Top 10 Reasons Why I Don’t Eat Meat

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Alright this is John Kohler from
to give another exciting episode for you coming at you from my backyard garden. I thought
I’d take time out of the day here to share with you guys some of my opinions on a very
important topic that’s important to me. This is my ten reasons why I don’t eat meat.
Before you think any further, before you think about turning this video off, all I’m gonna
say is this. These are my reasons for not eating meat. I’m not trying to force you
or coerce you or make you think you need to not eat meat like I do. I’m just sharing
my opinions and my research with you guys to help you guys out because I do recommend
that, especially my family, minimise or eliminate their meat consumption because it’s not
the best for health. We are all adults here, unless you’re under eighteen then you’re
not an adult, everybody gets to make up their own mind. I personally don’t mind if people
wanna consume meat, if they wanna raise their own pigs or sheep or cows and kill them to
eat them. I’m not here to judge anybody and by all means, I like to teach one of my
principals is good, better, best, by all means raising your own animals, slaughtering them,
killing them yourself and eating them is far better than getting the crap out of the grocery
store. Before I get into actually sharing my ten reasons on why I don’t eat meat what’s
really important for me to share is all the ten reasons that I will be sharing with you
guys today, there are numerous documented scientific journal published studies, you
know, collaborating, my opinions on this subject. I know people are gonna say… you could pick
apart any topic and a human, we could justify doing anything, we could justify raping somebody,
you know “she was dressed in a slinky dress, that’s why I raped her” you could justify
anything, doesn’t mean its right. I’m saying that based on my research eating animals
is not the healthiest. On the flipside, if you wanna look and you could find documented
published studies on why eating meat is good and beneficial, the thing I would say is you
wanna look at who funded those studies number one. The other thing is you will not see studies
in droves, you’ll not find numerous studies pointing to the same conclusion. You may find
a handful or one or two that say meat eating shows no difference or whatever but there’s
an overwhelming majority of studies and things that are published scientifically that show
meat eating and other animal products are not so good for us. What I’m gonna do in
this video is actually post down below so look in the notes or the comments of this
video, my description and actually I’ll have links to some of the different scientific
studies that I’m referencing to make this video. I know a lot of you guys don’t know
me from Adam you might have just turned this video on but basically I had to make radical
dietary changes to save my life. I was hospitalised, the doctors said I might not make it out alive
and I needed to do drastic things to be here today and share this with you guys so I’m
grateful for that. One of the things, one of the many things I did was stop eating meat.
I believe that if I was still eating meat I would definitely not be as healthy as I
am today and the reason why I know this is my brother is two years younger than me, he
still eats junk foods, processed foods and animal foods and he’s having a lot of health
challenges right now, inflammation, aches and pains, he’s clinically obese my same
height but he weighs like forty pounds more than me, really not a good thing so I know
what would’ve happened to me if I didn’t go the way that I did. Let’s get into the
top reasons why I don’t eat meat. The first reason why I don’t eat meat is because numerous
studies, and I’ve just a handful linked down below, say it’ll increase the possibility
of disease and increase your mortality. They did over half a million people studied and
those with higher levels of meat consumption lived less, not as long. I don’t know about
you but I wanna have fun and live a super long time and by kicking the meat habit you
will live longer provided you do other healthy things in life. Other diseases such as cancer,
heart disease, cataracts, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, I could probably sit here
forever, list documented scientific studies that have been implicated that levels go up
when there is meat and other animal products involved, this video mainly concerned with
the meat. If you wanna learn more about this, I’m gonna stop talking about it, you can
check some of the links down below. The second reason why I don’t eat meat is because it
ages you prematurely. Just like I said you’ll have a shorter life if you eat meat it ages
you prematurely so you’re gonna look old and haggard and jacked up before your days.
Generally people say I tend to look about ten years younger than I actually am which
I think is probably about legitimate and my brother who is two years younger than me he
about looks his age. He’s a bit bigger, I’m still fit, still trim I have boundless
energy to do whatever I want to do. I believe this is one of my many secrets to anti-ageing
and especially when you get older you’re really concerned about looking good and staying
healthy longer. Meat has been implicated in different disease conditions, it can cause
