Top 10 reasons NOT to Move To Montana. Allergies feel like you need a Mesothelioma Law Firm

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What is going on everyone? Welcome back.
So my last video was on the state of North Dakota I uploaded the reasons not
to move to North Dakota and instantly got requests to do a video about its
neighboring state Montana one subscriber in particular named Sarah went a little
overboard she spent the better part of Saturday
asking me to do a Montana list since I don’t want to see Sarah blow a gasket I
thought I’d better knock out of Montana video so here’s my top ten reasons not
to move to Montana number ten winter winter gets bad in Montana I’m not
talking about that you might need a thick coat type winter I’m talking about
them make sure we have enough firewood so we don’t die type winter the winters
in Montana have been known to send newcomers packing it’s like one winter
and they’re done that whole big move to Montana that dream is over they head
back to Florida number nine it’s big and small Montana is big and the people are
spread out sometimes your neighbors might be miles away if you’re not in
town but at the same time it seems small because everyone seems to know each
other and they get all up in your business that’s according to my friend
Chris who was born and raised right outside of Billings he said everyone
knows everything about each other if you just know everyone even though the state
is big number eight survival skills getting snowed in or your car breaking
down in the snow are two things you really have to worry about during the
Montana winter now if you’re living in town getting snowed in sucks yeah but if
you don’t live in town you’re living out on the outskirts it could probably kill
you my friend Kelly who’s another lifelong Montana resident said keeping
supplies in your home for like a week in case there’s a serious blizzard or
something like that is a must and they said also keep a couple days of supplies
in your car like in the trunk or someplace just in case you break down
the snow cuz it could sometimes be a couple days before someone finds you
number seven more cows than people that’s a fact Montana has about three
times as many cows as people now maybe four from Montana or Texas or someplace
like that that’s not amazing to you but us folks that live in
cities that’s mind-blowing number six you could get eaten on a hike this is
another fact they’ve grizzly bears in Montana if you go for a hike you could
actually meet one of these super predators along the path a couple quick
facts about that a grizzly bear can run over 30 miles per hour they actually
clock one one time that was running after something across a field to put
that in perspective hüseyin bolt the Olympic sprinter runs
at about 27 miles per hour so you’re not gonna escape it
trying to run they also climb trees and they swim there’s no escaping these
dudes I’m just happy they can’t fly now if a
grizzly doesn’t get you they also have Wolf’s and they have rattlesnakes that
could kill you and before anyone comments I know rattlesnakes can’t eat
you they could poison you stop typing number five too much space according to
the US Census 46 of the 56 counties in Montana currently qualify as frontier
counties with an average population of six or fewer people per square mile
that’s not a lot of people play your music as loud as you want run around
naked your front yard nobody’s gonna complain now you may get eaten by a
grizzly so be careful when you’re doing that in your front yard no one wants a
naked man or woman getting chewed on by a grizzly it’s not a pretty sight
number four the residents are armed to the teeth now there are some gun laws in
Montana but you never guess it if you’re new there now I live in Portland and I
own a couple firearms I probably don’t need them but I own them that’s not a
thing in Montana you own them because you need them you might also just enjoy
them but most people have them because they need them remember what I said
number five and number six about the living in frontier county and the
Grizzlies yeah you need a firearm you’re in a frontier county you need a weapon
or two Grizzlies rarely outrun bullets number three allergies now if you’re one
of those people with allergies that you know you get the runny nose and eyes and
all that and a little hard to breathe every now and then living in a city when
the snowmelt in Montana you’re gonna feel like you have mesothelioma
that’s that lung disease that stops you know you from taking in oxygen yeah it
gets bad and if you’re one of those people that
says they don’t have allergies you may realize when you get to Montana you do
when the snow melts number two the divorce rate according to a recent
survey the divorce rate in Montana is around 30% that means one in three
marriages are ending in a courtroom on a plus side the ratio of women to men in
Montana is about 50/50 so get yourself a farmers only account and start looking
for the next mr. or mrs. backwoods you’ll be a happy camper
it may be quite a drive to find the next mr. mrs. backwoods but good luck and
number one he might get vaporized there’s a super volcano underneath
Yellowstone National Park if it ever has another massive eruption anyone in the
Mediate area would be vaporized as it ceased to exist
they wouldn’t even find your teeth it could spew ash for thousands of miles
across the United States damaging building smothering crops and shutting
down our power plants pretty much screwing up North America for quite some
time all flights would be canceled it would be bad that alone should stop a
lot of people from moving to Montana but who knows it may never erupt again so
who might be rid of them all right Sarah and everyone else that’s my top ten
reasons not to move to Montana I hope you enjoyed it don’t forget to give me a
thumbs up hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already leave me a comment
tell me what you thought everybody have a great day be nice to each other you

