Top Home Remedies for Asthma

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Hey guys, Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. I’m so excited to be here with you. So, today we’ll be talking about the top
home remedies to help you overcome asthma and other breathing related issues. Now again, this is a good number one for asthma
but even people who are struggling with bronchitis, COPD, or other things that can start to constrict
those bronchial areas, this is going to help. And I’ll tell you there are a lot of people
that are struggling with asthma today. I know in my in my clinic that I have here
in Nashville, took care of a lot of kids, saw great results with them and overcoming
asthma naturally. So today, on today’s episode, I’m going to
be going over the best diet, the best supplements, the best essential oils, and what to avoid
in order for you to overcome or your children to overcome asthma. Also, as we talk about every day here on the
show, we have a big mission, myself and Jordan Rubin, we want to help to teach people how
to use food as medicine. Take a minute right now for me, press that
share button and punch that share button, help us spread the word on the natural remedies
to help heal asthma. Let’s dive right in here. Number one, here are some of the foods you
should start consuming. Number one, more fruits and vegetables. Now, raw fruits and vegetable in both cooked
and raw vegetables are going to be great because they’re very high in enzymes. What you want to do when you have asthma is
consume a diet that’s going to reduce inflammation. And reducing inflammation is going to be done
through certain types of fats but also enzymes are fantastic. Now, some of our favorite fruits that are
great for reducing inflammation can include things like kiwi. Kiwi contains an active component called actinidain,
which is incredible. Papaya, pineapple is great because of its
bromelain content, and figs. And then actually sort of as a side note,
ginger is great as well because it contains Zingiber bean. So doing those specific fruits as well as
ginger are incredible at reducing body-wide, system-wide, inflammation, also vegetables
are great in general. Remember these fruits and vegetables along
with omega-3 fats, which we’ll talk about here in a minute, are highly anti-inflammatory. So you want to consume a lot of food they
are enzyme rich and rich in vitamins and minerals such as fruits and vegetables. Number two here, wild-caught fish. Wild-caught fish is high in EPA and DHA. These types of omega-3 fatty acids are more
anti-inflammatory then are other omega-3 fats called ALA, alpha-linolenic acid that’s
found in flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts. So again, getting wild-caught fish in the
diet—salmon, mackerel, tuna, halibut, and other fatty fish sardines, and anchovies are
great as well. Get more of these omega-3 fats every single
day. And I want to say this, if you are not a fish
lover or you can’t get wild-caught fish in your diet that day, then make sure you’re
taking a high quality fish oil supplement or fish roe which is known as caviar. You can get that as a great supplement as
well. But again, making sure you’re getting EPA
and DHA on a regular basis. Or ETA, which is also found in fish roe. Oil again, fish oil, and cod liver oil also
good options here because of their ability to reduce inflammation. That’s a big thing that causes asthma when
your bronchial area gets inflamed. Now, I want to talk about a few other foods
you can consume here. Garlic and onions are high on the list because
of their high levels of quercetin. Onions are very, very high in quercetin. In fact, there is even clinical studies showing
that quercetin can help reduce inflammation in the body, specifically histamine reaction. So if you are suffering with some form of
allergies or bronchial issue like asthma, onions and garlic are great. Cooked are great but raw, in fact you can
actually take a raw garlic clove, chew it up and swallow it and that’s a great thing
to do as well for reducing inflammation. I want to mention another thing in Chinese
medicine. When you look at Chinese medicine, they actually
believe foods that are more white in nature tend to really support the bronchial area. So you notice garlic and onions are typically
a whiter or sort of a lighter yellow color. They would fall into that category. Cauliflower is fantastic, high levels of vitamin
C. In fact, they talk about or if you’ve noticed this, that cauliflower actually looks like
lungs, they actually looks like lung tissue, it’s great for the lungs. And then chicken broth, similar thing is when
you used for the immune system and supporting the lungs and colon in Chinese medicine for
a long period of time. Next thing here, getting plenty of water in
your diet, making sure you’re staying hydrated on a regular basis is also a great idea. So again, getting plenty of water. Now, when you’re drinking water making sure
that it’s very clean water, spring water, reverse osmosis water, or really clean filtered
water. You want to stay away from water that’s high
in chlorine and fluoride because of what that can do in terms of irritating the gut lining
and increasing your risk of any type of reaction or sensitivity that you might have. So again, the water you drink, you want to
make sure it’s very clean, very pure there as well. A few other things are great, flaxseeds are
fantastic. Now, flaxseeds are high in alpha-Linolenic
acid, a different type of omega-3 that’s found in fish, still highly beneficial. So flaxseeds are great, also they contain
ligands, contain certain types of antioxidants, high in minerals. So again, flaxseeds and other great food. And then bone broth, as I talked about earlier,
specifically chicken or turkey broth. Chicken or turkey broth is very high in Type
II Collagen. Remember this, most people today are getting
way too much muscle meat and not enough protein and amino acids that come from skin ligaments
and tendons from animals and from their bones. And these types of amino acids like proline,
