Toad Road First Clip – How To Use Vick’s To Get High

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Hi and welcome to AC News! Here’s today’s video clip, movie news are coming up! John Moore, director of Max Payne and The Omen, is now currently shooting A Good Day to Die Hard in the city of Moscow. Bruce Willis is still playing his role character John McClane, and his son, Jack, is interpreted by Jai Courtney. The director said that he’s trying to downplay the humour in the production. He thinks people will not appreciate it and wants to concentrate more on cynicism. Coming to theatres February 14th 2013 Leave your comments see you next time!

9 thoughts on “Toad Road First Clip – How To Use Vick’s To Get High

  1. I guess it's because I've done real drugs for a while but this is absolutely the STUPIDEST thing i've ever seen… Pathetic really

  2. "How to use Vick's to go blind!"

    Wow sick video, so informative. I'd suggest doing heroin and maybe meth at the same time, that's a blast too!!!!!

  3. Fuck this sic euro shit. Best way to do it s to tahe the filler cotton out and drop it in a bottle of Coke. let set for around 15 minutes the chug it. Will taste like shit but the high is worth it.

  4. Also coming up on the libtard channel…how to be an unproductive member of society and how to kill the little brain cells we have quicker!

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