This New Pill Could Cure Peanut Allergies

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Peanut allergies are serious. People can die even with just a tiny exposure. Unless they take a bit of poop bacteria with
their peanuts. It’s not your imagination. Food allergies are more visible now than ever. A 2010 study found peanut allergies are increasing. But a new double-blind, long-term clinical
trial found success with a pill. A prized probiotic peanut protein pill from
poop. For 18 months, kids took a pill with a specific
strain of Lactobacillus rhamnosus part of a bacterial family that was isolated from
feces. Our gut is a veritable metropolis of bacteria
that help digest food, work with our immune system and just keep things rolling. Lactobacillus is a probiotic, meaning it may
even help other bacteria flourish in the gut. Bacteria helpin’ bacteria. Also in the pill was peanut protein… and
the amount of protein increased throughout the treatment. After that, the kids didn’t have terrifying
allergic reactions to eating peanuts. It’s like a peanut allergy cure! Now, it’s been four years, and more than
two-thirds of the kids can still eat peanuts! Meanwhile, almost none of the placebo kids
can. This is a game-changer for parents with kids
who are like: peanut? Pea-nope. No one really knows why allergies are increasing. Epigenetics, the industrial food system, excessive
cleanliness, or it could be that we’re, simply, more aware of the allergies now. According to the CDC, only eight foods account
for 90-percent of allergies — milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish and crustacean
shellfish. It’s important to note, 150 to 200 people
die in the U.S. annually from food allergies, with about half being peanut related. But peanut allergies aren’t that dangerous… 47 people die from lightning strikes each
year you’re only twice as likely to die from peanuts as being hit by lightning. However, accidental ingestion of peanuts Is
a huge worry for parents, and a pill changes the whole calculus! If we can knock down one of these food allergies
hopefully we can move onto another… I humbly request it be shellfish. I really miss all-you-can-eat shrimp. Like. A lot. Those lobster commercials are torture. This isn’t the first time we’ve talked
about this allergy, for more on why it’s becoming so common — watch this video. Are you allergic to any foods? Shrimp for me. Sadly. Tell me yours in the comments. Thanks for watching seeker, please, take a
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  1. I remember years ago there was an article in the Wall Street Journal where there was a promising vaccine for peanut allergies but certain aspects of the vaccine violated another companies patent.

  2. How different is this than a peanut challenge type treatment (sans poop 😋)? Peanut challenge only works if the allergy isn’t super severe so I wonder if this gets around that?

  3. Despite my mother being allergic to almost everything under the sun (including her dogs and cats), I thankfully only have one food allergy: coffee. So, glad I never got a taste for it!

  4. I have EoE, otherwise known as "allergic to food." I actually have a long list of foods to avoid, nuts included. It doesn't work using the same protein pathways as standard allergies, taking a much slower way that can have me reacting days after I ingest something. This immune disorder is also becoming more common, just like allergies and asthma, though it is still around only 1 in 10k that get it.

  5. I'm extremely allergic to cactus, nopales. I discovered it after i ate a salad with cactus in it. I thought ok not bad. Then i started to feel my throat close up and it felt like my skin was on fire and itchy, some of the dressing got on my hand and spilled on my leg. I had hives all over my body. I went to the er and they had to give me a steroid shot. They hurt like crazy. It's not a common food allergy but it still sucks. My husband and mom like them but they can't even boil them when I'm home. They even have to open the windows and mop after. They also have a separate pan and plates for them. I'm also allergic to honey. That i found out after I ate it too. Not fun. I'm glad my boys aren't allergic to anything other than pollen. I gave them a tiny bit of pb when they were younger and waited a week then have them more and so on.

  6. Last year I had a severe allergy attack. For those that don't know. An allergy attack is when multiple different allergies get triggered. SO i had a series of different test done. One of them was an allergen test. They found like 48 different things I was allergic to. Mostly dust, pollen, pet dander and a series of different forms of plant life. The doctors told me two things, Don't use eye drops for red eye. There is this thing called rebound redness. The drops' effects wear off and cause eyes to be even redder and more irritated than before. So they told me to use different eyedrops, like for dry eye. And it worked.The second thing is they told to get inoculation shots. Which I did. I say it worked around somewhat. I still can't go without taking benadryl at least once a day. I hope this treatment works better.

  7. I think the big problem now is that we're blocking kids from eating just about all sorts of foods due to being a no no because of allergies. I think the approach should be more to only introduce very very small amounts at the right age and continue then increase over time, not totally block them. this is why I think it's increasing in numbers (probably population growth too)

  8. I've never know anyone with food allergies. So it surely has to do with genetics and lifestyle. I ate mud and dog food when I was a child XD Also, never known a lactose-intolerant person either.

  9. When my son was diagnosed back in 2000 with a severe peanut allergy the dr was sure there would be a cure for it within 5 years……. hmmm…… still waiting…. peanut allergies are just so damn dangerous too….. first they say don’t eat peanuts when pregnant, and don’t feed your kids peanuts before 3 years old…..then they say, eat peanuts while your pregnant, and feed your babies peanut things……. I don’t think anyone really knows…… I ate a TON of peanut butter while I was pregnant, and gave my son peanut butter at 8 months old…….. he nearly died……. so they really cannot say one way or another which method is better……. nobody knows……. we just avoid peanuts, and carry 2 epi pens forever…… after 18 years I’m just used to it.

