Thunderstorm asthma – who is at risk? (video)

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Normally grass pollen particles are
about 30 microns in size and they are filtered out by the nose so which is why
we normally get hay fever, but in a thunderstorm asthma event, in Spring,
those grass pollens explode into tiny particles that you can breathe down into
the lungs and can cause an asthma attack. People who are affected by thunderstorm
asthma include people who have asthma. Other people are those with hay fever who may
not have a diagnosis of asthma but they are still susceptible because they’re
allergic to the pollen which can trigger off the thunderstorm asthma. So people with asthma can protect themselves during the pollen season by firstly having a check
with their GP just to make sure their asthma is well controlled, their
medication is up-to-date and they have an action plan. Someone with hay fever can protect themselves this pollen season by firstly seeing their GP to make sure
their hay fever is well controlled but also the GP can discuss with them
whether it’s appropriate for them to have a reliever medication you can go to
a pharmacist and buy the reliever medication over-the-counter

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