100 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why The Last Jedi Made Me ANGRY!

  1. Here is my prediction for episode 9 the people in the outer rim come to help and they have a fleet half of witch are used as missiles but suddenly from the shadows in the last fight between kylo and Rey right before we see a massive battle when suddenly the entire resistance are abliteratted by a mysterious force and out of the shadows where rey and kylo are fighting suddenly rey is brought to her knees and jar jar walks out of the shadows and he was the supreme leader all along and snoke was just a puppet and jar jar Is more powerful than any force user ever and him and kylo ruled

  2. Kathleen Kennedy and RUIN Johnson destroyed this movie. Kennedy flat out said “We aren’t making Star Wars movies for Star Wars fans”. Well who the hell ARE you making them for then? JJ had a rough script and a general outline written for TLJ, but Disney gave RUIN Johnson complete creative control over the movie. RUIN Johnson threw out all of JJ’s script and ideas & completely rewrote the entire thing. Every plot hole, every thrown out character, every thrown out character trait, and every pointless decision made was strictly because of RUIN Johnson. He butchered TLJ as badly as McG (only a real douchebag gives himself a nickname like that) ruined Terminator Salvation.

  3. 2017: No, we won't see a new villain introduced in the last episode of a trilogy, that would be stupid!
    2019: No one's ever really gone. trollface

  4. NOTHING to watch anymore,the WRITTERS will never let Rey fail at anything,she's perfection, light saber? No problem! Shooting gun on the falcon? No problem! Repairing anything? No problem!Interpreting for chewy to Luke? She knows

  5. Guys, you forgot something major about Leia floating back into the ship. Isn't the ship supposed to be moving??? Wasn't it being pursued by the First Order and trying to outrun them? Then how the fuck did they not fly past Leia's floating body almost immediately? By the time she came to, that ship should have been far away from her.

  6. Let's be real here episodes IV, V, VI are great episode I shows us great atmosphere of the universe before the empire however take out all the politic and naboo filler keep all of tattooine and pod race and the rest of the movie is great imo with the foreshadowing of palpatine, episode II worst of the prequels still pretty good Keep coruscant parts without Anakin being a horny teenager with the bounty Hunter part remove literally all of naboo love story except maybe one scene to show what's going on with Anakin your choice on which scene as long they make the love story realistic. Then the second half the episode is pretty good, Episode III HONESTLY my favorite episode other than V, nothing imo should. Be changed other than improved cgi and maybe more Yoda and kashykk war, Episode VII pretty good I just wish they didn't reveal kylo ren so fast and Rey's character is rather weak Finn is a much better main character other than that the movie needs to chill with ripping off the first trilogy, Episode VIII terrible nothing to fix this movie

  7. When they didn’t even fucking mention ackbars death I was fucking pissed. A moment of silence for ackbar again please.

  8. I still don't know how it's possible for people to watch five different planets getting destroyed, in real time, by just looking at the sky. Aren't they lightyears separated from each other?

  9. Maybe Snoke is orchestrating everything. He may have figured out where Luke is. Unbeknownst to Luke, Snoke transferred himself to Skywalker. Even though this last movie was not very good. Maybe misdirection by Snoke is what is going on. There may be a way to fix this series.

  10. They should’ve made the first trilogy focus on the fall of Ben Solo to the dark side.

    He should’ve started as a young man, living during a period of peace in the Republic with the Empire gone for a few decades, then been struck with some severe family tragedy (that would involve Luke), and then fall into darkness, filled with hate, despair, and a craving for power fueled by revenge which would lead to the build up to another empire/conflict. Or perhaps not even a war? Make it a more intimate and personal story. It would be a good foundation as he’d be surrounded by family dynamics that could hold huge potential for great twists and reveals.

    Perhaps have the trilogy eventually culminating with Luke sacrificing himself at the end of the third movie out of love to save his nephew to be able to bring him to the light in his final act. That’s the ending Luke deserves.

