Top 10 Scary Maine Urban Legends – Part 2

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Hey most amazing top 10 family, Im your host
Che Durena and welcome back to most amazing top 10. We are once again heading over to main, this
is a place that is definitely on my travel bucket list. I want to go anywhere the specializes in clam
chowder. I could literally eat that creamy soup until
my heart stopped and they would have to bring me back to life with a shot of adrenalin. Its so good, what do people who are allergic
to clams do, just wait patiently to die because there is nothing to live for. Well thats a question for another video because
today were going down the list of top 10 scary main urban legends part 2, if you havent seen
part one then you should go check that out right now. I think I did a pretty good job on that video. And make sure you stick around until the end
of the video because Im going to be doing some more pet shoutouts that you love so much,
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and the amazing Jared Bornstien did a video on the superbowl and its amazing. And without taking any longer lets get into
this video. 10 The maidens cliff If you have a wardrobe malfunction you would
expect it to embarrass you or show off a bit of your butt crack, you dont expect to die
and the become a restless ghost for the rest of time. Well the legend of the maiden cliff is that
it is haunted by the ghost of a woman who met her end because her hat blew off her head. She was standing near the edge of the cliff
for a photo and then a huge gust of wind slapped her hat off her head and sent it flying away. But that hat cost good money so she wasnt
going to let mother nature try and steal it away from her. She tried to catch her hat but she wasnt as
quick and agile as she thought she was. She ended up losing her footing and falling
all the way to ther death off of the cliff. Now its said her ghost walks around the cliff
and can be seen in a photo that has been taken of the cliff. Ghost always need unfinished business and
I know this ghost just wants her hat back. 9 Wessie There was a monster spotted in a forest in
Maine by several people who got the nickname wessie. Someone reported to the police that there
was a long snake like monster eating what might have been a beaver, everyone thought
it was a joke at first but when a couple more people came through with the same story the
decided to go investigate, then its reported that one police officer did come across what
seemed to be a 12 foot anaconda, but in maine? These are a massive snake that is normally
only in the amazon, how could this creature make its way out there and could it potentially
attack a person. A crew of snake specialists went out in search
of the snake to capture it and take it to a sanctuary but the snake was never found. Maybe it was just lost in the forest, maybe
the unorthodox environment led to the snakes death. Or maybe there was something supernatural
happening and the long snake like creature they came across wasnt a snake at all 8 The Circus ship Did you know that used to be a think, they
would have a Circus on a boat on the water and everything was powered by steam. That sounds like a drunken dream from 1901,
well it was a real thing. There was a circus ship that set off in 1836
named the Royal tar that was packed with animals, there were horses, camels, birds and even
an elephant on board. They were planning on having a crazy time
on that boat and putting on a great show for all of its people. When the boat got off the coast of main the
weather took a turn for the worst and things started to get pretty brutal on board. A steam engine caught fire and the fire spread
to the rest of the boat. They tried to save all the animals and every
person on board but they werent able to get each one of them to safety. 32 people died on a circus boat that day,
which sounds like something that would be written in a Danny McBride script. Some people say they can see the ghostly silhouette
of the boat floating out on the water on certain nights 8 The ghost of an Opera singer I dont think I can think of a more annoying
ghost, the ghost of an opera singer seems like it would just keep you up all night with
a bunch of music you dont even like or know the words too. Like if you are going to haunt me can you
at least sing some top 40 so I can sing along to it. The university of maine is famously haunted
by the ghost of an opera singer that has an auditorium named after her. Also as we have already covered, ghosts haunt
something when they have unfinished business, what more do you want out of life then you
have a massive building named after you, what you need to go for a grammy now to. You had your chance when you were alive. Stop being a greedy ghost and go to bed. But it is the ghost of Lilian Nordica, its
