This Is Why You Don’t Hear About Dylan Sprouse Anymore

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Dylan Sprouse and his twin brother, Cole,
were child stars best known for The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. While Cole is back in the spotlight as Jughead
in the hit series Riverdale, Dylan is still mostly flying under the radar. Here’s how Dylan is living his best life away
from the spotlight. Pouring coffee in NYC People can be unkind when a well-known actor
is discovered working a non-actorly gig. Dylan learned this the hard way when, in 2013,
he was found whipping up lattes in the East Village’s Mudspot Café & Restaurant. As the Daily Mail not-so-elegantly put it, “Former Disney star forced to deny he’s broke
after being photographed working as a restaurant host.” Vulture even reported that his presence at
the coffee shop “startled” several customers. Dylan explained, “I think they were just confused. [I] was just doing what I impulsively thought
I needed to do. And I knew I’d have a great time doing it.” His reasons for working at the shop were far
from salacious. In 2013, he told Access Online he was interested
in learning more about the restaurant industry, and that he also needed, quote, “some pocket
cash on the side to pay off [his] video game habits.” He went on to say, “Popular media dictates that anything besides
acting is a step down. I personally love to stay busy and keep my
work ethic up, and I thought this was a really cool opportunity to do that.” Studying at NYU In May 2015, Dylan and Cole Sprouse graduated
with honors from NYU, as E! Online reported. During his time at the university, Dylan primarily
studied video-game design, creative writing, and figurative painting, according to the
New York Post. On graduation day, Dylan shared since-deleted
photos of him and Cole decked out in billowy gowns and caps with gold tassels. In the caption, he wrote, “Smarter better faster stronger. Finished NYU now onto the next.” Dylan’s college experience was an unusual
one. He certainly didn’t waltz through the hallways
undetected. In September 2015, Seventeen magazine published
an article entitled: “What Happens When Your Celeb Crush Lives in the Dorm Room Next to
Yours.” The piece detailed a certain female student’s
experiences “shar[ing] a wall with Dylan Sprouse.” However, the contents don’t exactly constitute
a bombshell. According to the student, “[Dylan] hung out with his roommates a lot
and liked to listen to music. [He] didn’t throw parties or have a parade
of girls over.” Being selective It’s no wonder Dylan didn’t come crawling
back to Hollywood right after graduating college. Both he and his brother, Cole, have been acting,
quite literally, since they were in diapers. “We were very annoying little children so
it was hard to ignore us.” In fact, People reports they’d both starred
in diaper commercials even before their first birthdays. The two brothers also took turns playing a
5-year-old orphan in Adam Sandler’s 1999 hit Big Daddy… “I gotta go now!” “Hey didn’t you pee enough in bed already?” And they both played the role of Patrick Kelly
on ABC’s Grace Under Fire for five seasons. “You want to help me, what kind of job should
I get?” “You should get to work right away!” According to E! Online, Dylan wrote in a now-deleted
Instagram post from June 2016, “The project that I do next needs to be good
or the character needs to be something different from what I’ve done before.” At the time, he claimed he was setting his
sights on projects that were somehow more “provocative” than, say, The Suite Life of
Zack and Cody. He added, “It’s actually the only thing I stress about. What thing do I have to show people I’m doing
next? What legacy am I leaving?” Being purposefully obtuse If Sprouse hasn’t been on your radar lately,
that’s partially by design. He seems to innately gravitate towards left-field
projects, perhaps because he’s been wholly submerged in the mainstream for the better
part of his life. “Oh I got something, a surprise.” “That’s so rad.” Talking about his brother Cole’s ongoing stint
on The CW’s Riverdale, Dylan told Vulture: “I think Cole’s in a place where he’s very
happy right now, whereas I would be happiest doing more films with a lower budget.” In June 2018, Flaunt reported that Dylan was
starring in the short film Carte Blanche alongside Suki Waterhouse, which the magazine described
