23 thoughts on “Top 5 Remedies For Seasonal Allergies

  1. Cats + allergies = 😭
    My daughter can tell when a cat has been in a room from how sick she gets! She does have dogs tho.

  2. LOL! I was watching and waiting to see when Brad would notice he was putting it back together out of order. LOL! Itr's the little things that provide amusement. 😎 Thanks for the vid!

  3. You have NO idea how timely this is for me!! Seeing an allergist, regular doc. Miserable. Can't take steroid sprays due to glaucoma. 🙁 I am running two HEPA air purifiers all day and night! Bob: BUY your family members air purifiers! You want to keep them healthy year around! With pets, it is even worse.

  4. Really Bob Brad this year my allergies have acted up worse than anything I can imagine I take two allergy pills twice a day and my nose still runs and drips horrible thank you for the information

  5. I went straight to Amazon and purchased 2 of this and the replacement filters at the same time!!! I truly hope they work as good as you guys suggested!! I’ll be getting back to ya but until then Thanks so much for the suggestion I have been shopping for one for a couple weeks now😊😊😊

  6. Carpet can be good for allergies if it is maintained properly. Good nylon carpet that is vacuumed with a HEPA certified vac at least 3 times weekly and professionally cleaned every three months. Of course doing all that would be easier to just use the vac with hardwood floors.

  7. I wash my bedding once a week in hot water. I got rid of all the carpets in my home. I eat less Meats. I do not have the allergies like I used to have.

  8. I ran an air filter for several years and it recently died over the past winter. I tried to save money and go without getting another one, but I felt so awful once the allergy season reached its miserable peak that I had to just so I could function better. I swear I am sleeping better. Anyhow, Bob & Brad just reminded me to clean out the filters – I moved it last night and the front cover fell off, revealing some pretty scuzzy stuff inside. Good to know about vacuuming, too.

  9. Pay attention to what youre eating, slight food sensitivity can cause a runny nose, for me it was poppy seeds, dairy, and onions

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