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Hello, dear friends! You’re watching
scientific-entertaining, scientific-humoristic channel
“To Healthy – Helps a Lot”. Our remedy here is jokes, humor,
good aura that we have here. Not even aura, but
the presence of God. We serve people well, and for
that we get cured. That’s it! We don’t give any meds to anyone,
And we don’t treat anyone. Right? Look! Now I’m going to
answer your letters. “Hello, dear Mr. Ostrovskiy.
Everyone in our family suffers from seasonal allergy. I’m a
nursing mother. What shall we do?” It’s very simple. Don’t eat animals,
and you won’t get any allergy. Allergy is caused by
consuming animals. Exclude all products of animal origin, and
do one enema a day to cleanse your bowel. At least for a month. And everything will go away. Well,
Do that for at least a week. And that’s it! Buckwheat, salads,
buckwheat, salads, salads, buckwheat. It’ll get well soon.
Stop overeating. All right, next. “How do I get rid of
hemorrhoids?” from our acquaintances from Groznyy. Let me pull it a little out. So, how to get rid of hemorrhoids? Use leeches
and you’ll get rid of hemorrhoids. That’s it! Hold on, it’s not from
Groznyy, it’s a woman writing. Put some leeches there and do chamomile
enemas. And lie with these enemas. And cleanse your liver well, ok? Because
everything depends on the liver. The whole vascular system depends
on the liver. Sarvangasana! Sarvangasana. Look it up on the Internet.
Sarvangasana (an inversion pose). A “candlestick”. To get everything up.
You have your organs fallen. enteroptosia! Now, next, here’s
rectal prolapse (Marat) Marat, the prolapse occurs because there
are tons of worms in the small bowel. And it protrudes
out of the anus. You go to a doctor and say:
“Doctor, I have a rectal prolapse”. He’ll say: “You’ve got
to cut the gut off!” “But what for?” “You just have to. No one in the world can cure
it. It’s an incurable disease. 300 dollars” “Can I get by
without a surgery?” “No, you can’t. Google it. What
do you want from me?! Next!” Actually he’s lying. It can be cured
all right. There are worms in there. Take 50 grams of castor oil
And 50 gram of cognac. Drink it, and all this nasty stuff will
come out, all the worms. And that’s it! Well, you may Make sure you don’t have
pancreatitis or gallstones. If you do, drink it once a week.
Or twice a week. It all depends! I can’t tell you
everything right now. If you don’t have cognac, you can mix 100 grams
of lemon juice with 50 grams of castor oil. All these worms will come out, the slime, the
feces. There’s a lot of feces stuck in there. Hence the bowel sags. It bulges/
When you go to a doctor he says: “Got to cut it off”. Instead of cleansing, he
simply says: “Cut it off”. Ok, next. You got my point.
Next, Lena writes. Elena: “Mr. Ostrovskiy,
Your work is not worthless. It took me 4 months to recover.
And the results are great” Now I see that my work is worthless.
Well, next question. A question from Georgia. “Chronic quinsy” Chronic quinsy. Take a glass of
water, drink it, and that’s all. Gargle 5-6 times a day – It goes away.
That’s it! And don’t eat dairy. You have too much
dairy in your food, too much starch. Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes,
potatoes, sugar, potatoes, sugar. Slime. It gets clogged with slime. Slime got stuck
in there. That’s it! No slime – no problem. That’s it! Now, your knees ache. Well, dab them with some alcohol.
First alcohol, then Vaseline. So that Vaseline soaks into your knees.
It will lubricate them well. And everything will go away! Then, you’ve got bunions on your hands.
Everyone has. Everyone has. Let it be. That’s
all because of meat you eat. And because of kebab. Kebab, meat,
kebab, meat, meat, kebab, meat, kebab, lamb, lamb.
Slaughtered a lamb. Well, cow. Cow. Milk,
milk, milk, milk. Cow: milk, cheese,
cheese, cheese, cheese. Do you have any
vegetables at yours? Maybe buckwheat? Change the way you eat, and you won’t
have any problems. I think that’s enough. Here, the last question.
Maurika Chornaya: “Can I use castor oil if I
don’t have a gallbladder?” If you don’t have a gallbladder, you’re
the happiest person in the world. It means you have no pains.
Then, why can’t you? Unless you have pancreatitis,
and I know you do. If you don’t have a gallbladder, it means
you have pancreatitis in a latent form. Because you get
stuffed with animals. And dairy. Am I right? Well, see you next time!


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