skin wrinkles, due to the AGEs, advanced glycation end products, that aren’t even fully broken
down by us, that can cause free radical damage. In addition, iron is actually well absorbed
by meat and that’s why they say you should eat meat but the problem is it just keeps
getting absorbed so you could have too much iron and when you have too much iron it causes
excess oxidation and what is oxidation, well to me oxidation is just simply ageing. If
we look on the flip side if we look at a diet rich in colourful fruits and vegetables there’s
studies that show it makes you look more attractive and in my opinion younger than people not
eating them. Also there’s things in the meat that actually are obeseogens that actually
cause you to gain wait in the stomach area. The final thing about meat is that kids these
days, I remember when I was going to school girls didn’t get their breasts until they
were like maybe 17 but now kids are developing at like 10,11,12,13. I mean I heard on the
news the other day there’s some 12 year old kid that got pregnant. This is insane
and this is because in my opinion partly due to the poor diets and the meat that is being
consumed and there’s a study that I’ll link down below that show premature ageing
because of meat consumption and animal consumption. Furthermore meat accelerates your ageing,
I don’t wanna age at all and eating meat will basically put you on the fast track so
another reason why I don’t eat meat. The third reason why I actually don’t eat meat
is because it increases your inflammation. My brother was just talking to me on the phone
the other day and he has a lot of inflammation and aches and pains around his body. Things
like arthritis, all these kind of things, anything that ends in ‘its’ is inflammation
in your body. Meat and other animal products actually increase the inflammation and plant
foods in general decrease your inflammation. One of the reasons why meat can increase your
inflammation is because of the arachidonic acid there’s actually a study link down
below. Also inflammatory bowel disease is higher when animal products are consumed and
especially things like arthritis’ they have links between arthritis and meat consumption.
For those of you guys that think you’re safe because that only applies to the crappy
store bought meats that are fed corn and soy, there’s even a study that I’ll link down
below that yes even grass fed cows when you eat them they still cause inflammation in
your body. The fourth reason why I don’t eat meat is because all the toxins in the
meat. Whether the animals are eating things that are toxic when they’re being grown
with cheap foods with GMO corn and soy they could be getting GMO contaminants within them
that then you’re gonna eat second hand or whether they’re gonna get fertilisers put
on the corn and soy that have heavy metal contamination, those go on the soy and corn,
the cows eat a ton of that stuff and basically they accumulate all these biological toxins
whether they’re heavy metals, antibiotics or other drugs. Also they are contaminated
with all different kinds of bacteria the meats whether that’s STAPH, whether that’s E.coli
which can cause bloody diarrhea and all these other crazy things. PCBs in the fish, for
those of you guys that eat fish meat you guys aren’t safe either. We polluted the environment
and unfortunately when animals eat tonnes of food to put on the weight so that you can
eat them they’re concentrating all these toxins in the environment and they’re biologically
accumulating it so when you kill them and eat them you’re getting their life time
supply of biologic accumulation or toxins in you so one of the thing I used to try and
do in my diet was decrease my toxic load and by eating meats you’re increasing your toxic
load something I definitely don’t wanna do. Reason number five why I don’t eat meat
is because it actually activates your immune system it’s like the boy who cried wolf
fairy tale. Every time you eat an animal product you get raised levels of white blood cells
which are collectively known as your immune system. This is one of the reasons why I turned
to a plant based raw food diet way back when is because I heard any cooked food can cause
this leucocytosis reaction in your body, since that time I’ve learned that that was wrong.
Even cooked vegan products, even the crappiest cooked vegan cookies will not cause leucocytosis
but there is many other reasons not to eat crappy cooked vegan processed cookies. Eating
any time of animal products including animal products will cause leucocytosis so me having
an auto-immune type condition, after I got out of the hospital the doctor told me I had
a ____ immune deficiency. I knew I needed to do something to basically lessen the load
on my immune system and one of the ways I did that was not eating animal products that
actually activates your immune system even though, is meet a virus that’s attacking
you or anything, no you’re just trying to eat a meal man and now you’re immune system
is being activate. Something in meat is not good for us. The example I could give, if
somebody had to give a kidney transplant, I’ve got my brother’s kidney in me, I
mean I don’t have that but if I did have to get it which I probably wouldn’t, my
body would react because that’s a foreign kidney, it’s not part of me. Every cell
in my body has DNA signatures or however they do that and it knows it’s me but if I got
