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Thank you for coming to talk with us I wonder if you can tell us a little bit about the symptoms that you were experiencing
before you you came for your past life session and
how it was affecting your life. Well my menstrual cycle had stopped completely, It had been for about six months. I hadn’t had any periods at all and that was also at the same time that
I got married. So I had seeked medical advice but I couldn’t get anywhere and it was really
more affecting me, I don’t want to have children, but I
was worried that there might be something wrong inside. So your menstrual cycle actually stopped at the time that you were married. Yes, completely it was really strange, it was almost as of that day. I came back from honeymoon and nothing happened. Obviously, at first I thought the worst. But, as we don’t want children, so it was a real big worry. But it was nothing, it was nothing, and every single month I thought it’s going to come back and it didn’t and six months here and I thought ‘No, I’ve really go to do something about this.’ Did the medical profession have any sort
of explanation that they could give you? Not at all. I had some tests and they really asked me just to wait and see. Wait and see, because everything else was fine, they couldn’t find anything. So really the next up step was
going to a specialist, which I didn’t really want to have to do. So what caused you to come for
a past life regression? It was really more a thought in my
head. I was interested in it. It was just a gut feeling that I thought it might help me. Admittedly, at the time when I went, I didn’t realize it could have such a dramatic physical effect. So I was more going out of curiosity, just to find out what I might find out
about myself. Just like anyone else’s first time just to even find out if I could have a past life. So can you tell me a little bit about
the life that you actually visited and what you found when you got there? Well it does sound a little bit of a cliche because I went back to life as a scullery maid. About two/three hundred years ago. A very insular, little life really just with
the other people below stairs. As the life panned out and I got older
in that life I realized that the people around me that were getting married were having children and at that time I just put the two
things together – Marriage meant babies. When we looked at my current life and the parrallels as well it became so obvious that it just meant that in my life now I also don’t want to have children but that’s not for any other reason. But my body literally just shut down, the day I got married it shut down, just to be absolutely sure I didn’t have children. So what happened to you after the session? Were there any changes? I was amazed actually. It was immediate. It was before I’d even really
processed what had happened. It took me about an hour to get home, I was sitting on the Tube. I was starting to feel a bit different and when I got home I had my period. It’s changed ever since then. It’s exactly the same medically, there’s no other reason for it, but it all started up again, completely normally. So you’d not had a menstrual cycle for six months and then on the day of the session it returned
to normal. Exactly. Just like that. Wow, that’s an absolutely amazing story, such an instant response! What would you say to someone else who was thinking about having past life regression? Firstly I would say there’s nothing scary about it at all. All the answers are within you and at the moment we just can’t access them. So definitely, definitely try it and the fact the you don’t know what you gonna go back to, it doesn’t matter. I didn’t know. I knew I had a problem deep down I just had no idea that that problem stemmed from past life. So definitely, definitely try it. Thank you very much. That’s, I’m sure, very
encouraging for many people. Thank you for coming and sharing
your story I am sure that it would be of help to a lot of
people. Thank you.

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