Training School Nurses to Take On Asthma

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KATIE: The number one
reason children miss school in Houston
is actually because of asthma. Let’s say they
don’t have their medication or they
can’t get into their doctor’s office because
their parents are working. They don’t have to
miss school for that. We have a great
partnership in project with Blue Cross
Blue Shield of Texas called Enhancing
Asthma Care with Students particularly in the
Houston area. So we are here today
doing a Spirometry course to teach these
wonderful nurses and medical assistants
that work at the school-based clinic
how to properly treat and diagnose
children with asthma with the use of
Spirometry testing. BOB: We’re so pleased
and actually so blessed to be able to
partner with the American Lung Association
around this initiative. This tool that we’re
providing to the clinicians allows them to
actually recognize these diseases
earlier. KATIE: So again to
make sure we’re getting out there
and having the children get treated
and come when they have issues
during the day. If they’re having a
hard time breathing they don’t have to miss
school that really is key we want children to
still be in school and still say ahead
with their education but get treated for
lung health issues they may have. So the clinic here
is serving that purpose and
it’s great! (Kids playing)

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