*TRATTAMENTO CERVICALE* per *VERTIGO* – Feat NONNA FIT | ASMR Osteopath / Chiropractic Adjustment

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Dr.Gabri: Here we are! Dr.Gabri: Here you are! Hello! Granny: Hello Doctor! Dr.Gabri: How are you? Come here and take a seat! Granny: I think I’m fine but… like this (swinging) Dr.Gabri: What happened? Granny: I’m swinging! I’m a swing! (They start talking about swinging and dancing) (A friend of her took her dancing) (they danced a Tango) Dr.Gabri: Filomena, how old are you? Filomena: 86 years old in February Dr.Gabri: Wow! Well done! Dr.Gabri: I heard you are a famous Grandma! Filomena: I don’t know Dr.Gabri: NONNA FIT?! Because sometimes I follow things on Instagram And I watch you cook But tell that fact about… Filomena: I’m famous without knowing it! Dr.Gabri: There is this guy named INSTAGRAM Did you met him? he is a friend of yours?! (pointing to Samuel) Filomena: He knows Samuel…Maybe…. Samuel: Yeah, we ask her to go out with us, but she doesn’t trust Dr.Gabri: She doesn’t trust, why doesn’t she trust Instagram? Filomena: Mmm…Because I heard very bad news of him on the TV Dr.Gabri: ahhhh, they talk badly of him on TV? So Instagram is dangerous… Oh well, if you don’t trust him, better live him be Samuel: I asked her to invite him at lunch, but she said “No.” Dr.Gabri: She doesn’t like Instagram, but you’re not the only one A lot of people thinks like you Dr.Gabri: Have you ever had major surgery? Filomena: The appendicitis but long time ago Dr.Gabri: Did you ever had…Do you remember if you ever had fractures? Filomena: No. Just one time I sprained my foot And I was good at climbing trees. Dr.Gabri: Ah! And what were you doing up a tree? So you sprained your right foot Filomena: Yes, I believe that was it. Dr.Gabri: Did you have a DXA an X-ray Absorptiometry of the bones? Filomena: A what? No, I don’t know what/who is it. Dr.Gabri: He’s a cousin of Instagram… (turning to Samuel) Do you remember if she ever had that? Samuel: No, I think never Dr.Gabri: An X-ray eventually? Filomena: Chest X-rays, I did then many years ago! When I had asthma Dr.Gabri: The DXA is important because it helps us evaluate if the bone is weak, you know, if it has lack of Calcium you do this test to evaluate the bone mineralisation to see the bone condition Filomena: To do that, do I have to enter in that kind of machine? Dr.Gabri: No no, that is not it. It’s easier! Filomena: Now I have this aching neck during the summer. I’ve never had them. Dr.Gabri: You did it on purpose because you were coming! Filomena: I still have the ache here. Here it is swollen. Dr.Gabri: You feel it on the upper right side. Did they tell you what we do here? Filomena: No, no no no, Samuel did not tell me. Dr. Gabri: Let me check your neck, so sit here. When did she have the latest check-up with the ENT? Filomena: To the ENT, I got there with you (pointing Samuel), on the 23rd of the last month. Dr.Gabri: So she already had a general check-up. Ok, don’t get startled If you hear any cracks, we’ll check them up Meanwhile, I’ll check all the cervicals Filomena: I was not able to move from the sofa, pain all over. Dr.Gabri: Just let me handle it all, I’m only making some assessments. Good! Ok, stay still. Now, look at this pen and follow it with your eyes. I need it, you don’t have to take it. Filomena: Oh, I don’t have to hold it?! Dr.Gabri: No no no, just follow it with your eyes Very good! Ok! Stay there! Very good, stay relaxed. Softly, smoothly! Very good! Did you hear the little crack? Did you feel pain? Filomena: Not that much. But no fear! I’m not a scaredy-cat. It took a moment, a blink! It takes faster to do it than to explain things. Let’s see the next part! So we finish to treat the neck pain and we solve the awful dizziness/vertigo Did you hear the big crack!? Ok! And we have finished the neck manipulation! This is an important treatment because it is linked to the issue of dizziness/vertigo Now wait a moment so we can redo the pen test. Filomena: Many years ago, the dizziness would come once a year and it would calm down after an hour. But now, I constantly feel dizzy all day long It’s bothering me! Dr.Gabri: Now follow the pen. Filomena: Really cute, that pen. Dr.Gabri: Later I’ll give it to you as a gift. Now follow it! Ok! Only with your eyes, stay still with your head. Very good! You’ll see that we have solved your dizziness. Let me check one more time! Now let’s check everything else! Is there a lot of pain? Filomena: Yes. Dr.Gabri: This is because you have knee arthrosis Filomena: They always tell me that! And I can’t bend them much. Dr.Gabri: The knees have what is called a Chondromalacia. An important word! It’s an inflammation of the cartilage. The cartilage then gets torn… because then the Arthrosis takes over. But right now you don’t have it, because the diameter of her knee is quite maintained. Then the movement here is quite safe. It’s starting to show retraction, but this one we are going to fix it. It will hurt a bit, because it will stretch the muscle. We will do it slowly. Do you feel it stretching? Just let me handle it cause everything is going good. The left knee chondromalacia is worse and we have to treat it. Now let’s fix the rest of the spine. Don’t help me, I will manage alone carefully. Stay still. You won’t fall, I’m here. Stay relaxed, slowly. Soflty, smoothly. We can do this to all ages, just handle with care. Are you tired? You are stiffer on this side than the other. It’s on the same side where you have the knee pain. Is everything fine? That is the sciatica. Do you feel the stretching? Filomena: Yes! Just don’t let me fall! Dr.Gabri: No worries, if you fall, we fall toghether! What is this foot doing up down there? Filomena: Do I have to turn up? By doing this, we release the back pain and the sciatic pain. We do this technique on the dorsal vertebrae when they are a bit fragile, since we have here a bit of osteoporosis. With this examination we check the nystagmus Filomena: They have to check my eyes because I have cataract again. I’m not missing anything! Dr.Gabri: It’s a complete check up! Filomena: I feel much more lighter! Dr.Gabri: Of course! with all the cracks we did! Filomena: What do we do? Dr.Gabri: A few tips and we’re done! Send me some pictures. Where could you send them to me? Through Instagram? Filomena: No! Nowhere! Dr.Gabri: Via WhatsApp? Do you have it? Filomena: What is Wassapp? Samuel: You have to give him your phone number. (Talking about TV Programs) (Their favourite hosts) Dr.Gabri: Sometimes take a stroll… would be very good, ’cause it would help your blood circulation, to tone your muscles for 10 minutes once a day. would you try it? Filomena: Time is lacking. Dr.Gabri: You are a very busy one! Filomena: I can’t stay without doing things! (They talk about her hobbies: knitting, sewing…she has two sewing machines) (She asks about other treatment) Dr.Gabri: If the dizziness/vertigo will be gone, that means the cause was from the cervical. That was the bulging you felt on your neck before. Check it please. Filomena: It’s still there. Here is bigger than the other. Dr.Gabri: That bulging you feel here, we all have this, it is called occipital condyle. Filomena: I don’t know what’s that. Dr.Gabri: You don’t hear about it everyday. You have this since you were born. Filomena: But before I was not aware of it, now it is bulging a lot. Dr.Gabri: It is bulging because there is a muscle in contraction Filomena: As long as it doesn’t hurt! Dr.Gabri: More importantly is that you don’t feel dizzy. Filomena: This is what I’m searching! They make me do hundreds of things but they don’t solve my problem! (to Samuel) Couldn’t you have brought me here sooner? Dr.Gabri: Give mi a kiss! See you soon! Samuel: Say bye to Instagram!

