Tramadol Kills More People Than All Other Painkillers

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tramadol is the drug that kills more
people than painkillers the word addiction refers to any behavior that is
deemed out of control in some cases addiction can be minor such as being
addicted to television shopping or talking on the phone but in a lot of
cases addiction is related to drugs the most common drugs that addiction is
related to are marijuana cocaine heroin and ecstasy while society focuses on
those major drugs which is absolutely necessary
there is another crisis that is rising and seems to be completely ignored
painkiller addictions to be more specific
there is one painkiller that has actually claimed more lives than heroin
and cocaine according to Northern Ireland’s state
pathologist professor Jack crane the painkiller tramadol has killed more
people than heroin and cocaine this may be shocking to many people but keep
watching to find out more about this drug and you’ll see why people need to
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so you never miss our new videos what is trauma doll tramadol is a prescribed
pain reliever it is one of the most potent painkillers on the market and is
generally used to treat around-the-clock pain it is part of the opioids group and
does most of its work in the central nervous system of the body opioids are
painkillers which can be highly addictive people who are addicted to
opioids can go through severe and life-threatening withdrawal without the
proper treatment need-to-know information tramadol can be
very harmful if you have the following health issues breathing problems
blockage in your intestines or stomach and if you consume alcohol on a
daily basis if you suffer from any of those three issues your doctor may not
prescribe tramadol to you because it has the ability to slow or even stop your
breathing if you’re interested in finding out about some other
pharmaceutical drugs that can be damaging to your health keep watching
until the very end because we’ll fill you in on five other pharmaceutical
drugs that are extremely dangerous side effects of tramadol the following are
some of the less common symptoms that you may experience after taking tramadol
nausea bloating blood in the urine chills increased blood pressure
abdominal or stomach pain difficulty urinating fainting heart rate increase
and loss of memory it needs to be noted that these symptoms can also be caused
by other health issues so if you only experienced one of these symptoms do not
panic but do consult your doctor to get further information symptoms the
following are symptoms you will experience if you overdose tramadol
difficulty breathing change in consciousness reduced muscle tone severe
fatigue shortness of breath unusual tiredness an irregular heartbeat as you
can see a lot of those symptoms can be life-threatening and can even lead to
other health issues again it needs to be noted that experiencing some of these
symptoms does not mean you are overdosing but it does mean you should
go see your doctor for a further evaluation other issues if you are a
pregnant woman it is not recommended that you take this painkiller it has the
ability to cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms for the newborn many
people do not like swallowing pills so they crush them up and inhale them or
add them to a beverage or even dilute them and inject them
make note of this tramadol needs to be taken orally by mouth if you crush it up
inject it or inhale it it can cause life-threatening side effects overdose
or even death how to take tramadol if you have made it this far in this video
you are realizing the dangers of this painkiller and you want to know how to
properly take it it’s simple follow the directions that are printed
on the label the directions are not there simply for a guideline they are
there for you to do exactly what they say tramadol has the ability to be
habit-forming even at regular doses so if you decide
to start overdosing on it the chances of you becoming addicted to it
skyrocket for chronic pain doctors recommend adults start with 100
milligrams once a day do not increase the dosing on your own consult your
doctor and they will tell you if you can increase it for moderate or severe pain
doctors will recommend you take 50 to 100 milligrams every six hours again do
not increase the dosage without consulting your doctor first if you miss
your dose then take it as soon as possible however if it is almost time to
take your next dose just skip it and continue going back to your regular
dosing times do not take a skip dose and a regular dose at the same time
another helpful note is you should stop taking all other painkiller medications
once you begin taking tramadol the last thing you want is a negative reaction to
other medications you are taking which can cause life-threatening health
issues precautions when you are prescribed tramadol you need to make
sure you tell your doctor about every type of medication you are currently
taking as i have mentioned earlier it can cause seizures and can also cause a
serious condition called serotonin syndrome which can cause a high fever
rapid heart rate and high blood pressure this painkiller has also been reported
to increase suicidal thoughts it is imperative that the second you start
feeling really depressed or have thoughts about harming yourself to go
see your doctor immediately also keep track of any unusual changes
in behavior that you have never experienced before especially if they
begin to worsen this may include anxiousness nervousness
or becoming angry and violent now that you know a little bit more about
tramadol here are five other types of pharmaceutical drugs that can be
damaging to your health proton pump inhibitors there is recent research that
indicates that PP eyes may increase the risk of kidney disease dementia and
possible heart attacks the research is from Stanford University and Houston
Methodist Hospital in Texas and researchers say that the drugs do more
than just turn off the acid pump in the stomach they add that drugs also block
the production of acid in every cell in our body as well this hampers the body’s
ability to get rid of damaged proteins which can build up as we age
John Cook MD ph.d chair of cardiovascular disease research at
Houston Methodist Hospital describes PBIS as a smoking gun
prednisone the National Kidney Foundation describes prednisone as a
steroid drug that helps lower the activity of the immune system usually
those with lupus asthma and certain types of arthritis take prednisone the
National Kidney Foundation adds that when people take prednisone they can
experience high blood sugar this can be a major concern for those who have
diabetes or are at risk of developing diabetes also because prednisone
suppresses the body’s immune system it can also increase the risk of infections
occurring statins according to the CDC in 2012 over 23% of Americans were
taking statin drugs one of the reasons you should avoid taking statins is
because they lower your vitamin k2 intake according to research published
in expert review of clinical pharmacology statins do not reduce the
chances of Arthur sclerosis they may actually stimulate artha sclerosis and
heart failure the reason this may be possible is that
vitamin k2 protects your arteries from calcification without vitamin k2 our
plaque levels will get worse which can cause a heart attack antidepressants
antidepressants are becoming more and more popular for Americans according to
the CDC one in ten people were over the age of 12 is taking a prescription
antidepressant drug according to Harvard Medical School those who are taking any
depressants are increasing their risk of stomach or uterine bleeding and are more
likely to require a blood transfusion during or after surgery they also add
that antidepressants have the ability to lose their effect this happens because
the brain becomes less responsive to the drug many people will often increase
their dose but sometimes the results are overdosing
pain killers although painkillers relieve pain when we need it most
they may also be doing serious damage to your cardiovascular health as well
according to Michelle Bali and her research team from the University of
Montreal Hospital Research Center the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
drugs can increase the risk of having a heart attack after only a few weeks of
use you can find this research published in the journal BMJ did you know about
any of the harmful effects of any of the drugs in this video let us know in the
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70 thoughts on “Tramadol Kills More People Than All Other Painkillers