  11. My ranking
    10) episode 1
    9) episode 2
    8) episode 8
    7) return of the jedi
    6) solo a star wars story
    5) episode 4
    4) Revenge of the Sith
    3) Rogue One
    2) The Force awakens
    1) the empire strikes back

  12. Rey is a certified Sith, she had no master, doens't even know the Jedi code, less so follow it, but she does what Sith Code says. Peace is a Lie, there is only Passion, through Passion she gains Strength, through strength she gains Power, through Power she gains Victory, through Victory her chains are broken and the Force Frees her. It's all about victory with Rey whichever way you see it, Kylo Ren would be closer to a Jedi than Rey. Now tell me which part of the Jedi Code she exactly goes with. There is no emotion there is peace, Nah, There is no ignorance there is Knowledge, Double Nah, there is no Passion, there is serenity, no way Rey, There is no Chaos there is Harmony, once more there is no Rey in those words, There is no Death, there is the force, Well unless being happy when everyone has died, with only 12 people surviving out of whole fleet meets this quote, then yes she got something right. As for "Luke" well he's no Jedi as well, he's some sort of Hermit, but not a Jedi, although he seems to be trying to become one

  13. “She’s a badass weapon master”? She’s not, look at the way she’s standing not to mention those ridiculous swings, she’s extremely clunky. If that’s the training daisy got they need a refund xD. Also the praetorian guard scene is awful, it’s choreographed horribly.

  14. You want quality Star Wars stories, read the stuff by Claudia Gray. Been reading "Lost Stars" and I'm really enjoying it. Looking forward to reading her other books.

  15. something else regarding Phasma that people seem to overlook: if her armor is laser proof, why did she allow herself to get held at gunpoint in the previous movie? couldnt she have just laughed off the shots and killed everyone?

  16. Lets me honest. Luke is not in this movie. They can claim it to be Luke, but the audience knows it's not, Mark Hamill knows it's not Luke…

  17. The pod race in my opinion was very much Star Wars, however the casino scene was 10 times worse then any scene in Star Wars yet

  18. 25:00 ish: you missed an hilarious point about the casino scene. Why were they arrested? For… illegal… parking… They get tazed and jailed. Don't mess up with traffic police on casino planet.

  19. The only thing that I liked about the film were the effects. They were truly beautiful, but as I'd say with Gods of Egypt: shame it was wasted in this movie.

  20. Wait admiral ackbar died? Didn't bother watching the movie so. Also emperor will be ruined in 3rd movie I bet you

  21. That explains everything about Phasma.

    She doesn't hate Finn. She's pissed that Rey took Finn from her. She's a Star Wars yandere.

  22. Only ten???? It was an abomination. I gave it a 3/10, but I think it got a bump because it's Star Wars. My god it's a crappy mess.

  23. How we finally arrived the point where 4 guys knows lot more then a huge company with endless financial capacity? I’m speechless.

  24. Why they had to do another order tho? why they weren't original and took a nice order from legends a sith order like that idiots that tried to bring back an anciant sith lol i can't remember their name i hate those assholes or a better one like the pirates hondo would have been proud. i don't know something new! not these republic storm first order troopers… xd

  25. I disliked almost all the characters…. Its like they were picked just for diversity and thats it. So much wasted potential.

  26. What they did with Luke Skywalker absolutely sucks the story was to me was
    stupid what they did with rey was stupid what they did with snoke was stupidthe hint
    at a romance between Ben an Rey stupid how could they ruin this movie

  27. I expected Luke to get off his butt FITGH Snoke himself but nooooo
    This movie is awful it was ruined Mark Himall was right


  29. I dont believe rey parent's are no bodies the ship was too fancy for it to be people who would sell their child for drugs or whatever.

  30. mate your channel is great, been watching you for a long time
    however there alot of things you said that I disagree about in this video
    10: plot holes, you are correct about that, there are ALOT of plot holes
    9:I agree with you on this, to an extent. knights of ren weren't exactly dropped, they are still a thing. Most likely they were destroying other remnants and survivors from the republic. plus they are coming back in episode 9. The reason they killed off snoke is basically the same reason they killed off palpatine in rotj
    we had no idea who he was at all and they killed him off. We only got to see an extent of his backstory in the prequels. I am totally sure a prequel film for snoke will be made to answer questions about him. Perhaps we can get a backstory in episode 9 as well. totally agreed, that is one of the plot holes in the movie that are kinda dumb. But I doubt it ruined luke's character completely.
    8: I can agree with you on this. But it is more of a nitpick than an actual complaint. Only a couple times in this film a potentailly emotional moment is ruined by a joke. as such with luke throwing the lightsaber off the edge for laughs. The reason why there are more jokes is probably cuz younger audiences are being introduced to star wars through these films. and yes the casino scene is garbage and pointless that is someting even fans of this movie would say. btw I really dont know how anyone has a problem with the green milk scene. Luke was a farmer before ANH and farmers usually love drinking milk straight from the utter. this scene doesn't even ruin any plot point as well so idk.

