Top 10 Insane Allergies That ACTUALLY Exist

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I am allergic to grass and tree pollen. In the UK its called Hay Fever. It sucks. I end up with swollen eyes, a runny nose and
an itch in my throat where I have to do this to scratch it …….. But that is nothing
compared to the some allergies out there. Youre not gonna believe some of these – my
name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Insane Allergies That ACTUALLY Exist. Starting off at number 10 we have All Food. In 2009, a story emerged about 5 year Australian
boy called Kaleb who was allergic to all food. You think Im exaggerating? Im really not. Even a single particle of food will cause
paiful ulcers to appear all over his stomach. So how does he survive? Well, he is fed 20 hours a day through a machine
that pumps nutrients directly into his stomach. Its so bad that he cant even share pencils
with his classmates incase he accidentally injects some food left on them. Hes fine with water and, strangely, one specific
brand of lemonade. Doctors don’t know why this particular type
of lemonade is OK for Kaleb but hope that it may contain the key to curing his debilitating
allergy. Coming in at number 9 we have Apples Grown
Near Birch Trees. You heard me right – Grace Morley is a girl
from Ireland who will die if she eats an apple near a birch tree. The allergy developed after playing outside
with friends. Grace is not allergic to apples or birch trees
but together, they cause her head to swell and hives break out all over her body. Doctors best theory is that the birch tree
pollen has a subtle effect on Graces immune system that causes it to go into overdrive
when it comes into contact with apple juice. Very strange. Makes you wonder what other strange combinations
can cause an allergic reaction … Next up at number 8 we have Sunlight. There are a number of different types of Sun
allergies but the most common one is called Polymorphous Light Eruption. It affects about 10-15% of the US population
and I know what youre thinking – thats a pretty high percentage. It is, and many people have it, but to varying
degrees. For most people, exposure to the sun causes
an itchy rash. Most people mistake this for sunburn but really
its a real allergic reaction. Its more common for people in colder climates
than tropical ones but can affect absolutely anyone. Coming in at number 7 we have Wood. Some people are allergic to wood, a material
that is used everywhere for a million different reasons. Different types of wood contain different
chemicals inside the cells that cause the allergic reactions. People who are allergic to one type of wood
might not be allergic to the next one – it varies. There was a story from 2008 about a man who
quit his job to become a carpenter only to find he was allergic to wood. He almost gave up until he found out that
he was not allergic to just one type of tree – the Welsh Oak. He made sure to only ever use that type of
wood. Coming in at number 6 we have Water. You heard me – water. The official name for this is Aquagenic urticaria
and involves a person developing hives on their skin after it comes into contact with
water. You might think this has something to do with
temperature but it really doesnt – in fact, scientists arent 100% sure what causes this. Sometimes people can even have a reaction
to the water in their own tears! I even heard some cases of people struggling
to breath after drinking water. Considering you need water to live, this has
to be one of the worst allergies imaginable …
Coming in at number 5 we have The Cold. None of us like to be cold but there are some
people who are allergic to cold temperatures. Its known as Cold Urticaria and is caused
by a sudden drop in temperature. This could be coming into contact with cold
water or stepping outside into the cold from a warm building. There have even been cases of people having
allergic reactions from cold drinks. Whatever the cause, the symptoms are usually
the same – redness, itching, swelling and hives. Now that you know this, I don’t want any of
you using this as an excuse to not go outside …
Next up at number 4 we have The Smell of Fish. We all know you can be allergic to types of
food, but some people are allergic to even the smell of it. The proteins in shellfish and other seafood
can trigger an allergic reaction – even a severe one if the allergy is bad enough. There have been stories of people having bad
reactions simply by sitting in a restaurant where shellfish is being cooked in the kitchen. Thats actually pretty crazy if you think about
it, shellfish are scary … Next up at number 3 we have Vibrations. The proper term for this is Vibratory Urticaria. People who have it break out in rashes and
hives whenever their skin is touched by a vibration. This can be anything, the sound of a passing
motorbike or even music from a loudspeaker can cause the reaction. Scientists found that people with this allergy
have cells that break apart when face with vibration, causing a chain reaction that results
in the release of inflammatory molecules. Apparently, its really painful. Just imagine breaking out in a rash every
time a bus drove past you or someone played loud music. Its sad but also fascinating. Next up at number 2 we have Humans. Alright for this one were actually gonna talk
about dogs and one dog specifically – Adam. He was a black labrador mix who was rescued
from a local pound in Indianapolis. He was covered in rashes, his skin was seeping
fluid and he was losing patches of fur. It looked like an allergic reaction but they
couldnt find what was causing it. After months of blood tests – they finally
found the answer – Adam was allergic to humans. In the same way that people can be allergic
to cats and dogs. Once this was understood, they could treat
him with the proper medication and Adam made a full recovery. What a crazy story …
And finally at number 1 we have Touch. About 5% of people are allergic to tough. The proper name for this condition is Dermatographia
but its also known as skin writing – this is why: putting enough pressure on the persons
skin will cause swollen bumps and and itchy rashes. As you can see from the pictures, some people
get creative with this and shape their bumps into all kinds of creative patterns. Although it looks quite scary, the reaction
usually only last for about 30 minutes. As with many of the others on our list, scientists
are still trying to figure out what exactly causes this!

