There is a cure for my allergy to all fruits and vegetables

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I happen to be allergic to basically all
fruits and most vegetables people are usually shocked when I tell
them. They go like, wait, what are you nuts to which I reply, yes, I’m allergic to nuts too. Today I wanted to talk a little bit
about my allergies to all fruits and vegetables and how I am currently in
treatment of becoming 100% cured of all of it. Hope you enjoy it. This is a problem that
affected me half my life, not being able to enjoy the things that
people take for granted like a piece of fruit, but just when I thought my life
couldn’t get any better or any worse, I found a cure. Right now I am on a three year treatment
where I take one pill of Birch extracts like seriously the thing
that I’m allergic to. That’s the pill that I take every
morning and I’m going to do so for three years. This is a way for my body to adjust
to the thing that I’m allergic to. Let me tell you how it works. So first
of all, let me tell you my story. I wasn’t always allergic, but when I turned 20 I
start to react to fruits, vegetables and nuts, but worse than anything
was my allergy to Birch. Every time summer starts, my body goes into this horrible state
where I just can’t function properly. People with severe allergies can relate. People who don’t have severe
allergies can’t really imagine. I did get tested and this is
something I recommend that you do. If you suspect that you have allergies, it’s a really good idea to figure out
what you need to stay away from. Now, I was allergic to several things. The fruits and vegetables are cross
related to Birch and that’s why I am allergic to them. It usually
goes well when I boil it, but come on. How good does
a boiled Apple taste anyway, the test revealed I was allergic to
other things like dust horses and might, but my allergy to Birch
was basically, well, let’s just say it could
not get any higher. My doctor only prescribed
and to histamines, no sprays cortisones but they
only made my life a bit better. It was actually years later
that I read about immunotherapy. Also known as allergy shots. It’s basically a way to get your body
adjusted to whatever you’re allergic to. See when you are allergic to something, your body develops a hypersensitivity
in the immune system. Your body goes into defense mode when it
comes into contact with the allergens. The idea of the treatment is to take
shots or pills with the allergen extracts for a longer period of time, and this will gradually convince your
body that allergens are not bad for you. Okay, so this is my nonmedical
way of explaining how it works. So I got a doctor’s appointment and I
explained that I wanted to get allergy shots treatment, but the doctor
explained that it was only for grass, which made me really upset and confused
because I had read on several sites about people who had been cured from all
kinds of allergies using immunotherapy. I had to argue and argue with the doctor, and finally she sent me
to an allergy specialist. She probably wasn’t convinced, but
did what she did to get rid of me. And when I got to the allergy specialist, they explained to me that they had been
curing people from allergies since to seventies it’s sad to me
that the doctors are wrong. I mean, to be completely honest, everybody can be an expert
today just by Googling stuff. And the problem is that doctors stages
can’t keep up with all of the medical advancements today. So this is why I’m simply saying that
if you’ve done your research and your doctor doesn’t agree with you, keep at it. This is very sad for me to say, giving this type of advice because there
are a lot of situations where patients are just flat out wrong
and the doctor is correct, but when it comes to this thing, you
have to really be strong in your opinion, print the documentation and give it to
the doctor and let them read. Anyway, I’m on this treatment and
no, I’m not cured yet. I will most likely feel the
effects of it on my second year. So what’s it like to
eat Birch pills? Well, it makes your mouth swell and
ached for about 10 minutes, but it disappeared after a month
or so. Today when I take the pill, I hardly experience any downsides anymore. The likelihood of me becoming
cured is actually very high, about 80% so I’m super excited to
experience the results in the future, but there is one more thing. There is also a 50% chance that I will
be cured from cross related allergens as well, such as fruits, vegetables, but for some reason not nuts. Those
have to be treated separately. I don’t mind that I do miss
Snickers stone. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this video and if
you did, please leave a comment. I’d really like to know what you
think if you’re allergic. Also, if you are getting any treatment for it,
if you’d like to support this channel. I do have a Patreon page. I’m also on
Instagram, so if you’re into Instagram, check out my page over there and
hopefully I’ll see you soon. Take care. Have a great day, by the way. Yeah, that’s

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