my brother’s, even though we’re pretty close in genes we’re not the same and my
body would say “hey this is a foreign invader I’m gonna attack it” so I would have to
take amino-suppressive drugs the rest of my life so that I could have his kidney and my
immune system would not attack it. When you eat animal products your body’s constantly
under bombardment and attack, there are studies that show increased elevations of things like
asthma and eczema when you eat meat. In addition your body can have auto-immune type conditions
due to the meat. Auto-immune conditions are rampant these days whether that’s allergies,
asthma, lupus and all these other new kind of diseases they’re coming up with all the
time, the body’s attacking itself and it shouldn’t be but it gets confused I think
when there is so much animal consumption. Whether the meat is raw or not, guess what?
There’s still foreign proteins and they’re still gonna react in a negative way in your
body. The sixth reason why I don’t eat meat is because it can make you fat. Seriously
I’m not joking with you guys. One of the things that I strive not to do is become overweight
because my dad when I was younger be overweight and he couldn’t look down and see his Johnson
when he was going pee and stuff and I’m like I’m never gonna get that big man so
it’s always been one of my goals to stay thin and trim and healthy and by eating meat
it contains obeseogens and yes there’s study on all this stuff. It also lowers your body’s
protection from __ and also one of the main reasons other than being high in calories,
way more than in fruits and vegetables, it lowers your metabolism. I like to have a nice
fast paced metabolism so any food I eat I’ll burn it off instead of luring your metabolism
so you just don’t burn off the food as quickly so you’re more likely to gain weight and
that’s one of the reasons I think why my brother is the same height as me but forty
pounds more than me and the doctor told him he was obese. The seventh reason why I don’t
eat meat is because it has no or very little if any anti-oxidants. I mentioned before meat
can increase your aging. One of the vehicles it does this is through oxidation so not only
are you getting the iron in the meat that’s causing oxidated damage there’s other things
and other chemicals produced in the meat or produced in the cooking that is pro-oxidant
the AGEs, ____ all these different crazy chemical compounds but they don’t have things that
negate those effects. Check it out, in all fruits and vegetables there’s plenty of
anti-oxidants. Vitamin C, it’s an anti-oxidant. There’s plenty of anti-oxidants including
licopenes and _________ in my greens, all kinds of anti-oxidants and these are the foods
that I want to be protected against not only anti-ageing but also diseased. Anti-oxidants
are huge in disease and this is not even a topic that’s fully researched and we don’t
even know all the different properties of what’s even in a tomato. There’s over
300 different chemical compounds created naturally by the tomato plant so it can fend off the
invaders in the garden whether that’s bugs, pests, disease or whatever. The plant creates
these vital chemicals or plant chemicals for itself to protect itself and when we eat the
plants we get imparted that protection from the plant and this does not happen when you
eat meat. The eight reason why I don’t eat meat is because it is actually rich in protein,
yes you heard that right. But John I thought we need protein. Well actually we do need
protein but there are better and worse sources of protein in my opinion. People say that
plants, you can’t get enough protein on plants if you’re plant based diet, vegan
whatever but ask a person this, where does a cow get it’s protein to make all the protein?
The cow’s not eating other cows, well it shouldn’t be although cows are being fed
other cows sometimes which is definitely not good because that causes further disease.
All the plant foods have protein in them, most people just simply do not eat enough
varied amounts of plant foods to get enough protein. If you’re under eating you’re
probably not gonna get enough protein. You need a balanced diet rich of fruits and vegetables,
greens, legumes, other things, you’re gonna get enough protein if you’re eating enough.
There are significant challenges with eating too much protein, I’ll put a few links down
below. Eating too much protein will lower your life span. I eat low on the food chain
to increase my life span, I don’t want to have a short life span by eating meat. I wanna
stop here and all you guys have a choice, if you want to lower your life span by eating
meat it’s a trade-off and I don’t care what you guys do, I’m not gonna lower my
life-span because I wanna eat meat I’d rather have a longer life span than eat meat but
you know, “I like my hamburgers” fine, go eat some hamburgers man, go enjoy it too
but I want you guys to be aware of the information of what you’re doing so you can make a choice.
In this marketing age we’re being told you could find one article that says meats are
right focus on that, oh yeah it’s alright, but in my opinion based on all the numerous
research out there meat eating and eating too much protein is not a good thing to do.
The ninth reason why I don’t eat meat is because I like to be in a good mood. Yes,
aside from all these health benefits right. There’s documented studies that show, and
