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I’m just concerned as anybody about the
effect air quality has on our health and as a GP especially I see that pollution
is a trigger for people with asthma. It’s really really important our survey show
that affects more than two-thirds of people with asthma so it’s really really
key to make sure that we’ve got people aware of what to do and how to help
control their own health there are five key things that we suggest you do to
help reduce the effect of pollution on your asthma. Always carry your reliever
inhaler with you. This can be a lifesaver you never know when triggers such as
pollution can really affect your asthma. Check air quality alerts. Nowadays we see on the weather reports on our phones and then particularly the at the Asthma UK Facebook
and Twitter feeds they tell you what their air quality is going to be like.
Use that information to keep your asthma well
prepare yourself when your triggers are going to be bad. Close your windows
whether you’re driving through the city or especially if you’re stuck in traffic
shut your car window to prevent polluted air getting in and affecting your
airways – but even if you you’re living near a main road or in a city close your
windows at home because it can be the same problem. Stop the polluted air
getting in and affecting your asthma. Avoid busy Main Roads whether you’re
cycling, walking, jogging through the city think about different routes you can
take so you’re not exposing yourself to the same levels of pollution. We
certainly advise not jogging, running or taking exercise when when pollution is
highest and if you can find back roads to go on even better. Look after your
asthma even when you’re well. The single most important tip I pass to my patients
is taking preventor inhaler every day as prescribed. A written abstraction plan
can also help and keep in touch with your doctor or a nurse to stay well

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