Thoughts To HEAL Your BODY: Ep 59 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

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Greetings and welcome to Awakening With Brahma Kumaris. Welcome, Sister. Om Shanti. Om Shanti and welcome to Soul Reflections. Thank you. In the last episode we discussed about auto suggestions About how we were taught in the film Institute to prayers before a scene. If the same were about illness we were taught to think about it. And I actually would get fever by the time shooting began. We also spoke about giving up addiction That with firm belief, 100% motivation and strength And we repeatedly tell our self – I am a powerful soul and I can do anything I choose to. I met a boy who said – if I am actually unwell If I have fever or any other illness Should I keep lying that I don’t have it and I am fine? Even if I say a lie my mind is aware that I am lying. And even I know the fact that I am not well. Let us look at it like this. There is a wound here. So the reality is, there is a wound here. Should we deepen the wound or put medication on it? Put medicines. We know that. We will not say there is a wound and we will increase that would. Now the situations in our life In this case you said Physical health That the person told you that he is ill When I have fever how can I say that I am fine? It means I am speaking a lie. It is not important to ask how to say it. It is important to understand why I should say it. Why are we doing this? Because when the body is ill We see that the body is ill and start thinking about it – that it is ill. You said in the last episode While acting you create a thought as part of auto suggestion You repeatedly tell yourself – I am ill. And you said you would actually get fever. For how long do you create that thought? When you prepare yourself for that role and repeatedly tell yourself that you are ill For how long would you do that preparation? Only 10 to 15 minutes. See the power. For 10 to 15 minutes you keep creating that thought. You said that is called Auto suggestion. When the soul created that thought for 10 to 15 minutes The body started showing its signs. And we have practical proof. That we can do it. But how did you create that thought? With complete conviction. There was no doubt in your mind. You repeatedly said that you are ill. A thought created for 15 minutes Resulted in the first signs of fever in the body. They are not saying somebody became very ill in 15 minutes. Let us not even say there was fever. Let us say we felt the body to be feverish. We started feeling feverish. Now if I am actually ill If it is a viral and I am ill It will go on for 3 to 4 days You said you created that thought only for 15 minutes. But the viral goes on for 3 to 4 days. In those 3 or 4 days how many times will I create a thought that I am ill? Anyone I meet, I tell I am ill, or even on the phone I keep saying it. That is just outer. But how many times will the mind create a thought that I am ill? As long as the fever is there it will be that non-stop, 24 hours. It means several times. Will be continuous without a gap. It will not be continuous. Because you will be creating other thoughts also throughout the day. We are doing many other things also. But what is fit in the subconscious programming? Which is getting radiated to the body? Every now and then we say – I am ill. I am weak. I can’t get up. I can’t do anything. Look at each of these thoughts. You mentioned that for 15 minutes why enacting the scene you created a thought that you were ill. And you started feeling feverish. Which means in 3 to 4 days If I create a thought 3000-4000 times That I am ill and I have fever Won’t the illness increase? I had never thought of it. We are taking medicines so it will do its work. We are taking medicines and getting the treatment. They will do their work. But you gave your own example That actors will have to do it You also said that you will have tears for certain roles Yes because I would imagine my mother’s death and the last rites performed. So my tears would just flow. This can be done by actors whose concentration power is high. Because they can continuously keep thinking of the same. If an actor will not be able to do it then he will not be able to shed authentic tears. They will use an artificial method instead. How did we get authentic tears? Because we continuously kept on thinking of the same incident. Which means the soul did not create any other thought of here and there. Because it method acting. Based on this the boy asked how we can lie We can say we are just using a method. You said you felt feverish after creating a thought for 15 minutes. If I have viral fever for 4 days then I would have created several thoughts of illness during those 4 days. Even other people also create those thoughts for us in this case. So when so many thoughts get created about illness Sometimes even the doctor comes twice a day to check I can we have to remember the treatment will go on and is important. Doctor will take care of treatment. We have to take care of the inner work. Right now doctor is giving us the medicines But what is the message I am giving the body? That I am ill. Treatment will work but will take more time. If by creating a thought we can create fever Then by creating a thought we can also go towards finishing the fever. That is one more aspect in between. When we forget that we are ill, then we feel fine. Recently I was in a yoga session. Teacher ask me to stretch and I over-stretched. And because of that exertion there was a problem in my muscle or ligament. I had to go to the hospital, get treatment, take medication. I did everything. But I was still feeling the pain here and there. But the moment I come here for shooting, I completely forget about all the pain. Neither am I thinking nor am I using any method here. I am not doing anything to clear the pain. But as soon as I finish the shooting I start sensing the pain. Let us look at this line. Neither am I thinking about the pain. Nor am I creating a thought of healing it. Which is also fine. But you are not creating a thought that you are ill. And all of us have experienced this. There won’t be anyone who has not experienced it. When we are involved in our work we forget about illness. The moment we finish work, we suddenly remember to pain. We say the mind was distracted that side. Which is true that the mind was distracted that side. But the pain in the body is still there. We were supposed to feel it. Why are we not feeling it? So what if the mind is distracted? In fact it starts getting