Top 10 CRAZIEST Food Allergies!!

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From everyday candy to your favorite foods…stay
tuned to number 1 to find out 10 things you might be allergic to! Number 10: Gluten. If you’ve talked with a lot of people, you’ll
know doubt hear one of them ask, when ordering food, “Is this Gluten-Free?” Which begs the question, “What is Gluten?” Gluten is a protein, one that is found in
all sorts of things, but primarily, bread and bread-like products. Wheat, Barley, Rye, and more all have Gluten,
which means that there are many foods in the world that have Gluten in them. And sadly, there are many people in the world
who can’t eat these items. I actually know quite a few. You might be thinking, “What’s the big deal?” Well, like all allergies, eating a Gluten
item when you’re not supposed to can lead to disastrous things. My friend told me that when she eats things
with Gluten, her throat swells up. So she has to be very careful about what she
eats. While this wasn’t the biggest issue with people
back in the day, now, it’s a real cause of concern, due to changes in food processing. So now you’ll find that grocery stores, restaurants,
and more serve “Gluten-Free” items so that the people who are allergic to it (or just
can’t eat it for other reasons) won’t get sick. Still not convinced that this is a bad thing
to be allergic too? Here’s a list of things you can’t eat if you’re
Gluten intolerant or allergic: Bread, pasta, certain seasonings, crackers, certain salad
dressings, condiments, chicken broth, soy sauce, and so much more. Feel bad for these people now? Number 9: Red Meat
For me personally, there is few things better than having a nice solid cheeseburger, regardless
of whether it’s from a hometown restaurant or even McDonalds. But, sadly, not everyone can enjoy those,
for some people are allergic to red meat of any kind. Now, ironically, you can have this allergy
from birth, you can get this allergy via another allergy, and arguably worst of all, you can
actually get this allergy later on via a tick bite. Now that’s a scary thought, huh? Because this particular allergy is so rare,
people sometimes have a hard time identifying it at first. Which makes sense given all the things that
people can be allergic to. However, the culprit in red meat seems to
be a sugar called Alpha-Galactose. You might be wondering, “If you’re allergic
to one meat, can you be allergic to all of them?” Yes, you can, but there have also been cases
of people just being allergic to one type of meat, and not the others, it’s very much
a case-by-case basis. And again, it’s so rare, that it’s hard to
put a finger on it all. I’m personally glad I don’t have this allergy,
and I know many members of my family are glad too. Number 8: Sesame Seeds. Before we talk about how sesame seeds can
affect your body, take a moment to like this video and join the Zero2Hero community by
using the buttons below! Here’s an allergy that you likely didn’t even
think was possible to be allergic to: Sesame Seeds. Yeah, those things you put on burgers, salads,
and other foods to add a little flavor or texture is actually something that part of
the population can’t eat at all, or else they will have an allergic reaction. Here’s the twist though. Only .1% of the entire worlds population is
allergic to Sesame Seeds, talk about rare. Now, unlike foods such as red meat, you might
think it would be easy to avoid this allergy. And in a way, it would be, for you can make
sure you don’t get foods with then on it. However, there are many places and food companies
that use Sesame Seeds as their oil base product, and this extract can trigger the same effects
as full-on Sesame Seeds. So in this case, it would be a much higher
risk of allergy attack if you’re not looking at the ingredients list of every product that
you buy. Number 7: Hot Dogs. Oh the humanity, how is this an allergy? Sadly, it is, and could you imagine if this
allergy sprung onto one of those people who do the hot dog eating contest every year? Yeah, it would get ugly really quick. But let me ask you something. What about the hot dogs makes people allergic
to them? Here’s a hint, it’s not the meat themselves. Give up? It’s the nitrates. What do nitrates have to do with hot dogs? Well, like a lot of foods, hot dogs go through
numerous processes in order to be made “whole”. One of these processes is having nitrates
put into them to give them a certain color and to make them “taste better”. It’s completely legal, most of the times harmless,
and they really do get the job done. But, these nitrates also activate an allergic
reaction with people and thus can be very dangerous to them. Not to mention, because this is so rare, you
might think you’re reacting to the bread that you put the hotdog on, or the cheese and ketchup
that you seasoned it with. Your mind wouldn’t go to the hot dog first
as the source of the reaction. That makes it very dangerous. Number 6: Avocadoes. In recent years, the Avocado has gotten a
lot of buzz and praise for being a very healthy food for people to eat, and that is 100% true. Avocadoes are healthy, and good for you…unless
you have a latex allergy. Say what now? Don’t worry, I’ll explain. Much like there are certain proteins in pollen
that relate to fruit, there are also some proteins found in Avocadoes that are found
in latex. So thus, if you have a latex allergy (which
is more common than you might think), then you have the potential for having an Avocado
allergy. Sadly, it gets worse, for if you do get these
two allergies, you are actually at risk for others too. Including being allergic to potatoes, kiwis,
bananas, and more. So, should you have a bad reaction to an avocado,
you definitely should consult your doctor immediately. Number 5: Marshmallows. Will these horrors never cease? Sadly, no. And just as sadly, there is a real allergy
out there for Marshmallows. Yes, I know, it’s very hard to believe, but
it’s very true. Marshmallows can make people allergic, and
for a very simple reason: Gelatin. Gelatin is a protein found in Marshmallows,
and because of it, people can get very sick. Oh, but the horrors don’t stop there, for
as you probably have guessed by now, Gelatin isn’t just in Marshmallows. They’re in chewy candies, gummies, even certain
frosted cereals. Which means that if you eat the wrong thing,
you’re going to have an allergic reaction. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to swear off
all candy, no, there are some that aren’t made with gelatin. Chocolate for example would be fine to eat. But other things of candy nature? Yeah, you’ll want to make sure that you are
clear on what’s in them before you eat. Number 4: Corn. While very uncommon, corn allergies do still
happen, and that’s a big problem, because many, MANY food items nowadays are made with
some form of corn. Yet that’s not the only problem. For just like certain other things on this
list, the allergic reaction to corn is similar to other allergies, this makes it hard to
diagnose. Which can lead to even more problems down
the road because if you don’t realize it’s the corn making you sick, then you’re going
to fighting an uphill battle until you’re properly diagnosed. Just as bad, it’s not just one form of corn
that you have to be afraid of, like Corn Starch, or corn on the cob. No, any and all kinds of corn can give you
this allergic reaction, which means that things like sugars, flours, whiskeys, and even medicine
like Penicillin can be very dangerous to ingest. So if you get this allergy, be mindful, and
don’t be afraid to cut things out from your diet in order to find out what’s wrong. Number 3: Mangos and Pineapples. Mangos and Pineapples are some specific fruits
that people can be allergic too, and not exactly for the reasons you might think. For it’s both the outsides and the insides
of these fruits that can cause allergic reactions. For the outsides, they sometimes have the
same proteins and properties of latex, which as noted earlier can be a big allergy for
some. But it doesn’t stop there. Inside the mangos and pineapples are ingredients
that cause reactions in people allergic to apples, nuts, and various other things. So by association, they’re allergic to pineapples
and mangos. Number 2: Celery. It would’ve been easy to just put vegetables
on this list, but ironically enough, celery is something that specifically is an allergen
to some people. But why celery specifically? Why not it and other vegetables? Well, it has to do with how you get celery. Celery is a root vegetable, and because of
that, it has certain protein bonds that are similar to tree pollen, which many people
can be allergic to. Number 1: Fruit. Ending this list, I thought I’d show you one
that many would think would be impossible. After all, fruit is something that is so engrained
in our culture in one form or another that it feels impossible that someone can be allergic
to it. Yet, it’s true, you can be, and that’s a problem
in a big way. Now, to be fair, there are certain conditions
that cause this allergy, and it’s technically not the fruits fault. People with OAS, or Oral Allergy Syndrome,
have their immune systems tricked at times to think that the fruit that they are eating
is actually pollen. Because of this, the body will seize up and
have a massive allergic reaction. But how does the body make that big of a mistake? Simple. The molecular structures between certain pollens
and certain fruits are actually quite similar, and thus, they can be mistaken. Causing the body to give a false positive
reaction of sorts. As bad as this is, there are people with just
a regular reaction to fruit as an allergy, which severely limits what they can eat. Do you have any of these allergies? Let us know in the comments below and…take

