Travelling On Christmas Eve!? Meet My Partner! || Vlogmas Day 24 [CC]

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This is Archie, she’s very soft and very cute.
[Music: Holiday Brass Ensemble] Good morning! Again, from the kitchen, today is a proper
vlog style video because I am travelling somewhere. I’m going to Birmingham because I’m spending
Christmas with my partner who you might get to meet later. But uh, I have some stuff to take care
of and I still need to pack and I have to go pet some kittens that I’m gonna try and
show you so it’s gonna be a fun day but i’m gonna show you this piece of kit that I got
this morning. It’s very exciting. Look! Ta-da! I got something to hold the camera with. I
will be packing when I go back upstairs, and if you want to see what I pack when I have
a chronic illness and all the stuff I need to take with me for that I’ll put a link up
here to one of my very very very early videos. not my best work but it’s what I pack with
a chronic illness, not much has changed apart from I’m adding in hearing aid stuff which
I will- I have plans to talk about in a separate video so for now you’re just going to have
to guess, my apologies. [Music: Mr Sunny Face] Festive jumper, or partner’s jumper? right.
Hearing aids, and then we have to go! Somehow I found the time to decorate my hearing aids
so I’ve got at the moment, you might’ve seen in a couple of my past vlogmas videos, that-
can we see that, yes we can. I have a charm on my hearing aid and I’m just swapping this
curly thing over. I think they’re officially called tube twists, but curlies also works.
We are now blue. Ta-da! I have hearing aids in, and hair up so I don’t get the annoying
noise, so it is time to go. This is Archie, she’s very soft and very cute! Look at her,
aww purring. So cute! Hello [Lillie squawks] Aww, yes. Yes. Look at this, this is Archie’s
sister Lillie, and she’s so cute and soft and squawky. So I’m on a train, my train got
cancelled but I’m on a train. I bought a vegan sausage roll from the co-op so I’m gonna see
if it kills me of not, let’s hope. