Top 10 Rarest Allergies In The World

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An allergy is when your body abnormally responds
to substances in the environment. Your immune system has an exaggerated immune
reaction to these substances which can cause tou to sneeze, have difficulty breathing,
itching or skin rashes. I personally am allergic to cats, Christmas
trees, rag weed, pollen and freshly cut grass. It’s actually really annoying because I
always need an allergy pill, even in the winter. But I’m lucky that it can be managed. So let’s take a look at the top 10 rarest
allergies in the world. Exercise makes it onto this list
in at number 10. I’ve heard some people say that they are
allergic to the gym, but I never took them seriously. So, when I was doing research for this video,
I was actually really shocked to find out that people are literally allergic to exercising. Its common knowledge that exercise is a really
important part of maintaining a healthy life-style but for some, it can actually be life threatening. This allergy affects about 2% of the population. So, basically whenever they do some sort of
vigorous physical activity like jogging, dancing or riding their bike – they will get extremely
itchy, break out in hives or in extreme cases, their throat will close up on them and they
won’t be able to breathe. Some research has said that this allergy is
caused by a poor diet but there isn’t any definitive proof and this allergy probably
won’t ever go away once you have it. An allergy to money hits us hard in at number
9. Wow, this has to be one of the worst allergies
out there. Can you believe that some people can have
an allergic reaction just by handling loose change and bills? I guess we are lucky that we live in a modern
world where our money can be put on a piece of plastic but this just sucks. If you’ve ever noticed a rash on your hands
then you might want to get an allergy test done because you could have an allergy to
nickel sulphate. This means that you are sensitive to coins,
jewellery, metal parts on clothes and even some door handles. So, I guess if you have an allergy to money,
then you’re going to want to invest in some gloves. I bet Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are glad that
they don’t have an allergy to money. They probably have a room in their mansion
full of money that they roll in everyday. Deodorant comes onto this list in at number
8. It is called axillary dermatitis and it can
cause rashes, blisters, wheals, itchiness and burning of the skin. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Obviously, there are a lot of people who are
allergic to toiletries and cosmetic products but a specific allergic reaction to deodorants
or antiperspirants are extremely rare. This is another example of an allergy that
causes people to become very self-conscious because they can’t use anything to prevent
sweating. If you have this type of allergy, it is likely
that you are also allergic to other fragrances or essential oils which makes this condition
difficult to manage. Diving into number 7 we have a water allergy. This is a really surprising allergy considering
the human body is made up of 60% water and water is absolutely vital to life. A water allergy or aquagenic urticaria is
extremely rare. It affects only one in every 23 million people
and even a brief encounter with water can have serious consequences. Their own sweat or tears can cause them to
break out in a painful and itchy rash that takes hours to go away. So, I guess people with this allergy probably
shouldn’t watch any Nicholas Sparks movies. But in all seriousness, people with this allergy
can’t drink normal tap water. They have to be extremely carful because the
water can cause their throats to swell and they can only handle a couple of minutes of
bathing. I couldn’t even image having this allergy
but thankfully it is very rare. Number 6 we have an allergy to sunlight. No way, is this real life right now? This condition is known as solar urticaria
and people with this rare allergy break out in hives after they are exposed to the sun. This happens when the UV rays from the sun
cause a chemical alteration in their skin cells. The rash appears one or two days after exposure
to the sun and it is usually more common in the spring and summer. For most people with this condition, they
can use sunscreen, take vitamin B3 and anti-histamines to minimize their reactions but in more serious
cases, some people can’t even go outside because it is way too risky. Cold weather takes us over to number 5. I think I’m allergic to cold weather too. My symptoms include, not wanting to leave
the house and constantly wishing it was summer. But in all seriousness, there are some people
who are literally allergic to cold weather. In 2012 a study discovered that people with
cold urticaria develop hives after their skin is exposed to colder temperatures. I guess an Alaskan vacation home is out of
the question for them. So cold weather or even cold-water temperatures
can cause their skin to turn red and develop welts and itching. They might also have a fever, headache, anxiety,
tiredness and sometimes fainting. I guess the doctor would prescribe living
in a warm country with plenty of sunlight and a hot tub in the backyard. Human touch brings us to number 4. People with dermatographia or skin writing
disease have a hypersensitivity to pressure and touch. So basically, if you are even lightly touched,
your skin will swell and bumps and itchy rashes will appear as well. But don’t worry, these marks usually go
away within 30 minutes and you can take an anti-histamine to prevent any swelling. It is estimated that 2-5% of the entire population
is affected with this disorder and the cause for this is unknown. So, let’s take a look at a clip and you’ll
see what I mean when I say skin writing disease Fish swims onto this list in at number 3. Let me clear this up, I’m not talking about
an allergy to fish, because that’s actually pretty common. I’m talking about people who are allergic
to fish odour. Yeah that’s right, they could literally
be walking through a restaurant and have a really bad allergic reaction just because
fish odour is in the air. That’s because when we cook fish, a small
protein called amines is released during cooking and if these people inhale this protein it
can cause an allergic reaction in their airways and lungs. So, it sounds like a pretty funny allergy
but it’s actually really serious. It’s easy to avoid eating certain foods
if you’re allergic to them but an accidental exposure to the odour can happen anywhere
at anytime. And now in at number 2 we have vibrations. This is another rare form of a physical urticaria
that is caused by vibrations. So, people who are allergic to vibrations
can’t do simple everyday movements like clapping, running or travelling because it
can induce a very serious allergic reaction. Most of these reactions last less than an
hour but they can cause the person to be extremely anxious and feeling self-conscious. Imagine not being able to run, have your phone
on vibrate or going on a bumpy car ride. This allergy makes everyday life extremely
difficult because you can break out into hives at any moment just from a simple vibration. Allergic to your own kid makes it on this
list in at number 1. I’m so going to butcher this scientific
name but let’s try to say it together. Pemphigoid gestationis but let’s just call
it PG for short. This is a rare condition which happens during
the second or third trimester of pregnancy and it can even extend to a few months after
giving birth. If the mother is unfortunate enough to get
this allergy, she will start to develop very painful blisters on her stomach and it might
spread to other areas of her body. The baby also has a chance of being born with
a skin rash but these blisters will usually disappear a few months after. PG is caused by the woman’s immune system
attacking her own skin but the exact reasons why this occurs is not exactly known. Well there you guys
have it…

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