Top 10 BEST Lunchbox Snacks of the ’90s

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Every kid of the 90s has memories, good or
bad, of opening up their lunchbox and hoping to find a tasty snack inside. These treats
were easy to access and so much fun to eat. Get ready to reminisce, because it’s time
to check out the top 10 best lunchbox snacks of the 90s. Uncrustables PBJ Sandwiches Uncrustables Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly Sandwiches
from Smuckers launched during the ’90s and they are still available today. These “soft
bread” sandwiches are round, crust-free and crimped all around their diameters. The crimping
keeps the peanut butter and grape jelly inside of the sandwiches. The filling won’t leak
out. Portable and tasty, Uncrustables are perfect for those who prefer sandwiches without
the crusts. These convenient snacks from the ’90s still fill a need in the marketplace,
and you’ll find them in the freezer aisle of many grocery stores. Smuckers is based
in Ohio and the company has been around since 1897. Since Smuckers has a proven track record
when it comes to offering great jellies to customers, it’s no surprise that its sealed
PB & J sandwich is such a big hit. This sandwich isn’t patented, but the name, “Uncrustables”
is trademarked. Smuckers constructed a factory in Kentucky in order to facilitate production
of these popular crustless sandwiches. Uncrustables Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly sandwiches are
modern classics, but they aren’t the only sandwiches in the Uncrustables product lineup.
Check the freezer aisle at your fave grocery store to see which Uncrustables are available. Lunchables Ham & Cheddar Combos Lunchables Ham & Cheddar with Crackers meals
were very popular during the ’90s and they are still available today. While Lunchables
were actually launched during the end of the 80s, by Oscar Mayer, the popularity of Lunchables
definitely soared during the ’90s. While some people may not feel satisfied after eating
Lunchables as a midday meal, those with less-hearty appetites may find that Lunchables really
satisfy. With Lunchables, ingredients are stacked on crackers. Ham & Cheddar with Crackers
is a perennial favorite, but the pizza Lunchables was also very popular during the 90s. Kids
– and maybe some adults – would make tiny pizzas with cracker crusts, by adding tomato
sauce, cheese and pepperoni-flavored sausage. The current Lunchables product line is really
extensive. Clearly, Lunchable meals are still hitting the target with kids and parents. Today,
consumers can even buy Lunchables that come with Capri Sun. There are also Lunchables
which are made with natural cheese and meat. Lunchables Uncured Ham & Cheddar is one example.
Another choice is Lunchables Brunchables, which include classic breakfast ingredients.
Lunchables “Snacks” are also sold, and so are Lunchables Uploaded, which come with more
of everything that kids enjoy, for a more filling and variety-packed experience. The
Uploaded meals also come with drinks. Polly-O String Cheese Is Fun To Eat Polly-O String Cheese was a hit back in the
’90s and it’s still popular today. Produced by Kraft Foods, this lunchbox favorite was
a snack food and an activity. Some kids spent a lot of time deconstructing their cheese
strings. Others cut to the chase by munching on the cheese sticks without the usual peeling
off of strings of cheese. However kids ate them, they enjoyed their good taste. Many
adults indulged in Polly-O String Cheese, too. Polly-O string cheese is found in lunchboxes
and in plenty of brown bag lunches. It’s a tasty and convenient way to get a little healthy
calcium during the day. Today, Polly-O String Cheese is available in four varieties. There
is Mozzarella string cheese, plus a Mozzarella string cheese variety made with 2% milk. There
are also Twists which are combos of mozzarella and cheddar, also available in a 2% milk variety.
With the twists, some children untwist the cheese before they string it. Those who eschew
dairy may not embrace the fun and taste of Polly-O string cheese. Lots of people are
turning to dairy alternatives these days. In the 90s, there were also dairy alternatives,
but these alternatives weren’t as popular back then as they are now. Fruit Roll-Ups These legendary fruit snacks come from the
General Mills’ brand, Betty Crocker. They were ’90s faves at lunchtime and anytime.
Packed with intense taste, these fruit-flavored snacks made kids happy and parents liked eating
them, too. Like so many awesome snacks featured here today, Fruit Roll-Ups are still out there
in the marketplace. The concept for Fruit Roll-Ups began to be explored during the 1970s.
The product was launched during the 80s and its popularity skyrocketed in the 90s. A brand
called Uncle Toby’s also produced similar snacks which were promoted via TV ads in 1990. Today,
