Tierheim Dallau — Jeder Käfig hat seine Geschichte

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[Stadt Land Fluss Intro] [Music] [dog barking] We are at the animal shelter in Dallau. My name is Brigitte Schmitt, I’ve been working here as a volunteer for 20 years. I’m an animal welfare officer as well. Our animal shelter here in Dallau is the only one in the Neckar-Odenwald area and therefore has a huge commuting area. There are so many things happening here – joy and sorrow… And it is the greatest joy to give the animals a treat here. [dog barking] He’s my best friend. He has been living here for five years and I even knew him before. I know how he was accommodated before. And he actually has a good life here. There is a couple, that thinks about adopting Sultan. They already have a female dog. Wait and see. We are never able to plan anything in advance, as we have often been disappointed. [Music] So, now we are at the cats’ home. We are caring for approximately 350 cats every year. There are so many cats found and brought here that are not castrated. We made contracts with the surrounding towns and we are obliged to accept all abandoned animals. Otherwise every town would have to care about the animals and for their accommodation. An animal shelter is always in motion. It should be a transition station for all animals. We get a lot of animals… But at the same time a lot of them are adopted. Luckily we find good homes for the animals. For the cats as well as for the dogs. It works well. Sometimes it only takes us a few weeks. Other animals have to wait a little longer. With the dogs it’s like this: The smaller, the better. The older and bigger, the harder. [dog barking] [Music] Let’s go. Huuui, not so fast. Not so fast! So, there he is. There he is, our Sultan. Let’s see how they get around. This is Daisy. Sultan, look, a girl. A girl… Yes. It’s always the same. He always wants to go back in. It’s his home. But now
you can go for a walk with him. You wanted to hold him. I’m so nervous. It’s an incredible suspense, because these are the first people interested in Sultan for a very long time. And I’m so curious whether everything works out with the female dog. Because he would actually love to have a female dog. We would all be delighted for him. I’m curious. It’s a big day… [laughing] [Music] So, this is the oldest part of the animal shelter. It was founded in the sixties. And I’ve been here for a while. But there has never been any maintenance work and this is highly necessary to provide a better home for the animals… even if it is only for a short time. And this is why we are dependent on financial aid. [Music] I think, that it was a great day. Not an ordinary day. There usually are visitors during our opening hours… but of all things for our Sultan, who has been living here for five years now… I have a good feeling about this. And not just me, my colleagues as well. The couple was very very nice, but the suspense remains of course. But the pleasure as well. Maybe it’s going to work. Maybe he really is going to find his home. I wish, I could transfer the good feeling I have when coming home from the animal shelter. The acceptance of my work is a little too low. It is a really fulfilling work and for me personally it is a labour of love. And I’d love to share this feeling. We are glad about every person, that visits us and takes delight in walking the dogs and watching the animals – let it be cats or rabbits – just being there for the animals. It is wonderful. For animal lovers anyway. And not everybody is able to care about a pet at home. For these people, it would be a wonderful job… [Music] Come and visit us at the animal shelter in Dallau. [laughs] Final Credits

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