100 thoughts on “Top 10 reasons NOT to Move To Montana. Allergies feel like you need a Mesothelioma Law Firm

  1. 30% of all Montana marriages end in a courtroom. Well, 100% of Montana marriages begin in a courtroom. Sometimes these marriages occur at the business end of a shotgun so what's your point?

  2. okay so basically I live in western Montana and this is what the weather is like here year-round

    5 months of snow/hell
    2 months of decent spring weather
    1 month of rain
    1 month of summer weather
    1 month of smoke from fires
    2 months of fall weather/hella wind

  3. Alright a bonus. Number 1 works as a reason not to move to North America😄 For those of us who love Montana, 1-9 are just ways of keeping out the riff-raff👍

  4. People in Missoula do not own winter coats…Somehow they manage to be up in arms about global warming and drive everywhere all the time AND at crosswalks not allowing pedestrians to safely cross the street.

  5. Howdy Briggs😀 My Daughter has been in Kalispell for four full winters, relocating from San Francisco when she was 19. She apparently loves it (somewhat! At 23).

  6. There's a vid like this for every north west state. Many love Montana for the reasons you dislike it. I'm in N Idaho enjoy the solitude.

  7. Montana’s natural beauty is indescribable, you have go there and just experience it…I thought the Colorado Rockies were amazing…until I saw the Northern Rockies of Montana and Wyoming…if you move there, invest in a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon!

  8. ok. luv ur videos. lived in Portland ore. 3 yrs. but a lot of your reasons not to move to no tans are reasons I want to move there. Except winter. Lived in Plattsburgh N Y and had enough 50 below for 5 yrs to last a lifetime. Killing cold.

  9. I still find it funny when I visit California and see Montana licence plates there. Some say they hate that state so much yet they can't stay away from it. Its also funny when people in Chicago end up being friendlier than the locals in Montana towns like Townsend. You see all sorts of funny things when you travel, like some who think that nobody ever leaves their state of origin except people from California.

  10. I live in montana so here are some counter arguments
    Guns are fun
    Yellowstone isn't likely to explode in our lifetime and if it is we're all screwed
    No people means you can do whatever you want and those who you do meat are surprisingly nice all the time

  11. Eh yesterday it was 70 degrees now it has 1 inch of snow I've also seen a grizzly bear but montana is so pretty

  12. Well I lived there and loved it . I had to get used my daily runs in 10 degrees But it was actually okay! But this guy said he is from Portland which is in one of the dumbest states in the US give me Montana over oregon any day. sounds like a
    whiner. people from Portland complain about rain……….but live in the pnw…..

  13. I live in Montana in one of his top 10 worst towns I still like listening to the guy and I'm not worried about a supervolcano the world's going to hell in a handbasket anyway😁👍 and I love my little town

  14. I lived 5 winters (it's how we measured time) in MT. For the most part, your list is (semi)accurate. Couple things:

    The grizzly danger is real. I did a lot of hiking but thank God never ran into one. One should carry BOTH pepper spray and an appropriate calibered firearm to increase your odds of survival. Get firearms training if you don't have it.

    The winters SUCK. Related to that, you won't see the sun in some spots of the state for 9-10 months out of the year. Vitamin D is crucial for health, so you may want to consider that before you move. MT is sort of the frozen portion of the PNW (at least the western part of the state).

    All of your "funny" examples of idiots w guns is not accurate in MT. Those are examples of morons like the metro pAntifa mouthbreathers in, say, Portland.

    Allergies? Surprised this is on here. Allergies usually affect people who have crap immune systems, who eat garbage food & who just generally don't take care of themselves. It's not unique to MT. I never had allergy issues there.

    Yellowstone….LAWL. Yet again not another MT thing. If Jellystone blows, pretty much the entire planet is screwed. Not just Montanans.

  15. There is such thing as too much space. I'm wondering why the divorce rate is so high in low population density states.

