This Magical Powder Will End Your Allergies, Rhinitis and Sinusitis

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Many people have at least one sinusitis, rhinitis
or stuffy nose crisis during the year. Recurring problems of allergies, mucus, or
phlegm can make your life very unpleasant. That’s why draining your sinus is super important. If you suffer from this, you will like to
learn the recipe we will teach in today’s video. Do you know what the sinuses are? They are located above your cheeks, right
next to your nose. Sinuses are cavities filled with air. Because of allergies, cold, and infections,
both viral and bacterial, the sinuses can get blocked or infected. When it happens, the sinuses get inflamed
or irritated, and can swell and eliminate more mucus, which makes it harder to breathe. Besides that, there are other conditions that
can trigger alterations in mucus secretion, such as smoke, pollution, dry air, dehydration
and climate changes. Food allergies, like dairy, gluten, and artificial
additives are also triggers. If you suffer from this, you are not alone! Are you curious to know what this powder is,
we are talking about? Then give your thumbs up and share the video
with your friends. In many cases, the recipe we show you today
will be enough. Learn how to treat it in a simple, effective
and homemade way: The only thing you will need is 4 big cloves
of garlic. It is very simple to do it: Start by peeling the garlic cloves. Cut them in very thin slices, to keep all
the properties. After that, put the slices in a frying pan
and put it over medium to low heat, to dry the garlic. Stir constantly to not burn. Once they are all toasted, it’s ready! The next step is to grind them with the help
of a blender or food processor. Do it until you get a white and loose powder. And your garlic powder is ready. Keep it in an air-tight glass jar, and if
the container is small, you can bring it with you wherever you go. This powder can be used for 1 or 2 months,
and then you can make a new, fresh batch. It is very easy to use this powder: Just open
the container and smell the powder a few times during the day, to avoid and end rhinitis,
sinusitis, or even you have a sneeze attack. So, did you like this recipe? You must be asking: Why garlic? Garlic is rich in antioxidants, and is very
efficient to inhibit histamines by the mast cells. Garlic is a powerful antihistamine, and, as
we have seen in a recent video, antihistamines are anti-allergic. But, in this case, garlic is a natural anti-allergic. If you make this recipe, share your experience
with us.

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