Tips to ease your seasonal allergies

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May has brought warmer temperatures and full on allergy season. Many people will need medication, but there are other ways to reduce your symptoms says allergy specialist Dr. Karen Binkley. So really the first step in helping people feel better is we try to get them to reduce their exposure the pollens as much as possible. That means making your home a pollen-free zone by keeping doors and windows closed. You can also track indoors on your hair, clothes and shoes so wearing a hat, wrap around sunglasses and washing clothing when you get home helps. Don’t forget to wipe down your pets and avoid drying laundry outdoors. Dr. Binkley says even a one hour exposure to pollen can trigger symptoms for days. For some people, they may want to consider using a salt water rinse and it just rinses the pollen out of their nose when they come in. So will certain foods ease your symptoms? A good diet is always important for good health but the impact on the allergies is probably fairly minimal. She says HEPA filters have shown some benefits but the studies are mixed. No objection, but would I spend a lot of money on it? In hoping it would be the cure all, I probably would not spend a lot of money on it. Dr. Binkley says the jury is also out on using acupuncture for allergy relief. Two other approaches she does recommend include propping the head up during sleep and using nasal strips. They can be used at night to hold the nose open and that sometimes gives some temporary relief for nasal congestion and will get them over the hump. For anyone with allergies, it’s important to know your triggers so seeing your doctor or allergy specialist is recommended. With Sunnyview, I’m Monica Matys.

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  1. 2019 I'm allergic to all types of grass and trees and more I have the worst allergies in my house so as my older brother my other older brother dosent have any allergies.

  2. I’ve been having allergies for over 2 months daily. Is that normal? Everyday my nose is running like Niagara Falls

  3. Im miserable i missed 1 dose of my medicine and now im miserable i have to sit up to sleep i cant lay down or i practically suffocate

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