said when you are walking through her auditorium you can hear her wale out some opera hits. 7 Maine state prison Show me someone who says they found a prison
that isnt haunted and I will show you liar. I think that prisons come pre haunted. It goes into the concrete that they use to
make the building or something. But the Maine state prison fits the the common
theme of prisons that have ghosts walking through the halls like its some sort of ghoul
convention. There have been reports of people feeling
cold spots, disembodied voices, footsteps and some inmates have even seen a dark figure
walking around the halls and disappearing into the walls. This is the kicker, you remember how I said
every prison is destined to be haunted, they cant function without some spectral activity. Well apparently some of the equipment that
was brought over to the maine state prison before it opened was from another prison that
was haunted and the ghosts followed the equipment to the new location. It was just meant to be 6 Bigfoot If your doing an urban legend list you gotta
throw the big guy on, there have been bigfoot sightings in Maine since 2012. People have seen the big ape man walking through
the woods and have tried to snap pictures of him but as you all know every time someone
tries to snap a pic of that bad boy they come out blurry. But if we were really digging into the history
of bigfoot in Maine it goes way back before 2012. The native american tribe that used to call
that area home have talked about a great ape man who walked in the woods for nearly a thousand
years. So that guy might be hiding out there but
no one has been able to find him. As the old joke says Bigfoot is the ultimate
hide and seek champion. 5 The Piano Ghost Heres something Ive learned about ghost, they
love to play the piano, its so easy for them, they just have to push down and then the music
comes out. They suck at wind instruments, its the lack
of lung power, youll never see a ghost killing it on the saxophone. But there is a ghost that has found his home
in the boothbay opera house. There isnt a lot of information as to where
this ghost might have come from, some people think it could have been someone who had a
heart attack while watching a performance at the opera house. But thats not the part that matters, what
matters is if you head up to the second floor you might see a piano play itself, well its
being played by a ghostly figure. I heard he takes requests though. 3 The Portland Prostitute Riots. Portland in Maine is a pretty quiet town but
there was a time when this place was filled with prostitutes and fires. Apparently back in the day there were a bunch
of brothels in the area and some people loved it and thought it was a great addition to
the neighbourhood while other people saw it as a sinful stane on the area and wanted to
get rid of it. People complained to the city but it was 1825
so there were no laws against people selling their bodies for a little coin. So the town folk took it into their own hands. They went from brothel to brothel and started
to tear them down until they got fed up with the hard work of tearing down brothels and
decided to just burn one to the ground. Legend says that the prostitutes were horrified
by seeing their place of business get destroyed so they fought back and ended up killing one
man. 2 The Main mist Now no one knows what came first, the urban
legend about the mist in maine or the Stephen king book but they kind of fit around the
same idea. The mist in Maine has become legendary because
it is so constant. It has also been a major cause of sailors
crashing into the shores or rocks. Now because the mist can move through and
then a boat ends up destroyed it has started legends that there is something that hides
in the mist and takes the people on the ships for itself. This isnt the only time people have connected
mist and monsters, its said Cuthulu travels in a great mist to remain unseen. 1 The Pamola This creature from native american legend
is said to be the protector of the tallest mountain in main and possess great power. It has been described as the cross between
an eagle and human with a great wingspan and large horns like the kind a moose has. This thing is definity a hodgepodge of animals
and is nearly impossible to get a look at. You could try to climb the mountain to try
and get a look at it but it has great senses and will know you are coming. It will most likely fly away to a place where
you cant see it. The legend goes even deeper and says if you
are very persistent in trying to find it, it will control the weather and create a storm
to knock you off the mountain. Alright that was our list and as promised
Im going to be doing some more pet shoutouts. Remember if you want me to shoutout your pets
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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Maine Urban Legends – Part 2