I’ll put the links down below, that by limiting your consumption of meat or eliminating it,
you will feel better. There’s opposite studies that show eating high vegetable, plant based
diets, you’ll be feeling better and have a better mood. So many people are on all those
pharmaceutical drugs because they’re clinically depressed and in my opinion, pharmaceutical
drugs are not the answer. It’s about eating a proper diet so we can feel good naturally
and most plant based people that I know are in really good moods and it’s not an act
when I’m happy making a video for you guys because I’m just happy in life. I’m not
gonna say I’m perfect and there’s a day or two here or there where stuffs happening
in my life but overall I have a really good outlook on life. That’s because we forget
that we are what we eat, your brain chemistry is made up of your chemistry and your chemistry
is made by the different constituents in food whether that’s in rue or whether that’s
in coloured greens or napper cabbage or lettuce or tomatoes or cactus fruits like I’m made
up of or corn. Actually there’s a movie you guys should see, King Corn if you haven’t
seen it. Most people in the US, their DNA is made up of corn because they’re eating
corn and all these processed corn products but that’s another topic. Increase mood
by not eating your meat. The tenth reason why I don’t eat meat actually is not a health
reason at all but because I consider myself somewhat of an environmentalist. Animal products
and meat, yes even free range grass fed and all this stuff, it’s not sustainable in
the long term. Yes I go to plenty of farms that have meat and cows and all this stuff
and yes I definitely believe that doing animal agriculture in a small area, in limited quarters
and I think the answer is if everybody wants to eat meat they raise their own meat in their
back yard, have their own chickens, goats, sheep, whatever, rabbits, kill them themselves
and eat it. That’s way more sustainable than how the system is being portrayed and
even large scale animal farming is not sustainable. I’ve put links down below, to make one pound
of meat takes incredible amounts of water, I could probably fuel my whole garden with
the amount of water it takes to produce one cow in a year which is insane that’s only
one cow. It’s much more intensive on natures’ resources whether that’s water whether that’s
feed, think about it, you’ve got to grow the greens and all the water that it took
to grown the greens then you feed those greens to the cow and it drinks the water and then
it poops out all the poop and pee water then you’ve gotta deal with the contaminants
and there’s multiple studies that show it’s not sustainable in the environment of today.
I think that’s one of earth’s major problem we keep cutting down more rainforest so we
can grow more corn and soy to feed cows so people could eat more animals. From and environmental
stand point it’s much more beneficial to give up meat than to drive your Prius or drive
an electric car. It’s not one or the other, you don’t have to drive an electric car
and eat no meat, you can actually drive an electric car and not eat meat, did it come
out right you guys know what I’m saying. Do the best that you guys can to conserve
nature’s resources and conserve the planet. We’re not heading in a good direction and
I’m here to do my part to help change that by making videos like this to share my opinions.
I tend to think that I’m fairly pragmatic, if I found truly overwhelming research that
I need animal products to be healthy and I have been eating meat free for the last 20
years, I would do it. But I haven’t found anything to that extent, I’ve found that
eating animals is not a good thing and whether you guys want to eliminate it completely which
would be good or whether you guys just want to minimize and just have a handful a day.
Don’t get me know I’m not gonna be one of those people that say you’ve gotta become
vegan and all that crap do what you guys want, don’t care if you guys are vegan, plant
based, omnivorous what I do care about is you guys eat way more fruits of vegetables
than you are eating. Eat the majority of your diet fruit and vegetables and even if you
just had 10% or less of your calories in meat a day you could not have many of the negative
effects of the meat as you’re pouring more water onto the fire than you’re creating
but unfortunately most Americans are creating more fire than water and the fruits and vegetables
are the water and the meat is the fire don’t spontaneously combust. The last thing I’d
like to say about environmental impact is I really want to encourage you guys to watch
a documentary made recently, it’s on Netflix, I’ll post a link to the website down below,
cowspiracy where it shows about the negative environmental aspects of eating animals. So
those are my top ten reasons why I don’t eat meat and I wanna go ahead and show two
quick more that aren’t scientific but if you think about it they just make sense and
I’m kind of a think about it make sense kind of guy. As I mentioned before studies
can be funded by certain parties and things can be swayed and you could design a study
to prove anything that you want. I look at results. Number one I look at people who are
eating a certain way. I have friends who have been long term plant based eaters, vegan,