  1. Did you know about any of the harmful effects of any of the drugs in this video? Let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  2. Ultram is a safe pain med! There is no scientific evidence to back up that Ultram or Tramadol you call it it's a killer by itself it has to mix with other stuff like alcohol other drugs just like here in the United States so don't go and tell me the freaking Tramadol is a killer that's a bunch of bull fyckin shit

  3. Your misinformation is criminal. The University of Ireland have not published any findings on tramadol. If they did, would they be talking about their Country or America or the U.K. Usage is very different in each Country because of how it's prescribed. In the U.K and Ireland there isn't a problem with doctors over prescribing them, neither are people able to sign up with multi doctors in those places to collect more pills. People in these Countries all have free access to medical care and services. America of course has a whole problem of its own making. The real facts and figures would show this, that is why you won't find a study that groups these places together. You are making a bad situation worse by telling untrue information. I challenge you to produce your research on this subject. The evidence of a study on the drug that causes the most deaths worldwide would be a good place to start. That's what you are claiming. This channel is dreadful, you pretend to have knowledge on an issue and it's clear 5 minutes in or less that you have little to know understanding.
    Many thousands of people who live with pain every hour of their lives are forced to live on a variety of pain medication. How do you imagine the misinformation you publish effects them? You haven't any idea, no empathy or the smallest understanding. Your channel shouldn't be able to put videos up with false claims and misinformation.

  4. I was taking this for my body aches from chemo 🤤 But I stopped taking them bc they would make me throw up 🤢

  5. I may sound like a cold person for saying this but I've had a stroke and now onset of Parkinson's and because of those that abuse and overdose on pain killers, the state I live in has passed legislation to make it very hard for those of us who are in constant pain to get the meds we need to make life tolerable. So sorry to say this but if you abuse it and OD, I see it as survival of the fittest. Why should those of us who follow the rules and remain responsible suffer for those who don't?

