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Top 10 Anty allergy superfoods “Apples” one apple a day will keep the immune
system not only healthy but also can help you with your allergies this fruit is full with quitting the
flavonoid that is known to protect against own people allergic reactions so you
have to enjoy an apple a day but be sure that the Apple is organic rose hips rose hips the fruit at the Rose blonde are loaded
with healing anti-allergy nutrient throws its are one of the best natural
sources plans this year 19th phyto-chemicals
that inhibit enzymes that produce histamine and can best help ease symptoms in some
allergy sufferers in addition to that does its are packed
with vitamin C they are also a relatively good source
of vitamin E delivery film it appears the powerful
weapon against allergies it contains an active ingredient good
human good human is a powerful antioxidant and also an
anti-inflammatory compound which helps fighting against allergies you can consume
Dominic with milk just with 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder
in one glass Department drink it once a day garlic gonna kiss also and the algae superfood
and must included not be diet it has the ability to inhibit the
activity of some enzymes that are generating some inflammatory combines in
your body and that can help you prevent the allergic reactions dot blots with
the and Penelope anti-inflammatory and
antioxidant properties Ghana will boost your immune system lies
the anti-inflammatory antibiotic anti-oxidant and immune
boosting properties and garlic can help keep the doctor away during the allergy
season memories lemon a superfood enemy boosting through that also has another
property it can prevent allergies lemons are fully with vitamin C and the
lot of antioxidants also it keeps your body alkaline try to
stock your day with one class if warm water and juice of 1 lemon family summon cold water fish that is pull in
omega-3 fatty acids epee NB HD the fatty acids a good fighters
against inflammation and with that it helps
against allergies also eating family will improve your lung function best
reducing the symptoms have allergies like ask you or pollen you should be someone at least twice a
week even three four times during your allergy season sweet potatoes sweet the deduced one of the oldest vegetables known to
man highly nutritious sweet potatoes me also be one of the
best editions to your diet if you suffer from allergies as the odd
one of the foods that are least likely to cause allergic reactions that is also why they are often
recommended as it’s the first food for BP’s sweet potatoes also can be independently
as well as some unique group proteins which according to preliminary studies had
significant antioxidant properties P&P green pea is commonly used as a week
lost seed but the health benefits of green tea are
not limited the week lost benefit scientific evidence suggests that green
tea may also be helpful for treating allergies pathogens the sea combines that are
responsible for green tea is weak laws promoting properties have been shown to inhibit the enzyme
that converts is tied into histamine thanks for watching this video he’s like shame and subscribe channel for more health
tips have a nice day

26 thoughts on “Top 10 Anti Allergy Superfoods | Best Health Tip And Food Tips | Education

  1. my blood test shows IgE levels at 950 and I usually feel itchy on skin, and have sticky stuff in nosal secretion. what should I do?

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  4. Apples aren't helpful if you've got fructose intolerance. You might not even know you have that. I'm trying to be on an elimination diet for my itching, diarrhoea etc and cutting out the foods I was shown to be intolerant to by testing.

    I ate an apple two days ago and I'm still in a severe flare up, itching like crazy, diarrhoea and needing to take 3 or 4 antihistamines a day. Take these lists with a pinch of salt because we're all different. The only way to find out what we're intolerant to is an elimination diet.

  5. what i've known n experienced that tomato n chocalte makes allergy even worse, also spinach , walnut n salmon lots of allergy people cant tolerate it

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  7. 1 Apple
    2 Rosehip
    3 Turmeric
    4 Garlic
    5 Lemon
    6 Salmon
    7 Sweet Potato
    8 Green Tea

    They did not say the numbers 9 and 10.

  8. Spinach, tea, tomato, fish, nuts, lemon, orange are histamine foods. If you have allergy, running nose etc, you should avoid from histamine foods.

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