10 thoughts on “Top 10 CRAZIEST Food Allergies!!

  1. It’s amazing how many people are allergic to so many things. I can’t remember of anyone that was allergic to anything while I was an adolescent. Makes me wonder if it’s because food has been modified, or the chemicals that are used. Good vid bro.

  2. Not the gluten, it's the GMO chemical and change to everything. Wheat and corn, like you said is in everything as well. When you need a hazmat suit and there are signs saying so on these crops boundaries, why would you eat it? Feed it to your children. If it isn't good for the outside, it certainly isn't good for the inside! Being it is in seed itself, put chain together on why the allergy and intolerances to all things are so off the charts. Good video!

  3. Citrus fruit (especially oranges and their pollen) — moved from a city with very little, to a city with about 3x as much — extensive spring fever / allergy reaction the 1st spring I was there (every 10-15 seconds : sneeze, blow and wipe nose, write a small note, and repeat). Fresno has many more Orange trees than Stockton, California.

  4. I am allergic to red meat (Alpha-gal allergy). Got bitten by a lone star tick and got
    an anaphylactic allergy. I cannot eat any mammal meat or chicken. It is severe to
    the point I can’t go into a restaurant where they are cooking these meats. Meat
    is in many things from candy, potato chips, beers, soaps, shampoos, vitamins,
    toothpaste, medications, and much more. 
    It’s made life very hellish for me. Great video by the way…thanks for
    giving these allergies more exposer. This video can help educate many
    people…even medical professionals and save lives. Thanks creating and sharing
    this video.

  5. I'm 'allergic' to most GMO foods and bad cooking. Lol. Seriously, I have found that certsin foods back in the States I could not eat (thyroid issue). Living abroad has tremendously changed my health. I can eat some gluten and even foods that used to irritate my thyroid. It is definitely a regional thing.

  6. Congrats on the 12k+ subscribers. Yay! 🎊 By the way, have you done any vids on 'Top Mandela Effect conspiracies'?

  7. Celery been making sick for years i vomit get the shakes from it also hotdogs so times causes me to get heartburn and to get sick

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