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NARRATOR: There’s a new
arrival at the baby house, a two-year-old female in
need of special attention from vet [INAUDIBLE]. Wine suffers from asthma,
a disease that affects orangutans just like humans. She’ll need three nebulizer
treatments every day. But she’s not the most
cooperative patient. Wine won’t put her mouth around
the nebulizer like a human. So [INAUDIBLE] aims
it toward her nose. Wine’s asthma doesn’t
seem to be too severe. But before she can join
a nursery school group, like all new arrivals, she’ll
have to spend several weeks in a quarantine classroom. But she won’t be alone. In a special forest clearing
outside the baby house are two other
quarantined students. Two-year-old Neta plays
the big sister role for little foster brother,
one-year-old Jahri. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Babysitter Yoon takes Wine
for a climbing lesson watched closely by her classmates. But it seems she has
attachment issues. Perhaps bananas
will do the trick. Despite the incentive,
Wine isn’t budging. So Neta swoops in. Wine will have to step
out of her comfort zone eventually if she
wants to progress.

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