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– Ah ha ha! Ba Ba! Hey guys, so I thought I would dedicate this video to something that
I have a big problem with. And that’s allergies. I’ve actually had allergies
since I was a kid. I remember going into the doctor’s office and him telling my mom that I’m allergic to ceclor and pediazole
and I still don’t know what those things are but I know that if I have them I
will swell up like Hitch. – Ohhhh!!! – But those are just the
things that I can control. The real problem is when I walk outside. The second that I walk
outside in the summertime it’s like (gasps), like (gasps). I can’t breathe, I start
sneezing, my eyes get red, and I just feel like a big pack of poo. It really sucks being
allergic in the summertime because there’s so much to do outside and it really limits the
things that you can do. Like going for a hike
or just being in nature in general is sort of limited for me. And not only am I limited to things that I can do outside but lucky me I’m also allergic to cats
and some animals inside. I’m not allergic to air but I’m allergic to fur and any sort of feline. And that really sucks
because a lot of the people that I know have cats so
going over to their house is always sort of a gamble. It’s like am I going
to be able to breathe? Showing up to important
event where there’s a cat. Breathing, mean kitty. And the crappiest thing is that they’ve gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. Can that even happen? Literally when I was a
kid I was just allergic to maybe one or two
things and now that I’m getting older it’s like everything. And you’re probably thinking, “But Matt “why don’t you just take allergy pills?” Well I do take allergy pills except they don’t completely
help the situation. And not to mention how expensive they are. Oh hello Mr Pharmacist I would
like to buy this reactant and in exchange here’s my left nut. So I actually googled allergies to see what the hell I can do about it and I actually stumbled across some really interesting stuff. I came across a website that outlines the 10 most bizarre
allergies in the world. And if you have regular allergies like me you’re gonna want to keep watching because you’re not gonna feel so bad for having them after
you hear about these. The first one is the allergy to sex. I think this is shittiest for guys because you can’t get your (beep) on. Apparently where the allergy comes from is the hypersensitivity
to the seed plasma. That means semen. Apparently there’s no cure
for the allergy to sex but there is two things you can do. One is use a condom, or my personal favorite,
therapeutic exposure. In other words a lot of (beep)-ing. The next one is the allergy to water. Yeah, water, the thing that
your body is made up 85% of. I’ve actually seen these people on Oprah. I don’t watch Oprah. No but really I’ve seen these people on talk shows before and they
are all kinds of messed up. They’re basically perpetually
walking around as a giant rash and not only is there no cure for it but I think the worst part
is that you can’t go swimming and you can’t shower, stinky, stinky! The next most bizarre
is the allergy to shoes. Ladies you’re gonna hate this one. Apparently most shoes are
made with the same kind of adhesive that these
people are allergic to. But the cure is actually pretty simple either wear socks or
go barefoot like Jesus. Number four is the allergy to exercise. People that are allergic to exercise can actually go into anaphylactic shock. So going for something like a
simple jog could end in death. So if your chub city
now you have an excuse. Fatsos around the world rejoice! The next one is the allergy to the sun. Could you imagine being
allergic to the sun? Doesn’t that make you a vampire? People that are allergic
to the sun can’t go outside or if they do go outside they have to completely cover their body. Number six the allergy to underwear. So apparently most
underwear is made with latex and some people are allergic to latex. But this one’s not so bad cause there’s a pretty simple solution. Just go commando. ♫ Do your balls hang low ♫ Do they wobble to and fro ♫ Number seven’s the allergy to technology. Now if this were me I would kill myself. Must be with me at all times. This allergy is actually so severe that they can’t use everything from cell phones to microwave ovens. Even wireless internet will
make them go Ffft-tat-dah!! The weirdest thing about
this though is that some of these people actually move into little communities together
and avoid technology entirely. Wait isn’t that the Amish? Number eight is the allergy to chocolate. This one sucks. Chocolate is so tasty. If someone’s allergic to
chocolate and they eat it I don’t think it kills them but they get like headaches, rashes, and nausea. And the worst symptom
is they just get cranky cause they can’t eat chocolate. Number nine is the allergy to cold. And if you have this one I guarantee you’re not living in Canada. Those who are allergic to the cold will either faint, go
into shock, or even die, just by being exposed to the cold. And there’s no cure for this one but there are medicines out there that make it a little easier. I say if you’re allergic to the cold move to somewhere warm, problem solved. And number 10 and this is
possibly the weirdest one. Allergic to all foods and beverages. Ohh (fingers clicking) that’s
what the Olsen twins had. No but really this condition is so rare it doesn’t even have a name. People that have this condition can’t have anything except water. And if you have this condition
I feel so bad for you cause I’ve just had McDonald’s
breakfast and it was tasty! I’m sorry that was rude, you
have a serious condition. So that’s all I wanted
to share with you guys. If you have allergies
like I do I feel for you because I know how much they suck. But after hearing about those ones my hope is that you won’t feel so bad about your condition cause
it could be a lot worse. Ad that’s it guys, I’ll
see you next video. Peace. (siren wailing) (siren wailing) Shit’s goin’ down.