better. During my swimming competitions Because of the worry and anxiety I used to get high fever My mother would ask me how I can participate with this fever. But I was determined to go. But the moment I would dive into the swimming pool and start, that would be no fever. All children experience this. Some children experience tension before exams. They experience nausea. Or vomiting and stomach cramps. But the exam gets over and they start playing. So everything depends on thoughts. But in this case we do everything being unaware. That we did it and when we did The mind stops creating the thought that I am ill But it that task and came back. After coming back we are again feeling ill Which means mind is playing a very important role. What happens for that duration is The mind does not create the thoughts – I am ill, there is a pain here, there is a wound here. The doctor is doing his duty and medicines are doing their job. The mind is engaged in something else it does not think of these things. Body starts getting better. Body starts feeling better. You mentioned that in 15 minutes could create fever. You also give an example that fever can finish because of a thought When our priority is something else. Who is powerful in this whole thing? Thoughts. Our body is not doing anything. Our mind power is healing us. Mind power can create an illness also. You said in acting when you create a thought that you are ill, you will fall ill. If you create a thought – I am a king Suddenly your body language will change. Your face, behaviour, gestures will all change. It is dependent on thoughts because you created the thought – I am a king. And then depending on the role you had to create a thought – I am a beggar. Again they all change. It is the same person in both scenes. The same person can look like a king or a beggar depending on the consciousness you created. It is all a mind game. Whether we want to be like a king in our life Be a Royal soul. Or become someone who keeps asking the whole day. This also depends on our thoughts alone. Nobody Came to inquire if I want water or how I am feeling – This is also about asking. Not a royal soul. You said somebody asked you that when he is truly ill Why should he like that he is feeling fine? When the fact is that I am ill, should I say a lie? Why should we say a lie? This is leading to method acting. We will not call it a lie. We will call it healing. It is healing. The body is ill, this is the reality. Just as we use medicine We need to heal the mind also. We saw that when we are distracted elsewhere And when we don’t create a thought that we are ill, there is a pain We feel better. Which means sitting at home we can create the thought and heal ourselves. So it is not called saying a lie, it is called healing. The reality we want We need to create it. This is what we have to do. The aspect that we are calling as lie. Let us also understand it and convince our self Why am I doing this? You mentioned that you had a backache. The pain was there. You came for shooting. You did not create a thought that it is paining. You did not also create a thought that it is healed. It means you didn’t create a thought either of healing or pain. But the mind was engaged in other things. It means mind was creating other thoughts. I did not create a single thought of the body. So you felt fine. Now this is our experience. Now we need to say I like just so that we don’t think of the truth. The message which we do not want to give to the body right now First we have to see what is the message that I should not give to the body. I do not want to give a thought to the body that I am ill. That I have fever. Why should I not give this thought to my body? You share your experience that by creating a thought that you are ill, your body created fever. So it means I should not give this thought to my body, isn’t it? Because if I give this thought to my body, fever gets created. Basically what is the aim? Aim is that from the mind to the body Not a single thought of illness should be radiated. The medicine will do its work. Only thing I should take care is that I should not send any thought from my mind to the body that I am ill. But that thought gets created normally. If I am ill then thoughts of my illness get created. To stop that thought We have to create a counter-thought. Just so that this thought is not created, we have to create another thought. When we are busy doing other work At that time we don’t have to consciously create another thought that I am fine. At that time the mind will not create a thought that I am ill. So we anyway start feeling better. But otherwise since the thought is that I am ill Now I start creating a thought – I am perfectly healthy. And it will not happen by saying it just once. You mentioned about addiction just now I am a powerful soul, I can do everything When others can do it, I can also do it. It’s very easy to do it. But how many times will you say that during the day? If you just say it once Or just once in the day and once at night It will not work. This will not happen. Because the other groove here Which says – it is not possible, it is very difficult It is an old groove of 30 or 40 years. And you are seeing the same reality also. So that thinking is more prevalent. Suppose there are 5 black circles drawn here. If you have to delete these five black circles How many white circles should you draw? I have to continuously keep drawing white circles How many white circles will you need to erase 5 black circles? Many. Will 5 white circles be enough? No. Will drawing 2 white circles be sufficient? No. Saying only twice a day as – I am a powerful soul – will not be enough. We need to keep continuously saying it till we see white. Till you don’t see black anymore. It has to be a continuous background song. Continuous doesn’t mean we keep chanting the same sentence over and over. The moment we get another thought about it, we have to counter it and replace it with this. In the morning we need to create it and repeat at least 5 to 10 times. Why do we meditate in the morning? Why do we meditate for 30 or 45 minutes? It means we are drawing white circles. What do we do in meditation? I am a divine soul. I am a pure soul. God is the ocean of purity. I am His child. His purity is filling me. He is Almighty Authority and I am Master Almighty Authority. Each of these thoughts is a white coloured circle. For 45 minutes, 1 hour or even for 30 minutes when we sit down In meditation we draw several such white circles. It is not for a specific problem. It is meditation. We are