Top 5 Tips How to Avoid a Allergic Reaction to Hair Color

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Hey there be allergy friends and community this is Cassandra your health beauty and CBD coach for women and I am here to talk about a Recent article I just posted and it is the top 5 ways to avoid Getting the color reaction when your coloring your hair and that top 5 ways is by avoiding 3 letters and those three letters are PPD so I’ll never forget when I actually Was kind of the crossroads of crossroads of coming into the beauty industry leaving the egg beauty industry and going into functional medicine and I Won’t forget walking into a room and watching. Dr. Robert o ski put on to the big You know the big whiteboard he wrote down all the components that he was putting into this blender and he poured about 16 different ingredients in there and he blended it up and he said this my friends is What goes into a vaccine and I thought oh my gosh Boom at that moment my career changed and I knew that over the span of the years to come Women would have such a chemical toxic over body overload that they wouldn’t be able to Go to another salon. They would have to come to a salon that would have more chemical free option Versus this toxic food that we kind of all bacon every day so I just posted an article and you can go to it. I will go ahead and link it It’s the top 5 ways to avoid PPD color reactions in hair color and one of the issues that we’ve seen over the years is It’s basically a interaction between cross-reactive proteins in the body and so in the immune systems low or there’s different Chemicals in the body they can interact with each other and then all this you get a chemical sensitivity or reaction or a food sensitivity and You never know what’s gonna happen and we have seen the calls come into this one Grow immensely over the last 10 years I’ve been doing Hair for over 20 years and it’s been 15 since I’ve done natural and organic before it was cool. Okay, so These women call and they say oh my god. I just got a reaction to my hair color. What do I do? And it’s really one of the ways we’ve really grown our community at Beauty ecology is you’ve really created a safe place for them so if you’re somebody Please, you know reach out to me hello at Beauty ecology com if you have any questions or want me to talk to your hairstylist, or Just looking for a better option or you don’t want to get that kind of Chemical reaction down the road. That’s what this article is really about. There’s a couple key fee key Factors studies in it that are pretty profound with PPD and that they’ve linked it back is that 50% of women that color their hair once a month have a 50% chance of a higher risk of bladder cancer Here colourists have a much higher risk non-hodgkin lymphoma They also have a much higher risk to rheumatoid arthritis. So the inflammation markers are really really high so those are all things that you really Should take an account It’s kind of a serious thing and validated studies with the AMA so in the article I kind of really preface is the top 5 ways to avoid getting a PPD reaction if you haven’t already this really is about preventative health and how you can make it a better decision now today and the options that are now available that we’re not Available when I was starting to mix hair color with you know back then I use enzymes versus peroxide We found PPD line this no ammonia that didn’t lie and putting hidden things in it We debunk all of that stuff at beauty ecology walk in its a clean air salon, and you can trust what we’re doing 100% of the time so The top five ways to avoid a PVD reaction in haircolor. Number one is wrap it up So ask your hair stylist to put it in a foil whether doing highlights lowlights if you wrap it in a foil it’s gonna have less off-gassing and then you want to use No Or low heat because that can help the gases come out To cause a reaction down the road or get on the skin or cause an inhalation reaction Go blonder. So if you’re trying to grow out gray or blend in gray, you can do a lot of blonde highlights With low lights to kind of blend it in Or you can do blonde which has less color Dye load in it or pre oxidized dyes which caused the reaction the lower you go The darker the PPD the more toxic it is so if you’re doing lighter, you’re gonna have less color molecules And they’re gonna be less toxic. So that would be the second reason or a second wave The third is to go longer in between your hair colors so you can stretch it out a little bit not the best but you can stretch your hair colors out and then the fourth would be covering it in between hair colors with like a powder or you can use like a gel There’s color glosses. There’s different options on the market now, obviously you want something as natural as possible But that’s a way that you can help stretch out your colors And then last would be prep with benadryl. I prefer CBD Clients that have sensitivities I give them TVD when they’re here they Can buy our CBD and we have them dose around their time a hair color to take down the inflammation markers and to help with that and I also will have them put it around their face to help with inflammation and heal the skin if they have any redness or Sensitivities so that’s a really really really quick easy way that we works It is 100% natural and I love CVD. It’s making a huge difference in all of our clients lives We formulate ourselves here 100% organic GMP is certified and that private label, you know Pinkie pinkie and slap of MCT and hemp oil. It’s good stuff that has multiple different cannabinoids Lipophilic weights and terpenes in it. So if you have any questions about CBD, just let me know And so last but not least ask your hair stylist for Pb key Options so ask them for PPD free hair color that’s going to be your best bet to avoid it in the future So again this article is really about how do you avoid it? Now? How do you avoid it in the future? because the fact is the fact chemical body overload is a real thing and We’re about prevention at beauty but Beauty ecology and if you know, there’s a safer option out there Choose the higher road you know if If stylists are charging more for it, we are very modest in our price. We are just as competitive as any other salon We don’t really charge more for a more natural option. That’s just our belief and our mission our vision here You know pay for your health. It’s it’s it’s worth the bottom dollar because once you start getting these chemical sensitivities It’s hard to reduce them and go back because then it’s just one way forward So we noticed a 3% reaction rate here at the salon We can help you If you need help with any of this or to kind of go through it a lot of styler or a lot of his clients leave their stylists because The stylist just doesn’t want to change and we’re in a new day. We’re in a modern day of better options out there I’m here to help you. If you have any questions, I’ll leave a link Hello at Beauty ecology. Give me a shout out BBD for hair color CVD, whatever you want to talk about. I’m here to help you and thank you for listening Hope that was helpful. And then you go to the Beauty ecology blog and the title is Top five tips to avoid PPD hair color reactions. So, thank you. See you soon

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