  16. Need go no further than number 10. Winters so cold they hand out a death sentence to those who don't dress well enough. You would have to be born there to "get used to" something like that!

  17. I live in Montana, and he forgot to mention the fact that we do not really welcome out of state people. We actually do not want you here we constantly give them the wrong advice for fishing and hunting in hopes they get the hell out lol.

  18. Yes, stay away from Montana. Especially if your the type the votes CA into the shithole it has become today. We don't need that garbage in our state.

  19. A minor correction. 97% of Yellowstone Park is actually in Wyoming. If it blows that really won't matter, you're right about that!

  20. Montana police and government is a good old boy based system if you ain't from there you going to jail and staying for a long time don't believe me just go visit LMAO 😂😂😂 great falls Montana Cascade county perfect example of total and utter corruption the main judge for over 30 years has a son that is also the lead prosecutor for the town yep figure out those conversations at the dinner table and truthfully tell me that Justice is being served in that county

  21. It sounds like the volcano is the only bad part to me. Might be the last Bastion of Real Americans. Would like to visit one day of course if montanans don't mind. Love y'all out there be safe and prepared rest of the country is going to shit.

  22. I lived there until I was in my mid 30's. The winters are so severe that the economy almost comes to a complete halt. If you work in a retail store or office building, you might have a job during the winter. If you work in the skilled trades, you probably won't have a job in the winter. The entire month of December usually ranges between 30 and -40 degrees, so don't forget to wear your long underwear if you're going to be outside for more than a few minutes.  If you like to ski or sled, it's great – unless it's really cold.  When it's really cold, it rarely snows. If you're going more than a few miles from home, have some blankets and food in your car, for the reasons you stated. Almost everyone is a hunter, so you really do need your guns. When you're having your unemployed winter… if you have a freezer full of meat, you'll survive fine until spring and work starts again. The all-time biggest reason to NOT move to Montana is that they will tax the crap out of you. The last time I went to visit my father, the cost of gasoline was about $1.05 per gallon. My first tank of gas in Montana was about $1.80 per gallon. It's a big state with a small tax base, so they got very creative in figuring out new ways to tax the public. It's a great place to visit, but not a great place to live. The cost of living is really high, but the wages are really low. Many of the people who visited there on vacation decided to sell everything they own and move up there… Soon they were asking their neighbors how they were able to survive up there for so long. The county I lived in, the last year I was there over 80% of the property that was purchased that year was bought by people moving up from California. Then we always got the inevitable, "In California, we would do it this way…" Yeah, right. If California was such a wonderful place, why did you move here? This went on longer than I intended. I just started writing and kept finding reasons why I finally moved out. There are plenty more.

  23. I've always loved Billings, MT from watching "Dynasty", it seemed very mysterious to me, lol. I want to move there in the nearest feature, but I have asthma, so I don't know if it'll make my situation worse.

  24. I´m from the Netherlands (no not from Holland. that´s just an overrated province) and Montana looks like heaven to me. Not crowded, no traffic jams, clean air, wildlife, great scenery, guns (down here, you will be arrested for carrying a toothpick), etc etc. That´s life. I envy the people of Montana, I admire them and wish ´m all the best to keep the place as beautiful as it is now.

  25. Winter here is great miny Alaska have 4/4 loaded with goodies lol it's not bad as you make us sound it's great here and I've been in 49 of 50 lol

  26. Montana is probably my favorite National Park second to Wyoming. The mountains are so beautiful there. Had a good time out there too.

  27. The folks he shown with the guns, stay far away. I've been to Mont. in the winter and summer. My allergies dry up when I go there. Yes, your Peterbilt or Kenworth will leave vapor trails in the winter time. It's that cold. Make sure you have the Howell's in your tanks.

  28. I grew up in the mountains of southern Idaho (bordering the Frank Church Wilderness Of No Return) and moved to Oregon just a couple years ago…about two hours south of Portland.
    This place is not for me hahaha too many people, way too many tweakers and homeless, and there’s basically two seasons: wet or dry.
    Pretty much everything listed here has convinced me Montana is the state I need to move to.

  29. Mr briggs why dont you talk about something good instead of always seeing thing wrong wiyh every thing and by the way grow up you act like a3 year old in how you talk and act

  30. I feel like if Yellowstone ever did irrupt then Montana is exactly where I want to be. The closer the better. Everyone around the eruption that wasn’t vaporized would suffer the aftermath.

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