and glycine, and hydroxyproline very therapeutic for the lungs. And think about this, you are what you eat
and specifically when you’re eating nutrients that are found in bone broth, those are very
supportive for your immune system. So your small intestine, your large intestine,
your lungs, bone broth actually helps repair damaged areas. And so think about this, if you have a damaged
area in your body and you’re rebuilding, think about if you had a house and half of it was
knocked down, you need to start rebuilding it again, you need the right materials. That’s what bone broth brings you—the
right materials for rebuilding and healing your body. So again, bone broth every single day especially
chicken broth. Now here are the big triggers you want to
avoid if you have asthma or someone you love has asthma. Number one, conventional dairy products. Now, conventional dairy, here’s the thing,
we took this, what could be consider the super food if you take a raw, organic, fermented
goat’s milk or sheep’s milk or A2 milk, so a good quality dairy product. And what happens today is we’ll take dairy
oftentimes from a cow that actually has some genetic makeup issues to where their type
of casein is now more inflammatory. And then what we’ll do is we’ll take that
that dairy product, oftentimes that cow is has been injected with steroids, different
types of growth hormones, loads and loads of antibiotics. They’ve also been feeding on genetically modified
grains. So when you consume dairy products from conventional
dairy, they have also been pasteurized where the enzymes have been killed off, there’s
no probiotics anymore, very difficult to digest. It is one of the worst foods for your body. In fact of all the things I’m going to mention,
conventional dairy may be the single worst product for somebody to consume that has asthma. In Chinese medicine as well, conventional
milk is known to be very dampening to the body and mucus forming, which can make it
hard to breathe. So again, get completely out of your diet
any type of conventional dairy product. Now the next thing here would be sugar. Sugar we know, highly inflammatory, similar
thing, it’s going to cause a histamine reaction, it’s also going to cause bad microbes to
build up within your system. Get conventional sugar completely out of the
diet. Replace it with raw local honey or Manuka
honey. In fact, raw local honey may in fact help
you naturally build your immune system over time and could overall help fight allergy
or asthma potentially the future as it does allergies. We know that local raw honey contains local
microbes that actually can help support you having less reactions to things over time. So again, make raw local honey the natural
sweetener that you use instead of sugar. Next thing here, get rid of the processed
foods. We know processed foods are high in chemicals,
things like pesticides. If you’re buying a food that is non-organic,
if we’re talking about produce, pretty much all of it has been sprayed with some sort
type of herbicide, fungicide or some sort of chemical, and even for preservation. So again, processed foods are going to be
high in chemicals. Also many of them, when we think about fast
foods, they’re fried in hydrogenated oils. Those are going to be inflammatory in nature. Remember this, the name of the game is keeping
your body in the state where there’s not too much inflammation occurring constantly within
the body or over-inflammation so processed foods, fast foods, get those out of the diet
as well. And what can fall into a similar category
sometimes are staying away with foods with additives and preservatives, especially packaged
foods. We’ve got a picture here of a bowl of these
brightly covered cereal and I’ve read plenty of studies over the years showing that food
colorings, additives, and preservatives can cause sensitivities, especially in children. We talk about children on the autistic spectrum
or with ADHD having behavioral issues and reactions when they’re exposed these things. The very same thing can happen with asthma. When you are consuming these things that are
not natural, the body reacts to them as they are a chemical, which they are and so again,
these are things that can absolutely cause asthmatic reactions. The truth here is just eat real food, okay? If it comes in a box that has more than five
ingredients, typically it’s not natural. So look for food with a short ingredient list
that you understand what the ingredient is. Things like apples, and almonds, and sea salt,
very short ingredient list. Stay away from the foods with additives and
preservatives. Now, here are some supplements you can take
specifically that can help asthmatic symptoms. Number one is quercetin. I mentioned earlier, garlic and that specifically
onions are very high in quercetin. Also citrus fruits like lemons, very high
in quercetin. But getting quercetin as a supplement can
help you fight asthma. You can take that as a supplement daily. This is also good not just for asthma, it’s
also really powerful for allergies and helping fight histamine reactions and inflammation. Next one here is N-acetyl cysteine. Now, cysteine along with some other amino
acids really help support the body’s glutathione production okay. It’s a precursor glutathione. It can really help support your body in free
radical. So if your body has a lot of free radicals
that are building up, those can be inflammatory, can also trigger an asthmatic response over
time. So doing N-acetyl cysteine can be powerful,
a powerful natural supplement. And other one, we mentioned this earlier,
wild-caught salmon, wild-caught fish but also taking an omega-3 supplement like a fish roe
supplement, a fish oil supplement, or cod liver oil supplement, but getting those good
omega-3 fats because they reduce inflammation. And then vitamin B6, you know vitamin B6 has
actually been shown to help the arteries, to help circulation and be actually a dilator
of your bronchioles. And so vitamin B6, what I would recommend