  6. Tramadol made me so sick . I was given tramadol after surgery and felt like I was poisoned . I even tried taking cutting in half and I was taking 10mg .

  7. Predisone bothered my stomach so bad to were i had ti go back to the doctor and have them to take me off. I missed work alot and was about to be fired because of it. The doctors say that I had fluid and they used that to help me, but in the end trying to kill me

  8. I'm sorry and no pun intended but I feel your pain gram gram. I've heard of some people in our situation putting themselves at risk by seeking illegal drugs to deal with pain, is that what we've come to? Is that what legislators want us to turn to? Or worse some get overwhelmed and take their lives. I pray that we will never come to that.

  9. I knew this was all BS as soon as you showed weed as being addictive. Are you kidding with that crap? Weed is the safest thing you showed on this video and helps with all kinds of medical problems. You need to get your facts straight before trying to inform people.

  10. I have had 4 c sections 2 surgeries and teeth pulled out and was prescribed perks. Come on I'm still here and not addicted

  11. Gram gram thank you there is a. Movement called don't punish pain I am going to see about becoming involved in that . I was also thinking that with us older and chronic pain people should ban together from all states and see if we can't get some of these restrictions removed ? My nephew is a doctor in Salt City Utah and because several doctors the federal government says over-prescribing these medications and the several people were becoming addicted and hooked and the overdose situation they go into these doctors offices and there's always two of them and they start ripping their files out of the file cabinets they won't allow the doctors to see their patients while they're there and they start auditing their files and they want exact reasons for why this person was given this pain medication and that and that and if they don't have a complete complete records to prove and provide this information then they make things very difficult for them and they can lose their license or possibly be charged it's a nightmare for the doctors as well and that's another thing they tell them is that they are working out of their field and that's how pain management has become such as thing is because the federal government is telling General and regular doctors that they should not be prescribing out of their field and they could be fined imprisoned or lose their license over this my nephew due to all this decided just to become a doctor at an urgent care because trying to have a family practice and all that I just become so ridiculous with all the federal regulations and auditing and everything and the malpractice insurance that it's just they're terrorizing the doctors as well for all the bad doctors for terrorizing the good doctors and that's why they won't you know and then it's really hard to get into pain management as well.

  12. Susan Edwards I guess I am cold heart as well but Amen sister it is pure bull shit..What state do you live in Susan Edwards?

  13. Just want to say. You tube is great but it's very very sad when people make judgements and assumptions based on their response to the video. People be careful when making comments to others who you have no clue about that person! Thank yoh

  14. I take 1 pill per day(6max according to my doc) and it helps me to suffer less.I am waiting they find what I have and i will stop.for the moment it relieves a part of my alternative effect.I won't try to overdose for reacreativ or whatever thing.I"m suffernig I am not looking to party in a nighclub i just want to be cure

  15. I found out my ex-wife, who was very successful, was taking Tramadol. She was buying thousands of pills illegally online. She stopped taking care of my daughter. I now have custody of our daughter, and she has nothing now. It ruined her life.

  16. mmm… I'm just at 4.27 min of this video and I'm already thinking to report it … It's a crime to give medical informations that are not true. I will think about reporting, let's go on…

  17. LOL …i'm reading just now the other comments … bestie!!! Be ashamed!!! LOL …. Stupid one … I'm closing this video … just I'm wondering in what place in the World there are so stupid people… where are you from dude? LOL

  18. Tramadol can be good and can be bad. It's a drug… you know. WHO (OMS in my place) said something about tramadol lately, and also about pregabalin and cannabis. Study dude, read! You will be a better one! (by the way if you are under 16 sorry for my rudeness… I'm just true and honest)

  19. WHAT!? is that video title joking? I have been taking tramadol for about 9 years STRAIGHT every day & never had a problem.

  20. Is bullshit that weed is addicting so sick of hearing this nor is it a damn gateway drug is total bullshit too.

  21. A couple of 50mg. Tramadol helps my pain from arthritis and makes me feel 10 years younger physically. Also makes me kiinda horny. Too bad my wife won't take it. I have to be horny all by myself.