and they’re actually quite healthy if done appropriately. I’ve also met plenty of plant
based eaters that are maybe not so healthy but I can even learn from people doing it
not so healthily. I’m on this constant learning and evolving journey. I learn and evolve and
share these in my videos with you guys and not maybe people know I do this and not to
many people that I know have watched this because my videos don’t have a lot of views
like the crazy raw foods or vegan recipe videos out there which is good for them but I really
want to make a difference in your guys’ life and really explain to you how I think
and why I think the way I do. Another reason why I don’t eat meat is because if I did
eat meat it would crowd out severely the amount of food I’d be eating and enjoying. Meat
is so high in calories and when you eat a little bit of meat it basically displaces
a lot of vegetables. So if you just eliminate it you’ll be able to have more fun in life
by eating more food, eating more fruits and vegetables that are more healthy for you.
And as I mentioned before, fruits and vegetables contain these anti-oxidants so the more meat
you eat, the less vegetables you eat, the less anti-oxidants you’re gonna get, the
more powerful effects from the meat you’re gonna get. The final thing I’d like to say
why I don’t eat meat is because believe it or not I’m a freaking cheap ass, I’m
like so frugal and meat, that shit’s expensive dude. I don’t know if you’ve priced it
out lately but a pound of non-organic potatoes which in my opinion are still better than
even organic meat, are like a dollar for ten pounds at the local store and meat, cheap
meat is a couple bucks a pound and you probably don’t want to eat it because it’s crappy.
Then they add all different kinds of things to make it look bright and pink even though
it would have been grey and dull but it’s super cheaper to eat a plant based diet than
an animal centric meat based diet. In the end, I hope, and the goal of my videos is
to share my opinions with you and I hope my family members watch this and make steps to
eating less meat, less animal products in their diet and eating more fruits and vegetables
and that’s just my message to you guys. Even if you want to eat meat, I don’t care,
eat your meat, be happy about it, raise your own, kill your own. If you’re buying at
the store you just don’t know what’s in there because you didn’t process it yourself
and that’s what I recommend too about fruits and vegetables as much as I grow my own fruits
and vegetables I still purchase some at the store and get organic almost all the time
except some of the things that are on the clean 15 list and other foods that I can’t
get. But do the best you can, that’s the whole message of my video today, do the best
you can and eliminate or minimize meat consumption if you don’t want to have the negative effects
of eating meat. The last thing I’d like to mention is give you guys some resources
for you guys who are considering eating less meat. Once again our lives aren’t about
all or nothing I’ve never met someone who only eats meat and doesn’t eat fruits and
vegetables it’s a balance, you could be 50/50, 75/25 I hope you guys get to 90% minimum,
80%, 90% would be better minimum fruit and vegetable based diets and 10% animal product
in your diet. As I mentioned earlier I believe by eating high plant based food diet and low
animal foods you can minimize your negative effects. While I did cover meat in this video,
other animal products such as dairy, cheeses, eggs and milk have many of the same consequences
as the meat do. Don’t think I’m safe because I’m vegetarian you could still have many
of the challenges including with the IGF one. If you want to avoid the challenges with animal
products you’ve got to stop or massively reduce your consumption of them. Some resources
I want to give you guys. Number one is that’s physicians committee for responsible
medicine it’s a great website, good resources on there so the guys could start eating more
plants. Another of my favourite YouTube channels is They also have a website non-profit organisation run by Dr Mike O’Greggor. I’ll post a
link down to one of his hour long videos that I was in attendance to hear him speak personally
which is really good information that will change your life if you sit through and watch
it all. It’ll definitely motivate you to eat less meat and less animal products. I
hope you guys enjoyed this episode, if you did give me a thumbs up so I’ll do more
episodes like this. I want to not only teach you not only what’s healthy to eat but what’s
not healthy I’ll be having an episode coming up other toxins in my life that I’ve eliminated
besides just the foods around the house. Things that I’ve learned, one of the goals for
this video is the day that I do have kids with my girlfriend Lauren, high Lauren, I
want my kids to watch these videos to learn so much from their dad and be proud of their
dad as well. Be sure to check my past episodes, I have over 400 videos on this channel talking
about all aspects of eating a healthy fruit and vegetable based diet and also be sure
to click that subscribe button down below to be notified by new and upcoming episodes
and be sure to share this video with others that you think it may help. So once again
my name is John Kohler with We’ll see you next time and until them remember,
keep eating your fresh fruits
and vegetables, they’re always the best.