erasing the black circles on the soul. And drawing white circles. Even during the day we need to draw them. That is why just for 1minute after every 1 hour Which we call traffic control of the mind So after every hour we create a thought – I am a powerful soul, I am a divine soul. I am God’s child, I am a royal soul. Just by doing it for a minute, we are drawing a white circle after every hour. Before we sleep at night we meditate again for 10 minutes. So we once again draw white circles. Whatever we eat and drink We remember God We create pure thoughts so again white circle is drawn. Because there are so many black circles drawn across lifetimes. You said black circles about addictions are 30 or 40 years old. No. It could be of 30 or 40 births. The thought that I cannot do it may not be just of 30 or 40 years. It may be from many births. So we need to delete the black circles drawn over many births. So how many white circles should we draw now to delete all of them? Right now we do it and say it has not worked. We tried once and it did not work. When there are black circles from many births, just creating powerful thoughts twice will not help at all. That is why we need to follow the procedure properly. We need to sit with ourselves in the morning. For 5, 10 or even 15 minutes we have to sit And visualise the same thought repeatedly That there is a white circle getting drawn on the soul continuously. If we just take this one line Like we saw for addiction – I am a powerful soul. I am a powerful soul. Keep creating this white circle – I am a powerful soul, I am a powerful soul. Why do we chant mantras? By repeating it we are creating an affirmation. In this case it is our personal Mantra. Whoever wrote the mantra has consciously used high energy words. That is why it is said – if you are ill, then recite this Mantra. If there is a financial difficulty then recite this Mantra. If there is a conflict in relationship then recite this Mantra. What is the meaning of that? That Mantra has these specific thoughts written. But if we understand the thoughts written as part of that Mantra and then recite When we understand it and consciously create those thoughts Then we get the results more easily. I am a powerful soul. I am a child of the Almighty Authority. He is always with me. I can do anything that I decide to do. Everything is possible for me. While reciting we should visualise it also. We need to do this sitting down in the morning for a while. After every hour we need to pause for a minute and do it. Every time before we eat or drink anything we have to add that intention to it. We have to do this homework. Do not start eating or drinking anything directly. They will have many other qualities of vibrations. Whatever is our Mantra That intention is to be added into our food, water and tea. If the body is ill My body is completely healthy. I am a divine soul. God’s vibrations of purity are spreading in my entire body. My body is perfectly fine. Sit down and do it well in the morning. Before eating and drinking anything, add that energy into it. And then we can see that they will give us results. Sometimes the doctor reassures us – you will be fine by morning, this is a new medicine and is very effective. So we get the belief I tell others also that the doctor has given me a new medicine and by morning I’ll be fine. Even if my friend calls I will tell him the same thing. And it happens is reality. Instead of you kept saying – I am ill, I am ill If the doctor says you have to keep taking this medicine. You will take at least 5 days to heal. Because you have such a viral attack. So then I start telling everyone that for 5 days assume I am not even available. So the number 5 gets so deeply rooted that it will invariably take me 5 days to heal. Yes it happens that way. We have all experienced it. So now we should see why we are saying a lie that we are perfectly healthy. Should we say it or not? It is our Mantra. We are giving a thought to the body that the body is perfectly healthy. That is why meditation is called as healing. Meditation comes from the word ‘Mediry’ which means heal. Heal what? Using meditation we can heal Sanskars of the soul Using meditation we can give right vibrations to the body and heal it. Using meditation we can radiate right vibrations to the other soul and heal the relationship. So meditation means connecting to Him, creating the right thought And healing – the soul, body, relationships and even the world. We can heal nature. So this is not a lie, this is healing. We have to understand. That whatever we want to create Our thoughts create reality. We will create them using thoughts. Using thoughts we need to create health So I will have to create a thought That my body is perfectly healthy. I have to create a thought that this relationship is beautiful. Because I understand that my thoughts create my reality. So we have to create thoughts as per what we want in life. For a few days we need to consciously but properly do it. At morning, at night and after every 1 hour during the day. And pause for 30 seconds before eating or drinking anything and add that intention to food. Anybody can experiment this It has to work. It is science, it is spirituality. It has to work, that is definite. Sister, you were talking about meditation Can we have a meditation now? Let us do a meditation to give our body, healing energy. Because even you were in pain. While shooting I forgot about the pain. The person who spoke to you was also talking about thoughts during illness. Many of us have small or big issues going on with health. So we can all use this. Sit back comfortable, relaxed. Let us look at our self. I, the being Visualise yourself At the centre of the forehead The light I the soul am seated here My every thought is radiating from here To my body. Look at that energy Look at it to be in the form of light. Look at white light. Radiating from the soul and vibrating on every organ of the body. These are our thoughts. Which spread across the body. I am a divine being. Pure, powerful being. This body is completely perfect, healthy body. As we are creating these thoughts Visualise that our thought Is reaching every organ of the body. If there is any pain or illness in any part of the body Focus on that. This part of my body Is completely healthy. It’s perfect. It’s relaxed. It’s full of God’s divinity and love. Every cell of my body Is filled with God’s love and power. Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Thank you. Thank you, Sister. Thank you.

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