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Sup guys Christopher Walker here back again with some more helpful health information for you today We’re gonna be talking about bromelain which is an incredible enzyme. It’s commonly found in pineapple and you know, that’s what most people know it to be associated with and pineapple is Basically, you know overflowing with this enzyme there’s there’s a massive amount of it in pineapple pineapple is a great fruit to to eat on a regular basis also high in vitamin C b1 potassium manganese and other antioxidants but we’re gonna talk about Specifically bromelain here because there there are some really cool benefits to having this in your diet Or in your supplement regimen for example now in the medical community. They’ve actually been using it as an anti-inflammatory And it’s it’s well known for its anti-inflammatory effects in the body So it doesn’t just help as a digestive enzyme but it has this, you know Antioxidant property in the body on the cellular level and that’s actually why we included it in our new truth neutral supplement Inflammation relief which is available over at truth neutral calm get on the waiting list if it’s not out yet, but it’ll be out soon Russians have been the future, you know, you’ll see in the future, but it’ll be available this summer 2018 Let’s look at the main benefits that you can expect with bromelain so the first one is like I said, this is an enzyme and as an enzyme, it’s really gonna help with the Digestion in your body, so it’s gonna also help you absorb nutrients And even other things that you know, like drugs if you’re taking drugs, I don’t recommend that but it’ll you know kind of had to say that because it actually is so helpful at absorbing everything because you know It’ll literally anything you’re putting in your gut. It’s gonna help you absorb more of it. So I don’t I don’t recommend taking Pharmaceuticals unless you absolutely Absolutely need to but it does help with with everything along the whole gamut Basically, it decreases inflammation It’s gonna reduce the Cytokine response. So I’ve talked about this in other videos before where one of the key things that happens with an inflammation response Is that these cytokines? Really start to increase and they’re pro-inflammatory So what they do is they they’ll damage the gut lining they’ll damage the immune system By keeping your immune system in that elevated state and a lot of times. They’re the culprits in autoimmune disorders because The the body they’re like the signal to the body to continue to attack itself So bromelain is is very good at helping to modulate that cytokine response A lot of people are you know in terms of gut they’re using it for IBS using it for you see? dyspepsia Crohn’s constipation diarrhea Heartburn acid reflux you name it like all these things that are really just gut disorders You know manifesting at a certain level. The bromelain is known to be good for that another benefit of it is that it’s a good alternative to Like it kind of an NSAID, you know Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. So this would be something like ibuprofen or aspirin, you know things that you motrin stuff that people typically go to the CVS or the Walgreens pharmacy to look for over counter over-the-counter handsets as a pain reliever But there’s there’s some good research showing that bromelain itself helps with decreasing pain and with with pain management So that can be a really you know Tasty and inexpensive way to help again with can showing that inflammation and the pain associated with the information the next benefit is that is the benefit of Actually with with asthma so in allergies in general there was a study in the evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine journal That looked at bromelain in mice with asthma so this study was interesting because it really were the bromelain itself reduced the allergic reaction and Stopped the development of other inflammatory responses that were that were related to the airway in these asthmatic Subjects, so that’s pretty cool with that what this says is that there’s probably some some enzymatic modulation here of the of the immune system and when your body’s deficient in these enzymes It can potentially be what’s triggering their response like an asthmatic response. So it’s interesting finding now another Benefit of bromelain is for sinus infections. It’s actually there was a study done at the University of Cologne, Germany and they had 12 patients Who had just had sinus surgery and they basically treated them with bromelain for 3 months They basically discovered a massive improvement in all the symptoms The overall quality of life was enhanced. There was no adverse effects of the bromelain at all So just after that surgery, they they recovered extremely quickly and then they didn’t fall back into their sinus problems So that’s it’s pretty cool. And that’s good because not you know surgery is typically the route that people take for for sinus issues that are you know serious but the surgeries aren’t always effective at controlling a Relapse back into it. So The next benefit is with regards to helping with joint pain So really anything that’s helping the control that cytokine response and then inflammation response is going to be useful Help you with joint pain, but don’t take my word for it There was actually a study in the journal of all alternative therapies and health medicine that did a trial looking at 42 patients with spine and joint conditions and They basically took bromelain twice a day and they found that the pain decreased up to 60% in these patients and That was in patients with acute pain and then 50% in patients with chronic pain. So huge reduction And this was, you know, just by taking it twice a day, so it’s pretty cool again supports the idea that bromelain helps with anti-inflammatory modulation so those are are the top five key benefits of bromelain and Hopefully you’ll see that It’s an extremely helpful addition to your diet, especially if you’re deficient in it right now pineapple tastes incredible and Also has a lot of other nutrients in it Like I said, and we also have this in our inflammation relief supplement at truth neutral calm Thanks for watching. If you like this video give it a thumbs up. I’ll see you on the next video Hey guys, thanks so much for watching. If you like this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel because I’ve got so much more content coming out for you to teach you exactly the truth about Health related topics and what you can really do to empower your own life on your own health So thanks for watching. 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