Top Gun: Maverick (2020) – Real Flying. Real G-Forces. Pure Adrenaline.

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After 34 years, Tom Cruise returns as Maverick. This is a competition film about family, friendship, and sacrifice. It’s a love letter to aviation. We’re going to show you what it’s really like to be a Top Gun pilot. You just can’t create this kind of experience unless you shoot it live. In order for us to accomplish this, we have the greatest fighter pilots in the world working with us. We’re working with a brand-new camera system that allows us to put six IMAX-quality cameras inside the cockpit with the actors. It’s amazing what we see in the cockpit and what an audience is going to experience. Thanks to Tom, all the actors are becoming accustomed to the G-forces by all the training that they’re doing. It is aggressive. You can’t act that, the distortion in the face. They’re pulling seven and-a-half, eight Gs. That’s 1,600 pounds of force. I am so proud of them and what they’ve done. And it is heavy-duty. Putting us up in these jets, it’s very serious. That’s why everybody thought it would be impossible. And I think when Tom hears that something’s impossible, or it can’t be done that’s when he gets to work. Flying one of these fighter jets is an absolute thrill ride. We want to make sure that the audience has the same experience. An aviation film like this has never been done and chances are it will never be done again.

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  1. When Tom heard something is "Impossible", can't be done that's when he gets to work.
    Of course he has been doing that in a whole franchise of 6 movies till now.

  2. Says a guy who attached himself to the side of an airplane as it takes off. Are you trying to get yourself killed? What about Top Gun 3?

  3. Someone needs to get a space movie going and have Tom star in it. He's the only crazy I know that would say fuck it and actually go to space to shoot the film.

  4. いやいや、本編よりメイキングの方が楽しいんじゃないの?

  5. As retired US Army I've been skeptical of news he was actually piloting the F/A-18C Super Hornet just because it's the Navy's fighter Jets but I was watching a video of how he actually did ALL the stunts in the helicopter in the last Mission impossible,… that whole dive scene where he corkscrews down in a performance HELICOPTER of all things. The hardest vehicle to fly and you can watch him in this "making of" do it and practice it solo, not as a co pilot but the only person in the heli! ,…he is expert level heli pilot and not many have any idea how much time it takes a pilot to learn to just hover let alone, fly or do an extremely difficult stunt pilot maneuver you'd only see at air shows for hells sake! Now flying f-18's i have been skeptical as a military man that he actually flew Naval Super Hornets as stated months ago, but watching this 10 times and pausing I noticed every shot where the canopy support is, it's NOT a F/A-18D (2 seat cockpit) where he'd jsut be riding in the back like the other actors,.. his shots are in a F/A-18C single seat Super hornet, all the outside shots on the deck of the aircraft carrier you can also see them setting up the IMAX cameras in a single seat C variant fighter with him sitting in there. The other scenes with the other actors are clearly the 2 seat F/A-18D super hornets where hey are simply in the Nav seat but tom cruise is in the C variant as a solo pilot. Not sure how he arranged that with the Navy, there was rumor of the Australian Navy allowing him to pilot their f-18's for xxxxxx$$$$ but it's a US aircraft carrier and spears to be a US Naval F-18. Could also be a trainer f-18. He's a decorated and very experienced pilot both helicopter and jet SO I can guarantee if he can corkscrew straight down in a performance helicopter solo , he can absolutely fly an F-18. The new upgrades US Navy F/A-18 super Hornets are being upgraded with sensor packages from the F-35 variants and that includes fly by wire tech so the fighter can in fact be flown by a "drone pilot " if necassary , sure that's the safety net but it's not perfected enough yet with the F-18 to be fully active so it's got to be him flying! How amazing! He jsut continues to impress me! Whether doing 180mph stunts on a BMW s1000rr superbike , or corkscrewing a helicopter solo, or skydiving performing stunts or jumping from a building top and breaking his ankle, he is legitimately THE most extreme actor on earth! Hands down!!! There's a funny video of him on YouTube taking a British talk show host skydiving, he shows his talent there, he's truly an extreme adrenaline junkie,! I think it's awesome! Sure his agent and insurance company have regular heart attacks lol.
    The original top gun got me interested in military aviation and Our military isn't stupid either, there was a very large spike in Kids joining the US Navy to fly fighter jets and work aboard Air Craft Carriers, after top gun came out, the largest increase in us history , the Navy cooperating with this one knows it will have another spike and applicants for fighter pilots. Lone Survivor inspired me into the US Army's 182 Airborne as a rifleman and that was the end of it, more time in Afghanistan and Iraq than I thought I'd ever do but these patriotic movies spark something inside of some of us and our military knows that , that's why they support and aid movies about military service. My dad , brothers and grandpa were Army and my other grandpa flew P-51 mustangs in wwII so i was always doomed I suppose. 👌
    End point is it looks as though he's piloting the F/A-18C,…big YouTube Airforce fighter pilot has been learning to hover helicopters for his channel and says it's so much harder than flying an F-18, so if tom cruise is corkscrewing and doing airshow stunts solo in a helicopter , he's got the skills to fly a Super Hornet. Think I've been proven wrong! Well done Sir Cruise! Looking forward to this in IMAX!!!

  6. This supposedly realistic movie says it wants to convey what it feels like to be a fighter pilot yet hads weird sound to the trailer. Definitely a good start.

  7. Christopher McQuarrie
    and team are really changing how films are made these days. First the 'Halo Jump' in MI 6, and now this! It's so amazing to watch these people work and put something so incredible and unbelievable on the screen.

  8. Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson : I got guns to do daredevil and death defying stunts for my viewers. Audience comes first.

    Tom: Hold my beer

  9. Tom's movies are just becoming vanity projects for him to fly jets and helicopters and dangle off buildings. They're not even about the story anymore.

  10. Tom Cruise has been training his whole life for this film. Nothing but respect. Ok and a healthy dose of jealousy/envy, in the most respectful way possible.

  11. Is tom actually flying it or is he in a 2 seater version with an actual pilot. ………this definitely give me goosebumps……cant wait to watch it on big screen.

  12. Understand he's in the backseat. It's still grueling as hell and the forces still the same but he's not flying the plane….he is flying "in" the plane.

  13. Hats off to the crew of Top Gun for not going the easy route and using CGI. Tom got the added bonus of getting freebee thrilling flights worth probably hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

  14. "Top fighter pilots in the world"

    Well….top fighter pilots in….the US Navy….

    Maybe….in the USA

    But…not the world

  15. My God, what have they done? I was Top Guns #1 fan in 85 and I challenge anyone to love this movie as much as me. Thank you for one more launch!!!!

  16. Cool stuff but flying with bare hands ? What's next a shot of him in flip flops on the rudder pedals ?

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