  10. I'm a 20 year old girl with serious food allergies to peanuts, lentils, chickpeas, green peas, soy and a few tree nuts. I want to be vegan so bad, but with so many allergies it's pretty hard for me … either way, I would love to have a cure for peanut allergies! They suck 🙁

  11. I accidentally ate brownies that had peanuts in them once when I was like 15 at a friend’s house. It was really late at night and my lungs felt like they were closing up. They gave me Benadryl and I fell asleep shortly after. In the middle of the night I threw up and then when I woke up in the morning I felt great lol. Shit was wild dude

  12. Trace, if you 'miss shrimp', it implies that there was a time when you were not allergic to shrimp.. what did you do to become allergic? take lots of different kinds of antibiotics?

  13. my dad misses grapefruit. it is not because of an allergy but becuase of the medicine he takes and i think there has got to be away to get around it. it seems silly that this fruit can't be eaten. i know chemistry is a fical beast but come on fruit messing up medicine crazy.

  14. reminds me of the ignorant cafeteria lady who'd put a bunch of nuts and plain yoghurt on my nut-allergic classmate's plate, her reasoning being that eating eat more and building an immune system would cure his allergy. I guess her attempted murder had some scientific proof behind it

  15. Healthy kids shouldn't have to tiptoe on eggshells because of one or two people's immunological defects. The people in the school who are allergic should eat in a separate room, wear gloves and/or carry medicine for treating an acute reaction. There is peanut butter in the real world and they should learn (seeing as schools are for learning) to cope with that.

  16. I mean you got to consider % of the population who actually have a peanut allergy when talking numbers in relation to peanut deaths.

    (75 to 100)/(US population) != (75 to 100)/(people in US with peanut allergy)

  17. From chemistry point of view, there is no such thing as "dirty"; so poop is just something sticky with not-so-present smell and brown looking organic matters. Is it better ?

  18. The number of people that die from food allergy reactions is actually incredibly RARE and if you have an allergy to a foodstuff you are more likely to die through other means than your reaction

  19. My allergies seem to be caused by excessive intake of omega 6. After I started avoiding stuff with sunflower oil in it, my hayfever, cat and dog hair allergies and dust allergy all fade away. They come back if I start eating stuff with things like sunflower oil in them again for a few days though. I could probably get more omega 3 in my diet to counteract the 6 but I don't like fish ¬.¬

  20. I am mildly allergic to hazelnuts (I don't die or anything but my whole mouth will swell up for days). Idk if I'm allergic to nuts in general or just hazelnuts but yesterday my granny handed me some nut bar thing with one of the main ingredients being almonds. I told her I couldn't eat it because of my allergy and she was literally like 'no better time to test it out' and got really cheesed off when I told her I wasn't eating it XD

  21. I have no known allergies!!! But I've never been tested by an immunologist and I've never been stung by a bee either… nervous laugh

  22. Does anyone know if this trial was more successful than the incremental increase of peanut protein on its own? It'd be interesting to know. 🙂

  23. I've weird allergies. Mostly what I call combination allergies. Which are also tricky to figure out. I can eat peanuts but can't have chocolate coated ones, then I break out in hives. But I can go eat peanuts and then go eat chocolate. No reaction. This even goes down to what brands of peanut butter I can have. One I can eat pretty much as much as I want with no reaction. The other just have one sandwich of it and oh hang trouble.

    I've the same issues with certain wheats and fruits. Though not as severly.

  24. This is great news as peanuts are awesome and it's too bad people are allergic.  I'm allergic to a few raw vegetables and fruits which sucks because I like them.  Fortunately, I haven't had any life threatening reactions.

  25. Why more peanut allergies? More antibiotics. It kills the good bacteria with the bad bacteria. We're also removing appendix, which is the body's store of good bacteria.

  26. Must be a really scary possibility.
    I love peanuts but they can easily kill some people.
    Even my Manx cat loves peanuts.

  27. Does no one here actually know that allergies can be over comes? I've know for a couple years now. It's like venom drinkers. Light doses (we are talking micro grams) of protein from an allergic source can give the body time to analyze and adjust, essentially reversing the allergy. I use to have horrible allergies to hydrangeas with massive rashes on my skin, but after a couple dozen exposures (mainly accidental) I no longer get rashes from them. So yeah, definitely possible, but old news… lol, old news

  28. And tomatoes isn't on the list? Reportedly I was allergic to tomatoes, but the only thing that happened would be the skin on the roof of my mouth peeling if I ate them, and even then…not always.

  29. If this happens I will cry I've had close calls with my peanut allergy if I could get rid of this allergy I would be so happy I mean if I didn't have peanut allergy I still wouldn't eat any peanut products.

  30. I have an allergy to ALL fish and shellfish as well as all fish oils so if they could hurry up that would be great because I really miss mussels and chips.

  31. Being allergic to the penicillin family, several kinds of cheese like gorgonzola and bleu are off the table for me. but some allergies ive come across are extremely severe. My coworker has shellfish allergies, I can't even eat shellfish in the same room as her. she had to be rushed to the hospital when had some scallops for lunch…

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