64 thoughts on “*TRATTAMENTO CERVICALE* per *VERTIGO* – Feat NONNA FIT | ASMR Osteopath / Chiropractic Adjustment

  1. Manipolare una persona così anziana, verosimilmente zeppa di osteoporosi, non è un tantinello rischioso? Grazie per la eventuale risposta.

  2. Benedetti ti incoraggio vivamente a portare molto più spesso questo tipo di contenuti. Hai gestito molto bene la visita ed hai finalmente mostrato in che modo gestisci un paziente nella sua interezza.
    Molti nostri colleghi continueranno a criticarti (a torto o a ragione) per l impronta unicamente strutturalista, ma se continuerai a portare contenuti con queste modalità, dal punto di vista deontologico della professione, sarai inattacabile.
    Da grandi poteri derivano grandi responsabilità, e un quanto star del mondo osteopatico, hai il dovere morale di mostrare al mondo chi siamo noi osteopati e come lavoriamo.
    Vanno benissimo anche gli ASMR che pubblichi spesso, purché sia chiaro per tutti che in una seduta vera di osteopatia, si fa anche anamnesi e si interagisce molto con il paziente.
    In questo video lo hai fatto e di nuovo, ti incoraggio a farne altri, sei sulla strada giusta! 🙂

  3. fantastico questo video, parte proprio dalla parte di anamnesi. Che pazienza che ha il dottore con i pazienti, a maggior ragione con quelli più anziani!!! fantastico lo screenshot che ha il video come anteprima 🙂 ahahahah ! saluti

  4. dottore che ti mette tranquillità andrò presto da lui ho un problema serio con il collo sul lato destro quando giro il collo mi prende la vertigine non posso piu dormire sul lato destro e la posizione della mia testa si e deviata verso sinistra e non dico altri sintomi come disturbi visivi di vedere le cose in discesa tutto e scaturito un giorno che verniciavo un soffitto di casa sono da 4 mesi che sono cosi come un vegetale ho anche problemi di equilibrio prima che avessi tutto questo avevo tipo un blocco nel girare la testa adesso da sdraiato a pancia in su se provo a guardare verso destra mi sembra di cadere in burrone. mi scuso se ho scritto queste cose qua ma sto vivendo una situazione particolare la contatterò molto presto per venire da lei e le faccio i miei complimenti per come si comporta con i pazienti. cordiali saluti

  5. Dr. I had scoliosis at 11 years old . I had spinal fusion from my thoracic spine. Will I be able to have a cervical adjustment

  6. She is the real sexy women in all his videos because she can speak and knows exactly that her beauty is inside and that she shows us with her beautiful smile

  7. Además del tratamiento, la atención al paciente ha sido excelente. Normalmente no se ve nada de la fundamental anamnesis previa. Enhorabuena, Gabriele.

  8. Dottore Gabriele volevo chiedere sicome io soffro da 2 anni di atrosi cervicale bracalgia sono in cura a monza l'ospedale San Gerardo faccio la terapia del dolore in più ho un ernia al collo ma i risultati non vanno bene di queste iniezioni che mi fanno, più faccio massaggi volevo chiederli se questo tipo di massaggio che fa lei lo possono fare su di me? Grazie aspetto una sua risposta Buona serata

  9. I really loved the interaction between Dr G, the grandma, and her grandson. It was so sweet and beautiful. I feel like the Italian culture was highlighted well, so respectful of the elderly, laughing, enjoying conversation, no rushing. Wow! Even the camera man was laughing at one point. This was my favorite video! Bravo, Dr. G!

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