  22. True I was dehydrated while smoking a blunt on like 3 trams and when I walked back in the house I was light headed and fell flat on my head luckily my old bro was there to shake me back awake. Scary shit

  23. This is a lie. There is no proof that it has killed anyone. I have also taken it for 5 years. Stop repeating with the DEA is telling you. It has saved my life and it has no withdrawal like xanex. None
    My last dr gave me Lyrica. It was 200$ with insurance. It made me numb and I couldn't do my job at work.
    Also notice how most of the people agreeing with this have been on opiates that act on dophamine? Half of them can't even spell. Funny how that works.
    Why is this video flat out lying?

  24. I use this recreationally. And experience many if these symptoms but never was scared if death. I'll take 10 at a time and have the shallow breathing and fall in and out of consciousness. I always woke up.

  25. The most common addictions are marijuana huh? You kinda lost me there. That's not just an exaggeration… It's purely false. Marijuana is fun, but not chemically addictive. No one gets sick as they try to cut doses of weed.

  26. This complete bullcrap… Where did you got this shit fact from cause it had to be seriously fucking dumbass that shit it out of his head?!! I was taking Tramadol 3 years 200mg a day and I was never even sick from it.. It's fentanyl and oxicodon that kills people not tramal

  27. My mom almost died the other day from tramadol I had to give her cpr to bring her back it’s disgusting how this drug is legal and weed isn’t

  28. I think there is some misinformation here. For me, Tramadol feels the weakest out of the prescription opiate/opioid painkillers I have been given in my life. Even when I first started it I never felt high or anything. It does indeed reduce pain but I think its power and addictiveness is overrated. I have even been able to take it years at a time and suddenly stop without withdrawals (although I definitely wouldn't recommend doing that)
    Although tramadol is in the opioid group its a synthetic opioid and is actually structurally similar to SNRI (antidepressants) medication.
    It does make me drowsy. As I understand it the biggest dangers are serotonin syndrome if taken with certain types of antidepressants and seizures in some people, even at the prescribed dose. I once had a capsule break open in my mouth while swallowing and I later had a seizure so I recommend if a capsule breaks to spit it out and if you have a seizure at all while on the drug to stop and talk to your doctor straight away.
    If you are in genuine pain, don't let videos like this scare you into not taking it. Then again it is also not without some risk so choose wisely.
    And always follow your doctors advice and guidelines

  29. Tramadol is not powerful and the most powerful opioids are Schedule 2 according to the Scheduled Substances Act. Vicodin and Oxycodone are more powerful. Before November of 2012 Tramadol was not a schooled Substance and was not narcotic until 2012 and was placed on Scheduled 4 substance. Tramadol is also used as an SSRI antidepressant properties. Tramadol was approved by the FDA in 1996 and was considered a first line treatment  of having opioid like affects but not an actual opioid. Scheduled 5 Substances have some risk of dependence( Cherristussin A/C, Lyrica)  This was put on a S-4 substance( Valium, Tramadol, Clonazepam, Lorazepam) which means it could lead to low-medium risk, S-3 substances (Tylenol W/ Codeine No 2,3,4) have a chance medium risk of dependence and addiction  scheduled 2 are a High Risk for addiction and dependence( Vicodin, Oxycodone, Duragesic Codeine Morphine)  ,Scheduled 1 means there is no medical use (Cocaine, PCP, Molly).

  30. Hi, I think I've found a contributing factor, accord and relonchem brands of capsules release far too fast, like 5 minutes in warm water, in the gut its instantaneous, they made me very sick.

  31. Can tramadol lead to sever intestinal swelling and pain (near joint of large & small intestine or anywhere in the stomach , if , sildenafill at night ,is also used after T.I.D. of tramadol.)?
    can tramadol (alone without any other drug combination) lead to intestinal pain or ulcer ???

