Top 2 Exercises & Treatment For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Science Proven) Plus 2 Self-Tests

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24 thoughts on “Top 2 Exercises & Treatment For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Science Proven) Plus 2 Self-Tests

  1. Since developing carpal tunnel syndrome, my fingers get instantly frozen, whether outdoor removing snow are digging in my freezer, to the point of being painfully cold

  2. Awesome presentation! So very HELPFUL! PLEASE do the Other video of how the median nerve involvement affecting hands! I’m showing a major medical clinic with rehab facility your videos to teach THEM what they don’t know or understand! Thanks so very very much! You guy’s are the best!

  3. I did had a shock a week ago , got a strap and now It is ok on the wrist but the pinky and his friend hurt now , it did not hurt before .

  4. All my fingers are numb on both hands , worse on left because I'm left handed. It includes my whole hand. I wear wrist braces at night, but sometimes they are so painful even with braces on. I'm on blood thinners, I don't want surgery. I drop things all the time. Doing that sliding excersise , my hands are numb but I'm going to try every day.

  5. I have carpal tunnel in both hands and other conditions too. I heard you talk about the ulnar nerve briefly. Can you talk about this in another video.

  6. Any way you could do a video on treatment for buldging disc on left C5-C6. Not sure if the chin tucks side to side would be damaging?

  7. Look for books on this topic by Deborah Quilter and Dr. Emil Pascarelli for more information including lots for computer users and others who do repetitive hand work and/or work in awkward positions. Thank you for this presentation.

  8. Thank you for the video, I've got median and ulna nerve damage in my left hand up through my neck. :/ My 4th finger always feels like I'm wearing a ring and I've been told that won't go away.

  9. So that’s scientific proven treatments is it? If science had any idea they know that the problem starts from the neck and if you release the nerve from the neck down to the hand the problem can be cured quickly without surgery without all this mucking around to try and get a little bit of relief.

  10. I find emercing my hand up over the wrist in hot as can stand

    Water for minimum of 10 minutes most beneficial in relieving the pain 👍 . I use a cake mixing bowl.👌

  11. Hey sir.. I have a question for u.. I been facing cerival n thoraic stiffness for around 1 year.. My neck traps n thoraicis super stiff.. N I won't be able to do chin tuck coz sometimes my bones get stuck whiledoing it. I have seen ur other videos too.. But things r not working… Any exercise u would like to suggest to release all those tightness

  12. Can tennis elbo effect your hand.. i have realy bad tennis elbo and my hands feel allot of pain when i streighten my fingures

  13. I had carpel tunnel some years ago . Off to the specialist and yes that was it. Both wrists and elbows. Not bad enough for surgery ! So now what do I do? I was told some people improve with vitamin B6? Vitamins ? ? So I went home and did some research of my own ! That told me that there was a Vitamin compound called The Homocystine compound of B Vitamins which contains B6 , B6, and Folic Acid. Soooo I tried them – 4 x a day. After three weeks I felt like I had new joints. I took the Vitamins for 6 months just to be sure it was all gone. Ya hooo ! It works.! Hey It also works for Plantar Phasiitis !

  14. Very good, ´´Hope is having a positive attitude about everything that happens in life no matter what it is. – Joyce Meyer´´ ´´babie flossing´´ – Thank you both for keeping it simple!

  15. Is it possible to have e quervain's tenosynovitis
    I think I have it as I tried your test for the carpal tingling nothing but oh the pain near the thumb and lower portion of each wrist i have…

    Anything for therapy?

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