here, you can take a straight B6 supplement or go and find a certified organic vitamin
B complex supplement that is whole food based. Again, when you’re out buying vitamins and
supplements like a B vitamin or B complex, flip over the bottle and look and make sure
there is foods in there, make sure there’s probiotics, make sure it’s certified organic. But again, vitamin B6, another great supplement
for fighting asthma as well. And I’ll mention this here, the other thing
I want to mention actually after I mention magnesium here. Magnesium is known as your body’s relaxation
mineral. So if you have especially smooth muscle in
your body, if that becomes constricted, magnesium helps the body relax. So for adults, typically you want to do anywhere
from 500 to 600 milligrams a day for most adults in treating asthma there as well. But magnesium can help the body. Now, there are other some great herbal extracts
that are also very, very good for the lungs and reduce inflammation. I mentioned ginger earlier. Ginger can be fantastic. Stinging nettles has actually been shown to
be very good for asthma, and allergies, and opening-up respiratory pathways. So again, doing herbs, turmeric is another
one that’s high in curcumin, but doing herbs is also beneficial in this way as well. And if you have an issue to where you’ve got
a lot of mucus build up in the body, specifically in the lungs, doing bitter herbs such as dandelion
is also a very, very beneficial in that manner as well. So here are some essential oils that work
great. Now, we mentioned that bitterness there, you
will see one up here is bergamot. Bergamot it contains d-limonene and it actually
comes from the peel of a citrus fruit or bergamot and it’s very bitter in nature. D-limonene actually has been shown to act
as an expectorant and actually clear excess mucus from the lungs. Now, cypress oil is one of the most powerful
oils. In fact, of all of the oils, from what I’ve
seen, it’s the most powerful at improving circulation. So if somebody is having circulatory issues,
and so often times in the past I’ve worked with patients and had them if they have sprained
an ankle, or broken a bone, or had an injury to a tissue in an area, we’ve actually used
cypress oil or other, other oils in the pine or tree family such as fir oil work very,
very good with this as well. Cedar wood was pretty good but cypress, very
good for circulation. So what you’re going to do here and you’ll
probably mix this with another oil, but you will take some cypress oil, some coconut oil,
and mix it together, rub that all over the lungs. And another great thing you can then do is
either a hot compress or take a hot shower, steam room, infrared sauna, but doing something
to open up those areas with steam can be good as well once you get that oil there rubbed
all over the chest and upper neck area can be very beneficial. And one of the things I love to do, you can
do a mixture of bergamot, cypress. Eucalyptus is also fantastic. Eucalyptus, of all the essential oils, probably
has the most profound effect on opening up the airways. You can notice an immediate difference there
with eucalyptus, a great oil to use. And another thing you can do for breathing,
you can do a few drops in hot water, cover your head with the towel, take deep breaths
in and out. Eucalyptus is also great to use a diffuser,
taking deep breaths in there as well. And then frankincense oil, frankincense oil
contains many different types of compounds that are anti-inflammatory which is great
there as well. A few more essential oils here, lavender is
good for calming the body. Lemon oil, similar to bergamot, is very bitter
in nature access and expectorant. Peppermint oil can help cool and soothe the
system. And then rosemary essential oil, very similar,
it actually contains rosmarinic acid as well as other types of compounds that are similar
to eucalyptus in that they really help open up the airways. Rosemary also has been shown to be highly
anti-inflammatory, so greatly beneficial as well. So to review here, if you have asthma or someone
you love has asthma, you want to follow these steps. By the way, if you’ve been enjoying this live
training, take a minute right now, do me a favor, punch that share button. There are millions of adults and millions
of children especially that are struggling with asthma every single day. They don’t know the triggers, they don’t know
the things that can help heal their body. So, hey, help me spread the message by liking
this video as well as sharing this right now as well. So again, more raw fruits and veggies in the
diet. They are anti-inflammatory, especially figs,
kiwi, pineapple, papaya, wild-caught fish like salmon. Garlic and onions because of their high levels
of quercetin. More clean water, flaxseeds, and bone broth. Remember, when we’re looking at this here
with conventional dairy, get that completely out of the diet. Sugar, remember replace that with raw local
honey ideally or Manuka honey another good option. Get rid of the processed packaged foods. Get rid of the additives and preservatives. We’ll touch on these here. Quercetin is a supplement and N-acetyl cysteine,
omega-3 fats, vitamin B6, and magnesium. And then finally here, some of the best essential
oils: bergamot, cypress, eucalyptus, frankincense. And I would say, if you’re just looking for
a couple to use, my favorites would be probably eucalyptus up here and cypress, two of my
favorites there for asthma to do or eucalyptus,and bergamot, or lemon will be great as well. So, hey guys, this has been me, Dr. Josh Axe,
talking about The Top Home Remedies to Overcome Asthma Symptoms. And hey, if you’re not subscribed here to
our channel, make sure you’re subscribed. Myself and Jordan Rubin have a lot more of
great content coming out on essential oils, home remedies, health news, and a whole lot
more. Hey guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. We’ll be back here with another Ancient
Medicine Today tomorrow.

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