  1. I live in Maine and have my whole life. Also the snake was a pet and it is still in waterville ppl see it every now and then. How can u tell Maine scary stories and not tell the pownal courthouse story. Also my own grandmother was murdered when my mother was 12 pauline Rourke was her name. The killer never told us where she rest so we still are looking for her body over 35 years later. Also u got more than a few things wrong like I don't like I'm Half L'nu'k Indian and Our tribes are still here just became part of America like all the other tribes but we didn't use to call Maine home as many Indians or halflings live here still. Also really no ghost of Lilly pond or zippo clanks in Dresden cemetery? U guys missed many i could think of while misrepping the ones u did think of

  2. Che, get to Maine Bro, my wife & I have a spare room bro, any time ya want. 😉 We even know a few haunted places that are local if ur interested sometime when u get a vacation. 🙂

  3. Me: *clicks notification as soon as it pops up*
    Video: has over 100 likes 0 views and 23 comments
    Me: "HOW THE FU- explain this YouTube your an alcoholic."

  4. This was an interesting video. Especially since I never knew at one time there was circuses held on boats. That was the first I ever heard about that.

  5. I live in Maine. I worked at a boarding school and theirs a road that is known for having a black widow that travels up and down this hilly road. The house that this boarding school is in was built I believe in the 1800s.
    Anyways I was sitting on the porch while everyone was out on an outing. I tidied up and put the guitar on it’s stand. I walked back out I heard the guitar play. I went back into the living room and the guitar was laying on its side unhooked from the stand.
    Wessie took place in Westbrook Maine and it terrified EVERYONE. I live nearby.
    USM gorham campus is also haunted in “dickie towers” I’ve known people who have had encounters within the towers.

  6. I gotta place in maine by the beach. im thinking about messaging u my moms secret clam chowder recipe. its the best new england chowder people ever had. Im forbidden to tell anyone how its made but since you like it so much ill see if i can find it but no promises but ill try to find it

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  9. I wanna visit this place myself one of these days love these urban legends got me intrigued and that Clam Chowder does sound maddddd good that'd be on the munchies list for sure lol

  10. My mom and others are from that state. There's a lady convicted of being a Witch by the mayor. She said she'd haunt him. Well on his tombstone a leg, heart, and other body parts started appearing on his grave. Over the years the town people tried to get rid of these things, but to no avail. I've seen this mayor's grave and yes those this are on his grave.

  11. I was born and raised in Maine. I now live in Florida. You would think I could find some decent seafood here. But no. I miss my clams in batter, New England clam chowder and Maine lobsters. However, I don't miss the cold and snow. It was in the high 70 's today.

  12. So glad I'm not the only one that loves clam chowder! <333 But what is with people putting more potatoes in than clams? And the tiny pieces! I WANT HUGE CHUNKS OF CLAM!!! …Ahem. #TeamChe

  13. 0:10 – Clam Chowder! Che, dispite the fact that I'm old enough to be your mother (at least) I think we may be soul mates! Clam Chowder! God I love that wonderful stuff!
    1:43 – Damn! No hat in the world is worth that!
    2:28 – Sounds to me like some fool got a small one as a pet and then just turned it loose when it got to big to take care of easily. Let's hope only one person in Maine ever did that so Wessie won't meet another one and breed! A growing anaconda population; Just what Maine needs(Not)! (Then again, maybe this would lead to someone creating a wonderful recipe for anaconda chowder… )
    7:56 – Isn't that similar to the Jersey Devil?

  14. Coming from a native Mainer, you have done Vacationland a spooktacular honor. However, moose have antlers.😉
    Northern Maine (Aroostook County) is the place for the real creepiness. The former Loring AFB is the place of reported UFO sightings. The Allagash Wilderness Waterway is home to legendary UFO abductions and lost military helicopters. It's believed the builders of the Money Pit of Oak Island hid more treasure among the endless forests. Viking artifacts and messages have been discovered across the region. The scenery is beautiful, the people are wonderful, and Bigfoot makes a mean mooseburger on an open fire grill.

  15. You should totally check out Vermont Urban Legends. Small state and lots of urban legends around Burlington, Dartmouth, and the capital Montpelier. Love to see this

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