there are many types of Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-Ups to choose from, including Tropical
Tie-Dye, Blastin Berry, and Strawberry. People can buy their favorite flavors or go for variety
packs which allow them to enjoy different flavors. A Blastin Berry Fruit Roll-Up has
50 calories, plus 7 grams of sugar.  The first three ingredients listed for Fruit Roll-Ups
are corn syrup, dried corn syrup and sugar. Most nutritionists advise parents to consider
these lunchbox favorites occasional treats, because they do contain empty calories. Fruit Gushers – The Snack With Liquid Centers Betty Crocker Fruit Gushers are usually called
Gushers for short. They are fruit snacks that have liquid centers. They surged in popularity
during the 90s and they are still beloved. Known for their distinctive long hexagon bi-pyramid
shapes, these fruit snacks are made mostly from fruit juice and sugar. Inside of each
fruit gusher, there’s a sweet and thick liquid. The outside of the fruit gusher is made from
a gummy type of colorful coating. Biting into a gusher releases a gush of liquid and
this is why these snacks have their unique name. ’90s kids who found Fruit Gushers in
their lunchboxes were generally happy campers. These snacks rated highly among school-age
kids, ‘tweens, and teens. It’s safe to say that parents occasionally enjoyed them too,
even though they were made with kids in mind. Since they’re still available, it’s so easy
to enjoy them at home, or in packed lunches. Current Fruit Gushers varieties include Strawberry
Splash, Sour Triple Berry Shock, Mood Morphers, Mouth Mixers Punch Berry, Tropical Flavors,
and Flavor Mixers. There is also a variety pack available. When the ’90s ended, Gushers
stayed relevant, in part because a popular YTV show called Uh-Oh was sponsored by Fruit
Gushers from 2001 to 2003. These fruit snacks have widespread appeal that has endured through
the years. Capri Sun Drinks Are Iconic These lunchbox essentials were a big deal
in the ’90s. It was possible for kids to polish off these fruit drinks in no time flat. Sometimes,
a few big sips was all it took to finish a Capri Sun. These drinks come in convenient
little pouches with small straws. These days, kids may enjoy Lunchables that include Capri
Sun juices. The fruit drink pouches are also sold on their own, just like they were back
in the ’90s. The Original Juice Drink contains ingredients that are all-natural, sweetened
with some sugar. The drinks don’t contain artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.
If you want to experiment with different flavors, or your kids do, you’ll have plenty of product
options, including Fruit Punch and Strawberry Kiwi, as well as Lemonade and lots of other
great flavors. There are even organic Capri Sun drinks available nowadays. Overall, there
are seven main categories of Capri Sun drinks, from the original drinks to the organic drinks
to a sports beverage version called Capri Sun Sport and beyond. Capri Sun is still a
favorite drinks brand for kids. It’s a brand with staying power. Hi-C Juice Is Still A Hit For many people, Hi-C is a taste of childhood.
It brings back ’90s memories. During the 90s, one flavor of Hi-C, called Orange Lavaburst,
was offered at McDonald’s fast food joints. When McDonald’s took the drink off the menu
many years later, a lot of customers weren’t happy, even though this popular Hi-C flavor
was available elsewhere. Hi-C is still sold today, and Orange Lavaburst is still a popular
flavor, along with Boppin’ Strawberry, Blazin’ Blueberry, Poppin’ Lemonade and Torrential
Fruit Punch. There are other flavors to choose from, too. Hi-C appeals to kids, it’s made
from genuine fruit juice and each drink box comes with a full day’s supply of vitamin
C.  The current Hi-C product line has 50 percent less sugar than the original product
line. In the ’90s, drinks like Capri Sun and Hi-C really ruled. Kids loved sipping and
gulping them. They were fun to drink and perfect for school lunches. Today, new generations
are discovering these fruity bevvies. Hi-C is produced by the Coca-Cola Company. It was
invented way back in the 1940s. Its inventor’s name was Niles Foster. The drink was launched
in 1947, in an orange flavor. Today, each Hi-C drink box contains ten percent fruit
juice. Dunk-a-roos Are A Sweet Treat Plenty of kids love sweet treats, just like
kids did back in the 90s. This is why Dunk-a-roos remained popular for years, even after the
90s ended. In case you’ve never tried them, Dunk-a-roos are cookies that come with frosting.
For many kids, they are one of the premier lunchbox desserts. These snacks were launched
in 1990, by the General Mills brand, Betty Crocker. With Dunk-a-roos, cookies are meant
to be dipped into icing before they are inhaled. Each pack comes with several small cookies
plus enough frosting for dunking. The cookies came in a host of shapes. One popular shape