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  2. I just have two things to I'm sorry video guy but my opinion is that if you don't eat meat and push others to not which I'm glad you aren't so you don't apply and thank you for not. take it up with god when you die of poor nutrition and second we will all die of something life's to short to worry about stupid things like this but that's just how I see it

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    Ok, that helps to answer ‘why’ ?   Now the question is what must I do to be saved?  If you read Romans 10:9 & 10 it will help to point you in the right direction.

    Romans 10:9&10 (9)That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. (10) For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. (Romans 10:9&10 KJV)

    Many people make this decision much harder than it needs to be.  God’s Word teaches us that if you simply and sincerely believe in your innermost being that Jesus  took your place and died on the cross for the payment of your sins, and that God raised him from the dead on the third day (found in Matthew 28: 1 to 20) you will be saved by your confession of being a sinner and asking the Lord Jesus to forgive you of your sins.

    Because we are not righteous (none of us are), the only way to heaven is to ask God to forgive you of your sins through believing prayer.  Romans 10:13 it will help to clarify this truth!!

    Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13 KJV)

    If you call upon Him for salvation God promises to hear you and you will be saved!!

    If you believe that you need Christ in your life I encourage you to go to God in prayer and sincerely pray a prayer like the one below and mean it in your heart:

    Heavenly Father I come to you in prayer asking for the forgiveness of my sins.  I confess with my mouth and believe with my heart that Jesus is your perfect Son who had no sin, And that he died on the Cross at Calvary that I might be forgiven and have eternal Life in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Father, I believe that Jesus rose from the dead and I ask you right now to come in to my life and be my personal Lord and Savior. I repent of my Sins and will seek to Worship you all the day's of my Life!. Because your word is truth, I claim its promise of eternal life and confess with my mouth that I am Born Again and Cleansed by the Blood of Jesus!   In Jesus’ Name, Amen

    If you have prayed this prayer and truly meant it in your heart , God’s Word assures you that you now have eternal life.  See John 6:37 and John 10:27-29.

  6. I'm a flexitarian. I eat raw, I grow all of my fruits and vegetables. I haven't purchased fruits or vegetables from the store in ten years, and I also eat meat, I like to hunt. My meats are wild. Wild proteins are healthier than anything you buy at the store or raise yourself. My grandfather ate wild meats all his life and he lived to be 98yrs old.

  7. Is it weird that I don't like the taste of meat why do people want to eat food where u have to pick bones out of it all the time and check for gristle while eating its so frustrating and it taste horrible anyways it tastes like metal 😞


  9. I agree 100%. Thanks for elaborating, it inspires me to do the same one day… but for now, I think you're way better and a total natural in front of a camera.

  10. "High" intake of red /processed meat shortens life some, but not moderate or low consumption, and that doesn't include fish or chicken. I agree most people need to cut way back, though, at a minimum.

