The Ultimate Backyard Trampoline Park I DD Squad Ep6

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Sit back, relax, and play with DD Squad! *screaming* *rock music* We are here at the train station, we are playing with containers, and all the cargo equipment that we get. We’re gonna put like lots of trampolines all around, and we’re gonna jump, play, do some flips … *upbeat music* Too much height! Woohoo! *upbeat music* So, we’re ready now to set up the
trampoline sandwich. *music* Hopefully in a half an hour we do a stunt. *music* Strong! *music* Whoa! Very nice! So we’re going to jump from the, the huge crane that we have here. The bottom line is like 12 meters, and the top line is 50 meters; that’s 45 feet. *music* This setup today is meant for the trampwall; it’s a kind of a circus sport act, and we know some guys that are
practising it besides us, and we are inviting them today here to try this nice setup. *music* Woohoo! *music* Woohoo! *music* Thanks for watching another DD Squad
episode! If you have any ideas for new stunts, please write us! If you are near Slovenia, contact us and join us on an adventure. We have a bunch of crazy content like
this on our Instagram profile as well, so go there and follow us! And there’s a bunch of buttons down here – click ’em, and see you on our next adventure! *mimicking train sounds*

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  1. i’m so confused how you guys don’t have millions of subscribers these videos are amazing but keep grinding your time will come

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