100 thoughts on “The WORST ALLERGIES!

  1. I thought my allergies were weird and bad, allergic to cats, certain trees, grass ( can't be outside when someone is mowing), bees and weeds

  2. Im allergic to rubber d-dont ask i got ALOT of itch when i wear something that have rubber lol but im serious tho

  3. I am allergic to the sun and I hate it due to I brake out in water blaster and when they pop it itches like crazy and I hate it because I love being outside during the summer.

  4. I'm allergic to face mask and paint dye…..

    Edit: my friend is allergic to olives and a lot more stuff

    Edit edit: we're allergic to mosquitoes cos when they bite u, u swell up.

  5. I'm allergic to chocolate but its going away as I get older meaning if I have to much of it I will get a rash.

  6. My friend is allergic to the cold, that person gets hives when they are playing in the cold at recess, so they have to stay inside

  7. I'm allergic to the sun. 15+ minutes without sunblock and I get hives, add another 30 minutes and I get blisters. After too much sun exposure comes nausea, terrible headache, feeling absolutely freezing, muscle cramps, etc. So much fun.

  8. I am have almost have been blind because of mine 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  9. Matt in one video you held a cat and you where petting it will you still be okay. And slightly similar to you I have an incredibly small allergy to cats I could still pet a cat all day and be fine I just can't let the cat touch my face or else I'll get hives.

  10. 2:20 Mr. Matthew santoro before you leave the supreme court of men you must cut up your mancard because your confirmed of watching oprah and the only way of getting your mancard back is to wrestle a bear or to do something manly to get it back

  11. Hi. Watching your videos from the begining. Can you make a part 2? You know you can be allergic to meat? But only if your bitten by a tick thats in the eastern US.

  12. Sun allergy… Polymorphic light eruption
    I have this but thankfully its a mild form. So I can go in the sun but for very limited amounts of time. And yes… It sucks!

  13. And sadly, whether tommorow of 8000 years in the future, im sure ONE single person will born who has the Food/Beverage allergy AND water allergy.

  14. And sadly, whether tommorow of 8000 years in the future, im sure ONE single person will born who has the Food/Beverage allergy AND water allergy.

  15. Ceclor – Also known as Cefaclor, Ceclor is an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections.
    Pediazole – An antibiotic used to treat ear infections.

  16. I'm allergic to Morphine, I will flatline…the doctor told me anything with opiates might stop my heart.

  17. Allergies are literally the worst I do not want to go outside. If there is pollen .or any allergies I am done with

    Me : hey Mom
    Mom: what do u want
    Me : your love

  18. I have exercise induced anaphylaxis(allergy to exercise) and if I so much as take a walk that's longer than 15 minutes, I get covered in hives, swell up, and can't breathe. Either I have to carry an EpiPen everywhere I go, or just don't move. I'd take allergy pills to make the hives go away, but I'm allergic to them..

  19. I feel like allergies for underwear is horrible for women on periods who hate tampons.. like how do u wear pads?

  20. I'm allergic to soda I think. I get horrible stomach aches from drinking one can… I still drink it tho

    (Maybe I'm just sensitive)

  21. I have a allergy to pollen but whenever I go outside the pollen never comes out like "oh! hey allyah! we're gonna stay in the flowers since we think you are gonna sneeze and swell up well maybe swell up! so yeah!" I'm just like "oh……well thank you? I don't wanna sneeze! I hope the pollen I meet when I'm older! I hope their like you!"

  22. For some reason the pollen just flys on 2 me and I take it off also my pollen allergy is weird since im allergic to dandelions the ones that you blow on and pollen flys off I'm allergic to them but the pollen allergy is probably gone

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