  11. Wow, you put a lot of work into the description on this one. Thumbs up for all the links. I've been a vegetarian for 5 years, and i don't miss what meat did to me one bit.

  12. thank you John for being available to share all your knowledge and information and for actually posting links so people can also research themselves. God bless you

  13. All I have to say is that I respect peoples choices to choose a vegan diet as long as my choices to eat meat is also respect. Rather than getting angry at each other we should all respect each other, that is all.

  14. Why the disclaimer in the beginning. Who cares if you offend someone. Its free speech. You dont have to explain yourself

  15. People in china eat dogs and I have pet dogs. people in India worship cattle. after learning this fact I stopped eating meat ( of all kind ) 15 years ago

  16. Great video John, however I didn't notice any mention of not eating meat in defense of helpless animals or animal rights or the ethical treatment of animals, etc.. My personal reasons for non meat consumption are both for humanitarian and health reasons. Anyway, thanks for sharing your video!:)

  17. Humans are NOT herbivores !!
       Omnivores are organisms that feed on both animal tissue and plants. There is no strict definition of how large portion of the diet that has to be, to be classified as omnivore. Omnivores typically lack specializations to either animal or plants, and have more intermediate traits.

       Class of diet is not a taxonomic taxon – that is a unit in biological classifications (the science of taxonomy) such as genus or species. Carnivora however, is a taxon; it includes among others felines and bears. Not all members of Carnivora are carnivores. It includes carnivores, omnivores and herbivores.

    The herbivore, carnivore and omnivore diet classifications is a classification based on what diet an animal generally have, not what it could have. Neither does it reflect evolutionary relationships, even though they might correlate in some instances.

    A clear example how this is true is that you’ll find carnivores that are cats, fungi, worms and even plants.

    Within biology, humans are clearly regarded as omnivores (Ley et al., 2008).

  18. On #8, yup, we've been conditioned to equate animal products with the word 'protein'. Then the next message we hear is we need to eat lots of protein or else the world is going to end. Wrong on both counts, you can get enough protein from plant products and you don't need to eat so much protein as 'they' say.

  19. its so good to hear that even the dankest processed vegan cookies don't cause leukocytosis…these reason are like hitting the nail perfectly square and making it flush in one swing…

  20. its bad that we kill the animal BUT the dead animal is fed back to the animal also puss is in milk and the utincil they cut the puss out and on to the next animal. so gross sorry. dont forget mad cow decease .

  21. Okay kidz, keep in mind the Cleve Backster experiments which prove that plants experience terror and subsequent pain when damaged.
    Pulling a plant from the dirt is damaging a plant. And eating a plant is damaging a plant is also killing a plant.
    The Reality of killing a plant is still there kidz. Cannot be refuted.
    You can lie but you cannot hide a lie.
    Some food for thought.

  22. Mmm Meat is Tasty. Mmm Meat is TASTE GOOD. MMMMMM Meat in my mouth Mmmmmmm meat in my stomach YES CHICKEN nuggets. YES Beefy BURGA. COW IN MY STOMACH. Pooping out PIG. YES. Yes. Murder bad. Meat Good. Yummy Triple CheeseBURGER WITH EXTRA BEEEEEFFFFFF

  23. Read the fuckin' China Study, get yourself a treat, have fun, finally enjoy life. Fuck, it changed mine !

    Okay bitch now kids are pregnant and it's a notmal thing. ?… NO, FUCK YOU.

  24. Humans have been killing and consuming meat for ~200,000 years.  You are the direct evolutionary product.  Why do you believe that you are different ?  Cheers  [Aussie in BC]

  25. Dude, appreciate the info but 4 minutes of rambling at the beginning? Too much; you'll lose listeners. 15-second intro will do.

  26. Fun Facts:
    There has never been an oldest living human on earth that was a vegan.
    The current oldest documented living human of all time is a woman from Japan that was a vegetarian who lived to be 117. The oldest vegan lived to be 109. Until recently, the oldest living person was a lady from France who ate 3 raw eggs a day.
    The oldest group of long lived people is the 7th Day Adventists of Loma Linda CA who are vegetarians that eat eggs and dairy products. Some of the studies you held up only showed that red meats and processed meats are related to more diseases. That's a long way from saying meats cause diseases or they are harmful. Fish, especially fish like salmon are very high in omega 3 and b12. A vitamin that can't be gotten from the plant kingdom.

