Tips For Dining Out With Food Allergies

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it can be challenging to eat out when
you have food allergies so here’s five great tips to make it easier tip number
one know before you go look at the restaurant menu before you go if you
have a peanut allergy you probably shouldn’t go to a Thai restaurant so
it’s always helpful to look at the restaurants menu and see just how tricky
it’s going to be don’t make your life more difficult for her second tip Kendra
suggests making sure your server is aware of your allergies talk to your
server and make sure they’re familiar with food allergies and how to handle
them questions that you want to ask are like are you familiar with food
allergies they have separate fryers so the cross-contamination is an
important thing to bring up third don’t be shy about asking any questions you
may have about the food it can be life and death so you can’t be shy about
asking questions to your server you’ve got to push aside the embarrassing part
and just remember this is about your health in your body and just ask a
question Kendra also recommends talking to the manager or chef about your
choices to make sure their work for your restriction the chef’s obviously
intimately knows what’s going in something so even your server might not
100% know if there’s you know a half a teaspoon of anchovy in whatever dish
you’re getting if you have fish allergy that’s going to be an issue so if it
really comes down to that you have to know something you can always ask to
talk to the chef they might not be able to come talk to you but then have your
server ask in specific or her specific questions and finally don’t make
assumptions about what you’re eating don’t assume that something is safe just
because it says hamburger chefs like to add lots of other ingredients that you
might not know about so ask as many questions as you need to
about the actual dish and what does comprise up there you have it five great
tips to help people with food allergies have a safe dining experience when
eating out and

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