Tips for Managing Cholesterol : How Vitamins & Supplements Reduce Cholesterol

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Hello, my name is Dr. Susan Jewell and on
behalf of Expert Village today I’m going to talk to you about cholesterol and in particular
ways to lower cholesterol because that’s so important, because high cholesterol, especially
the bad form the LDL is going to put you at risk of getting a lot of cardiovascular problems
like strokes and heart attacks. Now in this clips we are going to look at multivitamins
and specifically niacin which is a B complex, B6. Niacin is very helpful in the fact that
it increase your HDL levels, which is the good cholesterol and it helps to decrease
the LDL levels in your blood. So here you can buy niacin in a bottle by itself, but
it’s also good to take niacin you can buy in the multivitamin bottles products, very
easily available in many drug stores and any pharmacy or supermarkets. Where you can get
a whole series of multivitamins and or the minerals. So niacin will be added into it
but look at the back at the content level of niacin as well. So if you think there is
not enough for the daily recommended dose of niacin then you should go and buy the concentrated
tablets as well. But here is a selection of lots of different products you can buy that
would also have niacin in it and here also is recommended to take a lot of the B vitamins,
so here is a B1. But like I said you can get B6 which is niacin readily available in the
stores by itself. So folic acid, potassium tablets. This is just examples. It is so important
to keep up with your supplements. Your multivitamins and your mineral supplements to supplement
your intake of your daily food because usually most people are deficient in there calcium
and their potassium minerals because they don’t eat enough, an adequate, healthy diet.
So remember niacin is a good way to decrease your LDL levels.

8 thoughts on “Tips for Managing Cholesterol : How Vitamins & Supplements Reduce Cholesterol

  1. "It is so important to keep up with your supplements". Your multivitamins & ur mineral supplements to supplement ur intake of ur daily food because most peeps are deficient in their (not there) calcium & their potassium because they do not eat enough in an adyquat healthy diet" But is that in India or China, or in some specific region of the world? U did not make that clear.In fact evidence locally & in other affluent countries points to the fact that supplements are the prime reason for

  2. Part 2 Continued…….are the prime reason for mal-nutrition in cases of disorders due to over injestion of vitamins or minerals. Ur video definitly states a recomendation to takes lots of the B vitamins, or it may be saying that it says that on the B-Vitamin bottal. It did not weem clear who or where it was said. But the point is it can be dangerous to take a lot of mutivitamins especially for people who just do not need more. In mal-norished countries I agree take supplements.

  3. Part 3 Continued ………One of the main dangers is due to Vitamin A which is toxic if too much is taken. Some of the multivitamins contain at least 100% RDA where as others contain 600% . I used to take them but stopped taking multi-vitamins due to the Vitamin A risks. I think for affulent soieties it my be better to buy individual supplements so that the specific vitamin can be taken if needed. I take niacin on its own occasionally.But niacin is readily available in meat and dairy products

  4. Part 4 Continued …….So for healthy people a healthy diet is best and supplements should be avoided. But, yes feed the poor and under-norished vitamin and mineral supplements. They may need them where-as many in the affluent societies do not. Some of the vitamins have toxicity affects if taken taken too much. Surely a healthy person needs to stay with a healthy diat and stay away form supplements untill he/she needs them.

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