“Thunderstorm asthma”

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so as five past eleven December 7 2016 silicon Oregon and of course they spraying you got your incredibly rare Sun dog and I fresh sprayer this is an alaska airlines flight going to portland i’ll put the screenshot in later and so the rest of the sky mostly overcast [Music] but you know when you see a freaking 21 degree halo like this I calm these incredibly rare sundogs these are barium based barium is toxic lesson 1 gram will kill you and it’s actually quite alarming there because it Australia two weeks ago there was this there are like 9,000 people hospitalized for breathing problems they call it thunderstorm asthma and and yesterday kuwait it was reported or maybe two days ago is reported that like almost a thousand people were hospitalized with breathing problems and I think five died so there is certainly mixing up the blend that they’re spraying us with and i’m not sure if it was accidentally they put in too much or what whatever the hell it was but is it goes to show that this really is a depopulation exercise it’s not about reflecting sunlight back in this space to reduce global warming that’s the only excuse they have for the spring if that was the case they find the most reflective stuff and only spray that they’re spraying all kinds of crap and people are getting sick this trail as you can see is expanding the also 40 miles that way Medford Oregon the relative humidity the last one this morning was at fifty percent which is too low for persistent contrails to form and yet here we have them what’s going on also today France has got its worst air pollution in a decade and they are trying to blame it on cars even though cars have the best emissions ever and they’re all the industry is relocated to China so it’s warfare chemical biological electromagnetic warfare it is really bad and it’s got to stop and it is your job to educate as many people as you can talk to seven people a day and hopefully they’ll talk to seven people tomorrow also you can see here with this trail going a little closer you can see a shadow cast behind from on that side it’s not a they’re not spraying a dark trial which does often happen but yeah anyway this is bad not a good day but frankly the all this time have been up here I really don’t remember a day where they haven’t sprayed is every day and you can see from the satellite image it they just nailed the entire planet and the daily basis and it’s killing everything including these birds bird populations are way down trees are dying by the millions insects are disappearing and people are getting sick this is a health catastrophe we must stop it we must so do your job do the right thing listen to your gut ignore the naysayers that deniers this is wrong you didn’t you know I keep saying you know compare images like this to your parents wedding photographs the skies did not look like this and I mean good thing is I mean people are waking up we need more of them and do your job as I told EPA do the right thing and we will prevail all right so leaving you with this incredibly rare Sun dog this is Patrick and silicon Oregon December 7th signing off bye for now

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  1. Great post I heard about the asthma propaganda. How is it that they can keep indigo skyfold so secretive? Who are these pilots? Where are they storing this material? Who would be involved in this? Most importantly, why aren't journalists investigating these questions?

  2. Southern CA isn't any better. It's disgusting. I think there's a sedative/depressant quality to it as well. I'm almost 50 years old; the skies NEVER looked like this.

  3. looks a lot like here in Liverpool UK. my chest hasn't been right since after a thunderstorm in November. I gave up smoking it was that bad early November i think it was. most people I know think I'm a loon, I don't care one bit I've got 2 kids so I'm deeply concerned. my friend came back from Afghanistan last year having worked on the British fighter jets and he's proper freaked out by the spraying. way more than me and that's saying something. poor lad just had a baby at the weekend to. got to keep you're cool try instill confidence in people when you're speaking about it. most people don't know how to react, need to be cool.

  4. … and there are still fools running around trying to point fingers at 'intelligence' agencies of 'fo_reign' 'countries' on gas chamber Earth Inc. When everybody by now should have noticed that none of the so called 'intelligence' 'services', nor militaries or police anywhere opposes everybody to be sprayed into "superhuman" cockroaches …

  5. I have a video on my youtube channel "stewart watling"..all lower case…it was taken in 2012 and is exactly the same…(but worse) sundog..trail directly through the sun with a shadow and at least ten chemtrails at various stages of spreading out…see this alot in Adelaide.

  6. Hey Patrick I have an identical video to this from 2013..it's on one of 3 YouTube channels I have ( long story ) you can see it at "stewart watling" all lower case. cheers

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