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– Hey Chelsea, do you
wanna get lunch in a bit? – A bunch of us are actually
gonna go get sandwiches. I don’t think you’d wanna come. – Okay, cool. – Oh my god, I would die
if I was allergic to beer. – I could not live without
cheese, that’s crazy. – Come on, you’re not allergic to gluten, that’s not a real thing. – I’m sorry, gluten-free food is awful. – Oh my god, Allie, I can’t
believe you can’t eat pizza. I’d kill myself. – Are you just doing it to loose weight? – Are you actually allergic
or are you just doing this to be trendy? – So can you only date
people with food allergies? – Someone were to eat gluten
and then make out with you, would that kill you? – You’re lactose intolerant? I was vegan for a couple of
months so I know how that feels. It was horrible. – What about cheeseburgers? They’re just like little slabs
in there, mozzarella sticks. Fondue? – If I were you, I would just
cheat and eat pizza anyway. – You should just be glad that you’re not tempted by all this food. Hello! – So what happens if you eat cheese? Do you like, diarrhea? – I mean what if you just
like ate one right now, would you like die? – Oh my god, this is so good! How can you not have this? – Oh I’m gluten free too. I’m not allergic or anything, just trying to loose a few pounds. – One bite’s not gonna hurt you. – I bet you never gain weight. – Ew, baked cheese? Isn’t that gross? – Hey, why don’t we split
the mozzarella sticks. – Ah, I can’t eat that, I wish. – Ah, god, I feel so bad for you. – So Allie, what aren’t you allergic to? – Hey, we should go grab lunch. There’s this new place down the street and they have tons of options. They have like gluten-free, dairy-free. – Yeah, I’d love too. – [Girl in a white sweater]
Okay, like 10 minutes? – Yeah, that’s perfect. – [Girl in a white sweater] Awesome. – Oh, it’s cool, thanks for asking. – This place is new but
I’ve heard really really great things, so I’m excited to try it.

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