks who are medically transitioning through HRT?

  13. Doc, low T could be the sign of too much sexual activity or too much masturbation, things which western promote through fashion, pornography and mentality.

  14. I think men who get treated for mental disorders like bipolar, depression, racing thoughts, night terrors, insomnia and similar conditions are suffering from low testosterone not a brain chemical imbalance. I think the physiologists are having a field day treating low testosterone with sick drugs like benzodiazapines and then treating the hundreds of side effects of such drugs giving themselves a fake job.

  15. I'm a woman who suddenly developed an anxiety disorder overnight. (I've had depression for awhile.) I was tested for everything by my GP & OB/GYN. I was found to have less than half the testosterone a woman should have. I decided to do some research on testosterone. I didn't realize that low T played such an important role in depression/anxiety disorder or that depression in men often went unrecognized due to their symptoms usually being different. I start medication next week. Good luck, guys. Maybe we'll get some relief soon.

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