as, quote, “a surrealist exploration of the psychology of sudden fame.” In the 2017 film Dismissed, Dylan portrays
a sociopathic student willing to do whatever it takes to get that gold star. “I know I want to go to Harvard, because there’s
no use in doing anything unless you can be the very best at it.” Meanwhile, he also stars in the quirky rom-com
Banana Split that premiered at the LA Film Festival in September 2018. As he told Vulture, “I tend to enjoy roles that I very closely
identify with: fringe people and complicated characters, who might even be bad guys.” Kissing Camila In August 2018, Sprouse revealed in a since-deleted
Instagram post that he’d been working on “a secret project” with pop star Camila Cabello,
according to Teen Vogue. It turned out to be an appearance in the music
video for Cabello’s single “Consequences,” which was posted to YouTube in October 2018. The lushly-produced video begins with Cabello
taking a brisk stroll through Central Park in fall, but there’s a problem: she keeps
getting interrupted by a very handsome ghost. The specter taunts Cabello with memories of
some bygone romance, and the whole thing is quite effectively bittersweet. In case you haven’t guessed, the supernatural
entity is played by Dylan, a fact that could easily be lost on some of his old-school fans. In a tweet that finds Cabello opening up about
her artistic process, the singer makes sure to include a shout-out to Dylan, saying, in
part, “My videos are pretty much what the inside
of my brain looks like. This is what it looked like in my brain while
I was trying to move on. Thank you @dylansprouse for being amazing
and wanting to be in my video.” “That’s so sweet.” Dating Barbara Palvin On October 3rd, 2018, editors at Refinery29
gently informed their readers that “We Need To Talk About Dylan Sprouse & Barbara Palvin.” It looked like Dylan was officially in a relationship
with Palvin, a Hungarian model who was named “Rookie of the Year” by Sports Illustrated
back in 2016. If you scour Barbara Palvin’s Instagram account,
you’ll find plenty of provocative clues as to how the super-cute relationship has been
playing out. Refinery29 even figured out that, quote, “Sprouse
officially made the grid in August.” “Introduce yourself, baby.” “Oh, hi I’m Dylan, and, uh, this is-” “He’s well trained.” “Yes, ma’am.” Similarly, the pop-culture sleuths over at
Cosmopolitan revealed that the couple was, quote, “not holding back on the canoodling”
while attending the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party in September 2018. “Now we’re going to go home and get changed
because we’re going to play…” “…pinball.” Opening a Brooklyn meadery If you happen to find yourself in New York
City, consider taking the L train to Williamsburg to spend a few hours at All-Wise Meadery,
the brewery co-founded by the one and only Dylan Sprouse. “In celebration of our first batch fermenting
in All-Wise Meadery, we have made some brewers’ hats that we wear at the space ourselves.” To hear him say it, Dylan will be on the premises
quite a bit, explaining to the New York Post that he wanted All-Wise Meadery to be his
primary source of income. That way, he’d be able to focus on taking
more left-of-center roles in projects that are, quote, “more artistically in [his] ballpark.” He went on to share, “The things that you do are your prayer. Having my friends and loved ones drink and
talk and be merry is spiritual, to me.” ​Don’t ask Sprouse is tired of all the questions. According to E! Online, he confessed in a
now-deleted Instagram post from June 2016, “It’s a weird thing to be asked ‘what are
you doing now?’ Normally I wouldn’t think twice.” Dylan admitted that he decided to speak up
because he’d been asked this particular question four times that day. He said he wished he could satisfy fans’ ghoulish
curiosity with an honest answer, which would be: “[I’ve been] enjoying myself by relaxing,
traveling, consuming media, and continuing to learn.” For whatever reason, people never find that
response quite delicious enough. He went on to explain, “The truth is that, unless I’m doing something
bigger and better than what I’ve previously done, people deem it regressive.” Is Dylan the only person who realizes The
Suite Life of Zack and Cody isn’t the toughest act to follow? “That’s, that’s a good one.”

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