Thunderstorm asthma – Mohamed’s story

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I was with my children in a public park, playing
with the kids and all of a sudden I felt like [I was] breathing very hard. I didn’t know what was going on. I’d never had asthma; I’d never had a
thunderstorm [asthma] attack before I discussed it with my son who was 12 years
old at the time. I told him I’m not feeling well, I think
we’d better go home. When we got home I didn’t know what to do. I was still breathing very hard. When it was 8 o’clock that’s when I decided
to go to the hospital The medical staff explained to me there was
a thunderstorm and ‘all these people you can see here, they have the same symptoms
as you’. For the first time I thought it was just something
new to me, and this is not something life threatening. But when I came here and the medical staff
explained to me more details, that’s when I panicked and I felt ‘I’m lucky that
I’m here at the hospital now’ I got looked after by a nurse
The nurse advised me I have to do the puffs of Ventolin and she showed me the 4 steps
[of asthma first aid] When I used the Ventolin 4 times I felt relieved
and my lungs were no longer wheezing and I wasn’t coughing any more. I went to my doctors and from there we started
following up on what to do and how to tackle it. Thank god I’m ok now. I carry reliever medication all the time,
in my car, in my house, wherever I am going I have it. And now I know what I’m doing because I
educated myself about the asthma plan and now I can help myself and help others. I did first aid for asthma, and from there
I started working with my community. I teach so many people what to do – the
4 steps of asthma first aid Whenever I attend public or community gatherings
I always talk about it and share with the people
I feel better now because I have the knowledge and I know what asthma and thunderstorm [asthma]
is about. I never knew before so now I have the knowledge
and I’m not panicking about anything I feel my asthma plan is under control and
I know what I’m doing now

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