    7: this is something I agree with you on. I would of had phasma and finn fight to the death, finn wins but is mortally wounded and dies of his wounds. This way finn would have a fully complete arc. honestly I would've of liked to see her have a bigger role and been shown as more of a threat. But I do not know how they would of mixed that in with 2 hours and 40 mins of footage. Oh yeah canto bight chopped out of the movie being done. And maybe they could of fixed rose, with her instead being not only a good mechanic but great with ships and she knows how to crack codes as well, they infiltrate the first order ship and attempt to disable their hyperdrive. But they are stopped and pursued by phasma.
    6: this is another thing I agree with you on. I think this scene was used to show how leia, the daughter of vader and sister of luke had done for the 30 years between rotj and tlj. But it confuses me because nobody knows what she was really doing. I would rather have kylo just straight call off the attack on the bridge rather than it being destroyed Or have the bridge be destroyed but leia is able to use the force to stop her from being sucked out into the vaccum of space or smth. I would go with the first suggestion
    5: this is where I start to disagree with you more and more. It would be bullshit to just have rey be someone special. "oh she is a kenobi" or "OMG she is the daughter of palpatine". It makes the galaxy just feel so much smaller and in making rey's parents nobody, it adds that mystery element to the force that anybody could have it. It also gives a nice paralell with kylo being the grandson of darth vader and part of the most legendary lineage in the galaxy, he gloats in that power which leads him to the dark side. However on the other hand rey is a nobody but she is strong with the force and she is completely opposite to kylo. This also completes a whole arc for rey. Originally she was waiting on jakku for her parents to come and get her, however once she is introduced to the larger scope of the galaxy she learns that they were just scumbags who sold her for drinking money. She learns to not wait for something that will never happen and to start helping the galaxy instead of herself. expecting something in a movie and not having it happen does not make a film bad. yes it has been established IN LEGENDS that anyone can become a hero, but that hasnt happened in canon yet until now. also something to clear up especailly with the dropped subplots from force awakens. JJ practically just handed over the direction of tlj to rian, JJ had no plans for last jedi and even if he did he never told rian. also most of the theories about rey are fucking absurd every goddam person in star wars has to be related to someone "oh rey is idens daughter" or "omg rey better be kenobi's daughter"
    4:finn and rose sublot is something I once again agree with you about this film. above I had an explanation that would fix this dumb sub plot so Im not gonna type it in again
    3: people complaining about snoke's death always have the same argument. "who the fuck is he". This leads into one of my earlier points about snoke. His death pays homage to palpatines death in rotj. Both are used to boost the development of other characters. last jedi being with rey and kylo and rotj being with luke and vader. If people are fine with Palpatines death and are complaining about snoke then that is hypocritical as fuck. they are most likely going to give snoke an explanation either in episode 9 or in a potential standalone film or in one of the 2 new trilogies being planned out right now. also before anyone makes an argument saying "palpatine WAS explained, in the prequels". the prequels were made 15 years after rotj. 15 years it took for palpatine to finally be explained. so chill out about this.
    2 : Nobody fucked Luke skywalker. I will agree there were a lot of missed oppurtunities for luke in tlj. However if luke was just this old wise sage on ach to and and trained rey without question it would be the most boring shit. Also with him being "out of character". Him almost killing kylo was an instinct. the jedi always said "trust your instincts" which did lead luke to do wrong here. even the wisest of people can cause massive mistakes. He practically lost everything that he had been building for years and blamed himself for all of it. Darkness had rised in the galaxy again. So he went into exile on ach to. From there on he has a really good redemption arc.
    1 : Death of luke was good. It showed his character well. Luke never tried to solve this confrontation with violence. That is what luke skywalker does. He tries to solve issues without violence without unnecessary death. The projection power luke used was something that no force user could ever really do. To project yourself to the other half of the galaxy would be a difficult task even for the most powerful force users. And then when he became one with the force in front of the twin suns, knowing that he had given hope to the resistance once again, and he had done his part in the galaxy. Honestly his death scenes is the exact definition of poetry shown through film. His journey starts infront of the twin suns and it ends at the twin suns. His arc in this movie is one of the best redemption arcs I have ever seen imo. Also how the fuck do you think luke is gonna get to crait with an x-wing that has been submerged underwater for a whole year. obviously the hyperdrive is gonna be damaged, the engines will not work, and it just won't turn on. Water fucks up electricity. Also this is another point I made before. False expectations that you think are gonna happen but don't do not make a movie terrible. just cuz it does something different to what you were thinking about does not make it terrible ffs. I have to tell this to every goddam person who hates this film, cuz they make the dumbest arguments about it.