  32. I've been takeng tramadol since the last 2 years (started with 4 50mg doses per day), and i can asure to you, the abstinence syndrome is horrible. Just one dose left, and i had feber, nervs, feeling agressive, and needed to go with my doctor to start reducing my doses little by little. I personaly felt the respiratorie difficulties, the memory losts (in short place) was confusing and annoying. I recomand to use this only if you have cronical pain like me (low back pain because an herniated disc). It is really effective, and if you want to take it without medic permission, just go to the fharmacy and ask for (Gelotrador, or Enanplus). I started with the second, and the first is for reduce the doses if you want to leave it, but it's up to you if the side effects its woth it.

  33. Insticts told me to take 1/2 of a 50 mg pill once a day. But decides to stop taking it yesterday. ( Cause my husband was a heroin addict, Funny I dreamed of him twice when I got the pills. He passed in 2001. I think now I know what the dreams was about. Me turning into an addict with those pills. From the doctor ) Anyway I took a 200 mile cruise to get my mind off the pills. When I got home so tired from driving so long. I couldn't sleep at all tossed and turned all night long and all I could think was take the pill.. I got hooked in 5 days. Imagine 100mgs. OMG !!! Beware, yes the pills was great. Maybe to great to be true. Take care, God bless you all. REMEMBER OPIOIDS BY ANY OTHER NAME IS STILL A FORM OF HEROIN

  34. Tramadol Is so WORSE Its technically FAKE OPIOID and it does not, make your pupils smaller but dialated aka. Bigger, and its is close to molecularly at SNRI (Venlafaxine Poison psychiatric drug, and OxyContin is 100x Better and safer when not abuse, and withdrawal is natural at opioids exept Methadone and Tramadol is even whacker.
    AND OVERDOSE CAUSES NOT Sleepiness etc BUT F*ING SEIZURES!! I stopped 12 years ago and it was so BAD and long, way worse than OxyContin , and Tramadol doesn't help Sh* ! At Strong pain.
    ITS NOT WORTH IT , DONT USE TRAMADOL IT HAS ANTIDEPRESSANT EFFECT ON IT! Which is harmfull and way worse than any opiod on your body.
    Use OxyContin, (NOT O THE STREET , BECAUSE PEOPAGANDA HAS MADE PAIN DOCTORS FEARFULL , Because they are ransomed by FDA etc, by false Propaganda by anti Opioid documents.

    Funded by worst BigPharma industries on history = PSYCHIATRIC BIG PHARMAS, they make more money than all opioids (Lwgal and illegal) combined and causes more deaths by suicides and massacres ESPECIALLY ON Schools and other Places.
    Gun is only tool its not Bad or Good. Its the users mind , brain is the cause and the serotonin unatural flow causes that because the person either uses those SSRI,SNRI ( "Antidepressants") or has been in paast 20-30months and the brain chemicals is FUC*D UP! And it might take 30months to get them back to normal but SADLY MANY PEOPLE COMMIT SUICIDE BEFORE THAT Or Massacre-Suicide etc.
    Psychiatry knows this, but yhry7dont care because thry just use it agaknst people by saying "the person would've have Used more or continued ….thats thr cause od suicice "mental illness, chemical imbalance " BULLSH*T!! The snake oil etc sellers is nothing compared to these because you lose only money for pills that dont woek but , thr Psychiatry the industry of Death Drugs WILL KILL AND OR DAMAGE YOU!! AND YOUR RELATIVES or School And Work peers or just random SEROTONIN PSYCHOSIS massacre senseless horror Drugs!
    Its pseudoscience! ADHD,ADD And Bibolar goes to that Category 100%! Invented non existing disorders.

  35. Good to Know that after my APPENDIX Ruptured and then the Doctors found I also had a HERNIA after patching me up and kicking down the street the SYSTEM gave me a 12 Tramadol Pills for Pain Killers that will KILL ME…. Lol ….. I got a few more years left in this SLAVE TAX SYSTEM… all's good

  36. Tramadol does not cause your heart beat to race, it causes it to slow and become steady. I have taken 2-4 a day for the last 10yrs and have no problems.

    The painkiller is only dangerous when idiots think they can treat it like paracetamol.

  37. "Its one of the most potent painkiller on the market"?? Thats such bullshit this whole video is filled with lies

  38. Im sorry but when you put weed in the same category as heroin you obviously dont know wtf you talkin about.

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