  27. Meat doesn't even taste good on it's own. Plants, herbs and spices are what add flavor to anything. It's just a protein base that can be easily replaced with many plant ingredients.

  28. The confusibg problem that meat lovers face today is if it is so bad why can our bodies take it, like we throw up if something does bot belong in our tummy. This baffled me as well. I learned that animal flesh is famin food for humans in emergencies and it is to be taken to survive if we cannot find orher foods. So many people live on a daily emergency and often end up in emergency room before they finally leave the earth. It is a spare wheel and people often use it as if it is a regular tire..

  29. I got upset tonight because one of my friends from school is waiting on a kidney transplant, he went to dialysis today and was saying his blood pressure was really low. His wife relpies do' t worry I just ordered you the biggest steak! I am thinking to myself, are you trying to kill him. People are so brain washed that meat is the all! It kills me. What he needs in a big glass of green juice.

  30. 101 Blame Meat For Everything Logic:
    IF I was still eating meat, I would 3x definitely not be as healthy
    BECAUSE: my younger brother eats JUNK PROCESSED shit AND meat
    THEREFORE, meat is the culprit for my brother's ill health.

    You guys never cease to amaze me.

  31. I'm confused because the opposite has been said about some of these points by people on carnivore diets about vegans.


  33. Just like processed foods and refined carbs, I believe that it is important to keep animal products to a minimum…but I could never stop eating meat all-together! It's too big a part of our culture and if you're any kind of a foodie, you can't enjoy being vegan.
    My personal rule is to make sure I eat just as many veggies and greens as I eat meat. Or, as a ratio, 30% meat, 30% starches/carbs, 30% plants. In my opinion, you always want to have a lot of variety in your diet and never eat too much of any one food group on a consistent basis.
    I hate thinking about the dioxins and other toxins that are in things like organic dairy, so I just don't think about them 🙂 The vitamins and cla and other minerals that come with good organic or raw milk is worth it in my opinion. If it is really that harmful, how is it that I regrew my enamel back with butter oil and cod liver oil? If they were really that harmful, we would see more widespread illnesses caused by them. But people are living to 100 these days so they can't be doing THAT much harm. Again, just my theory,

  34. Meat isnt the danger. Red meat is what you should be scared of. Humans have been fine with cooked meat since well, the dawn of man. But red meat should only be consumed in small amounts, About 240g a week of red meat max if any at all. And if you think stress comes from animals experiences, im going to tell you that when most farms slaughter animals they get injected with a needle that takes them in a deep sleep. So that they wont feel anything. But not all farms do this.

    Organic dosent change the food itself just the way its produced. And no it hasnt been proven that organic is better, the only evidence that organic is better is made by the people who produce it.

    Both come with their ups and downs, the solution to organic? Eat whats in season/fresh. If you wanna eat fresh fish buy it from march – april thats when the fishing seasons begins. Want pumkin for halloween? Good news! Pumkins get harvested during October – early november.

    But being a vegan or vegetarian will decrease the risks of getting cancer, sleeping sickness and a heart attack

    But not eating meat contributes to the fact that meat is the food that gets spoiled the most, so be honest here. Dont you think less people eating meat will worsen it? And will force you to take supplements.

    If you think eating meat is bad for you, dont eat it. but dont influence others without showing both sides of the argument.

    If everyone stopped eating meat there would be enough to feed 3,8 billion people with plants but the downside?

    Millions would lose theyre jobs especially in northern regions creating a crisis. Not to mention that norway and scotlands economys depend alot on meat and fish export, sending provinces economys downhill. Places like :Nordland, Murmansk and Nunavut.

    So be vegan or vegiterian if you want, but that dosent mean your doing something good or bad. Its about personal prefferences.

    This topic is hugely contrvercial and im not showing this down your throat, im not a fan of most meats but still like some.

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