    Anyway My closing statement is that I give this film easily a 6/10. It has really good cinematography and visuals, shows some really good themes in the film, and has some AMAZING storylines such as Kylo and Rey, and Luke's redemption. It does have dumb shit however like every star wars film does. No star wars film has ever been straight perfect at all. I don't give a fuck if you love it or hate it. Just please do not make hypocritical arguments or say any dumb shit arguments about why this film is apparently "a cinematic failure" if people think its a cinematic failure then they obviously haven't seen "Jaws : the revenge" that got a 0% rating on rotten tomatoes. This film got 91% on rotten tomatoes and 7.1/10 on IMB .it is also reviewed by people who know what the fuck a good movie is and what a shit movie is. Anyway man those are just things I agree on and what I disagree on. Great vid and I do love to see both sides of the argument on the last jedi.

  31. Due in large part to the lack of a time jump between 7 and 8, the whole plot of 8 would have been fine as a 6 issue comic series and really seems about as substantial as the comics Marvel has released in the lead up to these movies so far.

  32. Due in large part to the lack of a time jump between 7 and 8, the whole plot of 8 would have been fine as a 6 issue comic series and really seems about as substantial as the comics Marvel has released in the lead up to these movies so far.

  33. 4:09 While it's never specifically stated that Luke left that map, and TLJ lovers love to point this out, it is what I think we were meant to infer. Especially when you consider how many of us inferred the same info. We didn't need Leia to come right out and say "Luke left us a map and Lor San Tekka had it." It's implied.

  34. How disappointed I am.. having waited luke since 1983..just to see him to become an alien milking pervert… waiting to die alone…

  35. With rey's parents, han knew her in the 1st movie if you recall when that little lady asked him who is she then the camera zoomed out and no chatter was heard for about 2 seconds plus Anakins lightsaber called out to her. She was related to Luke possibly as his kid. Just saying

  36. The first order in TFA and TLJ are not the remnants of the empire. Although they started with the remnants of the empire they had been building their military for a long time since then that is why they were able to seize control of the galaxy so quickly. Also the new republic fleet was located on hosnian prime (new republic capital) and destroyed as well. so that's why the first order was met with little resistance.

  37. I love how Rey can move some rocks after 1 lesson on the force while Luke struggled to get his lightsaber when it was 5 feet away

  38. I think the map was made by R2 without Luke knowing or telling him like how R2 recorded the fall of anakin on mustafar and padme's death in the novelisation of the 3rd movie. No one told him to record it .

  39. Rian Johnson shat on everything J. J. Abrams’ set up in Force Awakes (very disrespectful as filmmakers). I blame him for everything wrong in Ep8, it’s inexcusable. I hope J.J. Abrams can return the f you to Rian Johnson by completely ignoring ep8. F – Rian Johnson.

  40. Rian Johnson shat on everything J. J. Abrams’ set up in Force Awakes (very disrespectful as filmmakers). I blame him for everything wrong in Ep8, it’s inexcusable. I hope J.J. Abrams can return the f you to Rian Johnson by completely ignoring ep8. F – Rian Johnson.

  41. Joe claiming to be a Star Wars fan, then proceeds to exspress fondness for The Farce Aweakens. He needs to stay with reviewing videogames.

  42. I don't get why the force is supposed 2 be depending on lineage…or were Anakins parents famous Jedi/Sith 2…

  43. #11 – the movie starts with the Rebels are at the base and aware of the 1st order coming, 10 minutes later aaaaaaaand out of gas all of them

  44. #12 – Bombers !!!! we had Tie Bombers, Y-Wings, and B Wings. But, in TLJ we have bulky slow and easily picked off bombers with gravity bombs in space.

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