Tick Bites, Meat Allergies, and Chronic Urticaria

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[Music] tick bite induced meat allergies are really unlike any other food allergy we know the most interesting feature of the reaction may be the first symptom can occur hours after eating meat normally have an allergic reaction to a bee sting or something it happens within minutes but with this you could eat a piece of bacon for breakfast your throat doesn’t start closing off until the afternoon and so you blame lunch or doctors just call it spontaneous or idiopathic countif LAX’s idiopathic is just doctor speak for we have no idea what the causes the delay is because the alpha-gal is thought to be absorbed along with the fat in the meat given that the allergic reaction occurs four to five hours after meat ingestion correspond to the peak absorption time of the fat from the digestive tract what makes it even more difficult to diagnosis that the majority of victims experience only occasional overt reactions despite regular meat consumption fattier meats like pork rinds may provoke episodes more consistently and severely but still it’s not like it happens every time and it’s on the rise ten years ago we didn’t even know the thing existed but now in tick written States as many as 20% of the population have these anti meat allergic antibodies and more and more people are coming in affected so probably no more than 10% to test positive go on to experience hives or serious allergic reactions to meat we’re also seeing more and more in kids researchers in Virginia finding it not uncommon ly though identification in these cases may not be straightforward unlike an adults who frequently present with systemic reactions the majority of children with the syndrome present with just skin manifestations such as hives doesn’t mean it’s not serious in fact nearly half the kids end up in the ER and about 1 in 12 needed to be hospitalized up to a quarter of the population breaks out in hives at some important point in their lives but some children can be affected for weeks or months and it can be triggered by infections foods drugs parasites autoimmune but in a large subset of cases we don’t know what the trigger is and so we call it chronic idiopathic or to Karia it’s a common thing pediatrician see and the only cure is avoiding and eliminating whatever is triggering it but in three courses the cases we have no clue but now we know that many children who’ve been diagnosed with mysterious hives or allergic reactions and may have been specifically told that the reactions were not a result of food allergy they’ve actually been suffering from anti gamut allergies given the serious nature of the reactions and the rising frequency allergic swelling and hives across all age groups this underscores the importance of identifying what’s going on and clearly physicians should keep this new diagnosis in mind allergies to meat might be more common than previously thought two percent would mean millions of people but just to put it in context Americans are much more likely to suffer an anaphylactic reaction due to seafood tick bite or not no matter where they live a national survey of emergency rooms found shellfish was by far the most frequently implicated food and unlike many other allergies kids don’t tend to outgrow fish and shellfish allergies and many fish allergens allergies are actually allergies not to the fish but to worms within the fish like Anisakis exposure to these parasites living or dead in fish is a widespread problem in fact you can even have an allergic reaction to the parasitic fish worm eating chickens that were fed on fish meal this is one of the ways someone who’s allergic to fish could get triggered by just eating chicken reminds me of pork cat syndrome where your mouths can get all itchy eating bacon in people with cat allergies because an allergic cross reaction between cat skin and pig blood proteins Anisakis worms are found particularly in cod anchovies and squid and can also cause chronic hives and intractable chronic itching because of these worms researchers recommend that people stop eating all seafood sushi altogether because besides inclusing inducing allergenic reactions the worms may cause a leaky gut syndrome which often is unrecognized and can predispose to other more Orton pathologies than just being itchy all over [Music] you

20 thoughts on “Tick Bites, Meat Allergies, and Chronic Urticaria

  1. Well this video was made for me hahaha. I had been suffering from chronic urticaria, that did not have any particular trigger, so I thought. I eliminated everything in my diet and everyday use, like detergents and cosmetics, and nothing really seemed to work. Until I eliminated eggs. I ate basically vegan otherwise the egg every odd day, and once I went completely vegan, the hives left as quickly as they came.

  2. Tick Bites, Meat Allergies, and Chronic Urticaria is really interesting and another reason to stop eating meat, seafood, dairy,eggs.  Best to avoid these foods from the get go.

  3. So thankful I don't have any food allergies or food intolerance. However, when I eat those imported grapes my lips get itchy.

  4. Well if these ticks become epidemic it could end animal products…..or the gov't will just spray a tonne of chemicals to wipe out the ticks.   My goodness we wouldn't want people to just eat healthy!

  5. Did you watch this week’s video about the tick-bite induced meat allergy?

    Watch below or click the link to watch on NutritionFacts.org: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/tick-bites-meat-allergies-and-chronic-urticaria/

  6. Ticks are not new to field animals so why the increase in cases at the meat table?  Are people more sensitive to the tick allergen?

  7. The good news here! It is possible to get rid of hives yourself using organic technique, and you will start to see the result in less than 3 days.

  8. So what if my wife gets hives when she is allergic to her cold…? How do we deal with that? BTW we are vegan and have bee for 2 1/2 years

  9. Been dealing with this for a few before a doctor at Vanderbilt checked me for this. I ate meat often and it would only happen some of the time. It seems like times of the year when I was less active it was more a problem. Hives, angio adema, stomach problems, weakness and joint pain have been a problem at times. I cut out all mammalian meats, but still eat things seasoned with mean on occasion with problems from time to time. It is a mystery to me what is going on.

  10. Yeah after watching hundreds of videos and articles online, one is left to wonder what really works? After googling Shane Zormander's hive website I found something that's always overlooked. Finally getting rid of hives in less than three weeks and getting rid of that horrid itch feels great!

  11. That happened to me the long star tick bitt me and developed alpha gal. Anyway long story short almost die after consuming beef 3 hours later. I am no longer able to consume red meat.

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