was the hot air balloon. This famous dessert snack had a cartoon mascot, who was a comical
kangaroo. The cartoon mascot was called Sydney and he had an Aussie accent. In 1996, a new
mascot, Duncan, was introduced after a special contest. In 2012, production of Dunk-a-roos
stopped in America, but the cookies with frosting were still available in Canada. Some people
brought Dunk-a-roos from Canada to the States when they needed a sugar fix, for themselves
or for their kids. In 2018, Dunk-a-roos were discontinued in Canada. Yummy flavors included
Chocolate Icing with Graham Cookies and Vanilla Icing with Chocolate Cookies. At one point,
there even were SpongeBob SquarePants Dunk-a-roos, which featured bright yellow icing. Teddy Grahams Are Adorable And Tasty Teddy Grahams aren’t just for kids. Adults
eat them, too. These snacks became a sensation in the ’90s and they are still amazingly popular.
Actually, the success of these little cookies isn’t so surprising. They are adorable, because
they are shaped like tiny teddy bears. And they taste good. They come in different flavors,
so there is something for everyone. Kids who found Teddy Grahams in their lunch boxes back
in the 90s would gobble them up. These days, they still add tons of fun to school lunches.
Nabisco launched these cute little cookies in 1988. Back in the 90s, they were very famous
and very beloved. These days, Teddy Grahams are available in 4 flavors, which are Honey,
Chocolate, Cinnamon and Chocolately Chip. Yes, they are aimed at kids, but lots of adults
snack on the cookies, while they’re watching TV or whatever. There are even recipes online
which utilize the tasty little bear cookies in innovative new ways. You may have a box
of these cookies in your pantry right now. A lot of people do, especially if they are
parents to young children. If you don’t have any on hand, you may be craving them right
now. They are mild cookies, sweet but subtle. Those who buy these cookies regularly know
that they disappear fast. It’s easy to eat a lot of Teddy Grahams. Zebra Cakes Have Bold Style Zebra Cakes were ’90s faves, thanks to the
bold, graphic appeal of their black-and-white frosting. These cakes are still sold. They
come from a company called Little Debbie. Zebra Cakes feature yellow cake that’s iced
with white frosting and dark stripes made of fudge. Zebra cakes also have cream filling.
The sight of Zebra Cakes in a lunchbox is going to put a smile on a child’s face. These
cakes made kids happy back in the ’90s and their appeal hasn’t faded. If you want to
relive childhood memories, you should know that Zebra Cakes are available in single serving
sizes, as well as family packs. So many ’90s snacks, including Zebra Cakes, continue to
intrigue new generations. These snacks keep packed lunches from seeming too dull. These
are snacks that aren’t likely to be traded to other classmates or thrown in the garbage.
Try one, a few or all of these modern classics to get that ’90s lunchbox vibe, even if you’re
way past the lunchbox stage. If you’re into baking, you’ll find recipes online for cakes
that are very similar to Zebra Cakes. But it may be harder to make your own Teddy Grahams,
or Fruit Gushers. You’ll find more great videos right here.
Just tap on that screen. And if you haven’t joined our notification squad yet, show us
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  4. I never tried Uncrustables. They looked gross to me. I did like the ham and swiss Lunchables though. Ahhh memories. 😏😏😏 I def loved Hi-C but does anyone remember Ssips?

  5. I've tried everything on this list, except the Polly-O String Cheese and The Dunkaroos! I'm a 90's kid, so thanks for making this video! I hope there'll be a part 2 😉

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  7. I never liked pbj until I tried uncrustables. Pbj tastes way better on white than wheat. (I know it's hard to digest, but I don't eat a lot of bread anyway. The only kind of wheat bread I like now is Subway's or another sandwich place.) Pizza lunchables are awesome, but their doughnuts are amazing for cheap filler food. I highly recommend them!

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  10. I live in the wrong country. We didn't really have treats like these because it is really expensive. I was born in 1978 and I remember starting university as a 16 year old and by that time I'd been working part time in a supermarket for over a year so I was able to buy some of these products (eg roll ups). As an adult I do eat some of this type of convenience food but living in New Zealand we didn't get many of them because we live away from large countries so it's quite expensive to import. I've been around Europe, USA and Canada and I have to say I think the sweets we get here hold up to those I tried overseas. Thanks for the video.

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