Tips For Traveling With Food Allergies

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Hi I’m K.C. the G-Free Foodie. I’m gonna give you my best tips for traveling safely on the allergen friendly road. Okay my first tip is to do your research before you even get in the car. Find out if there are allergen friendly restaurants on your route and ask major destinations like theme parks or zoos if they will allow you to carry in allergen friendly snacks. When you’re planning your route look for grocery stores that have tons of allergen friendly options on the way, like Whole Foods Market. I like to actually plan my pit stops here because I can stock up on snacks, grab something to drink, stretch my legs, use the bathroom, and it’s nice and cool. Stock up on safe snacks and non-perishable goods and take them with you. If you’re staying with family or friends make sure they know what allergens you’re avoiding and what foods you can have. Also, make plans to go shopping together so you can pick up a few things then all of you will love i’m here at the Elbow Room in central California. This is one of my favorite restaurants and that is one of my best tips. If there’s someplace you know you want to eat call ahead, make a reservation, let them know you’re coming, and that you have an allergy so they can create something incredibly delicious just for you.

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