Toothpaste Treatment for Allergies (MU Health Care)

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While 5-year-old Liam Stump plays inside with
his toy tractor…his little brother rides in a real tractor with Dad. Liam’s severe allergies keep him inside
away from helping Dad and his little brother during harvest. “That corn is just horrible for his allergies
when he is around that corn dust, and so it is not fun because he doesn’t get to go
with daddy all the time.” Liam’s mother, Kayle, says his allergies
just separate their household. Farming is their life and Liam can’t always
be part of it. “It’s sad because he cries a lot to me
and to his dad because he can’t go out in the tractor.” They have to be careful. A recent allergy attack sent Liam to the hospital. Prescription and over-the-counter medications
are not helping. And allergy shots are scary and painful for
Liam. But a new allergy treatment offered at University
of Missouri Health Care is helping Liam literally brush off his allergies. “The toothpaste, what it does is the same
thing that allergy shots and allergy drops do…it is a way for you to develop tolerance
for what you are allergic to.” Traditional allergy drops must be kept under
the tongue for two minutes…nearly impossible for 5-year-olds like Liam. But the allergy toothpaste not only cleans
Liam’s teeth, but delivers the medicine as part of his daily routine. “Everybody brushes their teeth…you generally
are supposed to brush them twice a day so that is easy to fit into your life.” The MU Health Care allergist says it will
take three to five years before Liam’s immune system responds so medication is no longer
necessary. In the meantime, the results are promising. Liam is already experiencing some relief. And maybe one day soon, he can join his dad
and brother out on the farm. “Our family is all about farming and doing it together and getting things done
as a family. …I want Liam to be part of that.” From the University of Missouri, Kent Faddis

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