Top 5 Egg Replacements

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Hi. Dr. Josh Axe here, doctor of natural medicine,
founder of In this video, I’ll be training on natural
egg replacements and if you’re a person out there that may have a sensitivity to eggs
or it’s not the right food for you, the good news is there are all-natural vegan, vegetarian,
and natural options that can help replace eggs. And I’m going to go through my top five in
this video that you can use in baking, cooking, making smoothies and a whole lot more. So let’s dive right in. And first, I want to talk about some of the
issues that people can have with eggs. Now listen, for some people, consuming eggs
. . . eggs can be a great health food if it’s free range pastured eggs. When you’re buying eggs to begin with, if
you crack them open, you want to see a dark orange yoke, not a pale yellow yoke. So that’s one of the first things. If you are going to use eggs, you want to
make sure it’s free range, organic, and it comes from a very healthy chicken because
in that case, it’s going to be filled with a lot more nutrients like omega-3s and vitamin
E and choline or a whole lot more. But one of the biggest reasons why a lot of
people, and as I’m going to teach you in this video, are switching from eggs to all-natural
alternatives is because a lot of people have food sensitivities, food intolerances, and
food allergies to eggs. One of the ways you can tell if you’re sensitive
to eggs is if you have any type of skin reaction. If you consume eggs and you get even just
a little bit of redness around your neck area or even on your skin, that’s a big warning
sign that you have a sensitivity, a food sensitivity to eggs. And it’s kind of like you hear Superman has
an intolerance to kryptonite. Everybody is different. Everybody has different food allergies and
sensitivities but your body will typically tell you if you’re not responding well. Another one is difficulty breathing. If you notice you get just slightly congested
after you consume eggs or any type of food, if you start getting slightly congested, that’s
a big warning sign that you have a food sensitivity to something like eggs. Another warning sign is a runny nose. Now, that runny nose can happen anywhere to
seconds to an hour or two after you consume a certain food. And similarly with difficulty breathing, if
you consume eggs and you’re feeling congested anywhere within that three or four hour time
period, that’s a warning sign or if your nose starts to run typically within an hour or
two, that’s a warning sign that you have a sensitivity to eggs. Now, the compound in eggs people are most
sensitive to is the protein called albumen. And this is actually one of the most widely
consumed proteins out there but a lot of people do have a sensitivity to that protein and
these reactions are telling you, “Stay away.” Stomach pain. If you consume eggs and you just get an upset
stomach or you have gas or bloating or diarrhea or constipation, any type of digestive response,
but especially stomach pain or bloating or gas, that’s a warning sign. You’re not handling dairy well. Of course, nausea, you eat it, you just kind
of don’t feel the best afterwards. You may even feel lethargic. Those are warning signs that you need to start
using egg replacements and here’s the good news. We’re going to cover those right now. So number one egg replacement, now this one
is for moisture in baking. There are many different reasons to use eggs
in baking. One is taste, one is texture, and another
one is binding, and then along with texture can go moisture. If you are using eggs in a recipe specifically
for the moisture, now an example of this would be in pancakes. Now if you’re making homemade pancakes, you’d
often times need an egg to do two things, bind as well as add that moisture, because
if you don’t have something moistening up those pancakes, they tend to be very dry if
you’re using more of a straight flour. So again, applesauce is a direct replacement
to eggs, can be very good for moisture. So if you’re just looking for something that’s
not a binder but just to moisten that, that recipe, applesauce is a perfect and great
replacement. So again, for every one egg, a fourth a cup
of apple sauce would be that direct replacement ratio. All right. Number two here, baking soda and vinegar. Now if you’re using eggs for more of that
taste in general, baking soda and vinegar are actually very, very good. They could also add a little bit of that texture,
of that fluffiness or rising, add some of that rising to eggs. So if you’re doing it more for the texture
it creates, then baking soda and vinegar are a great combo. So again, if you’re trying to bake something
and have it fluff up a little bit, then you ought to use baking soda and vinegar. For every one egg, you’d use one teaspoon
of baking soda mixed with one tablespoon of white vinegar and one tablespoon of water. That ratio equals to one egg in terms of creating
that specific texture and fluffiness that you’re looking for in an egg. Now another thing you can do is banana. You know, banana specifically is a good egg
replacement. You’re going to do a fourth a cup of mashed
banana for one egg and this is going to be very similar to the applesauce. Now bananas, more than applesauce, act a little
bit as a combination of a binder as well as improve the moisture there. So it adds some moisture there to that recipe. It also acts as a mild binder. Now, my favorite solution for an egg replacement
is Chia seeds. Chia seeds, specifically grinding up Chia
and you can do it in a powder, I’m telling you, this is by far the greatest binder out
there. So if you’re using eggs in order to cause
the recipe to stick and bind together, again, Chia seeds, hands-down, not even close, the
best egg replacement out there. You’re going to want to do one tablespoon
of ground seeds for every three tablespoons of water. But again, Chia seeds is the best egg replacement
out there in terms of a binder in recipes and probably the one you’ll want to use the
most. So I also like doing a mixture of Chia seeds
and banana. Both work very, very well. By the way, if you’ve gotten digestive issues,
Chia and banana together are great for having healthy bowel movements and a healthy stool
as well as a side note for just your overall colon health. All right. Last one here, using a powdered egg replacer. Here, one egg for every half tablespoon of
powdered egg replacer plus a tablespoon of water. So you’re going to use an egg replacer and
one of my favorite egg replacers to also use is arrowroot powder. Arrowroot powder actually causes things to
bind as well. That works as well. So Chia works probably the best, followed
by arrowroot powder. If you decide to do an arrowroot powder, you’ll
do one-half tablespoon of arrowroot powder and two tablespoons of water. You’ll mix those up before you bake and then
add them in just like you would an egg in a recipe. So remember these natural egg replacements. Applesauce, one of the best for improving
moisture, baking soda and vinegar, great for causing that expansion in a little bit of
moisture, banana is great both for mild binding and for moisture, Chia seeds is the best binder
out there and it’s a general binder that’s more of a moderate binder. Using something like an arrowroot powder and
water can be a great mixture there as well. So again, hey, listen to your body. If you have sensitivities to eggs, get them
out of your diet and start using these natural egg replacements. And by the way, I hope you’ve enjoyed this
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content on things like herbs, essential oils, natural remedies, and how to use food as medicine. Also, check out more of our content on my
YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.

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