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Insane Allergies That ACTUALLY Exist

  1. My cousin and one of my classmates are allergic to fish and the smell so when we have fish they eat with the principal

  2. My mom mixed some body lotion and when I put some on my face it started to burn this was at night so when I woke up my face was itchy, and I am also allergic to henna, and my mom is allergic to sunscreen

  3. I’m allergic to a grass from Thailand and I’m allergic to blue bells cookie two step ice cream and I’m allergic to grapes,oranges,apples,and broccoli

  4. FINALLY SOMEONE WHO KNOWS ABOUT MY F*CKING ALLERGY. guys be sure water allergy is the worst. thing. ever. I gotta take medicines every morning 😭

  5. I’m allergic to bubble baths and pretty much all deodorants(haven’t found one that didn’t give me a rash)

  6. One of my sisters is allergic to cold — she breaks out in hives from it. We're also both allergic to chlorine.

  7. My mom is allergic to the cold she can’t eat Popsicles and stuff like that It makes her throat swell she also can’t go outside when it’s snowing or she breaks out in hives

  8. Wait how can someone be allergic to vibrations we all vibrate on a molecular level🤔 everything on earth vibrates

  9. I’m allergic to cloring in pools so I can’t swim…😞

    I get hives on my thighs and under arms and if I put hot water 🚿 on my hives it starts to burn. And I’m allergic to 🐈

  10. I am allergic to plants….. even if a shampoo has anything that has to do with plants I can't use it…. I start getting itchy and start sneezing…… more than 10 sneezes a minute

  11. I am allergic to cosmetics, chemicals, aloe, beets, castor, cherries, chamomile, cranberries, raspberries and sunflower.

  12. I’m still allergic to aspirin and turkey. I used to be allergic to weed which sucked in high school.

  13. And j thought my allergies were stupid but now I know better. I'm allergic to tree nuts and small seeded fruits like kiwi,bananas, strawberries. Just stupid since strawberries are the best.

  14. I'm allergic to
    Freaking beds
    THe dang SUN (I'm Over reacting XD I hate the sun I'm not allergic to it)
    TVs (Idek why)
    Mirrors (heart attack FOR REAL)
    My bed fame behind me
    DAT all

  15. I'm allergic to the cold 😅 Why is this allergy in every "rare allergy video"? I live in the north of Sweden and even thought I am allergic I still go outside when it is – 25 😂

  16. 4:10 I have that allergy actually. It's pretty weird cause I not only can't eat fish but when my mum cooks fish for our family I have to stay in my room. One day my father had fish and he kissed me goodnight, and then I started to get itchy and have red marks on my skin.

  17. I hate my life… i wanted a dog and i got one but i didn't fricking know that i am allergic to them ! Mostly i sneeze or it gets itchy on my face and i hate it ! I love dogs but… Also i am allergic to:
    -Some kind of 12 plants or trees that i don't even remember their names…

  18. Sunlight, most sunblocks (all the junk added), dyes, lactose, tomatoes, wheat, guavas, dust, rust and animals.

  19. Person: allergic to the smell of fish
    All english superstores: Massive open fish section
    Person: so this is what i get?

  20. i’m allergic to the lotion sunscreen but i’m not allergic to the spray sunscreen i’m also allergic to chlorine in pools but i can still swim in it i’m not badly allergic to it tho i’m also allergic to plain bread i know it’s weird i can eat a sandwich without getting hives but when i eat plain bread i get white hives on my arms

  21. Ooh allergies I’m allergic to a lot but I won’t nam them all it will be a wast of time but one of my allergies is pine trees and in Georgia there are a lot

  22. Airborne peanut allergies is a new one that I've just heard of and I would love to see what you have to say about that one

  23. Im allergic to sunlight and i have the touch allergy. ( i know whats its called but i just dont know how to spell it cause im stupid) i also have this crush they know about my allergy's and she is my best friend… she always comes round and sees me but she forgets that she cant touch me so when she does my spots come up and i make them into a heart and make a "B" + "L" in the middle. we are now dating and shes the best i could ask for 😀

  24. Well my allergics only come in the summer and spring but i am allergic to perfume of flowers in the summer and spring. Everytime im outside in the summer and spring but i smell perfume of flowers i will start sniffing every 10 mins or 10 secs

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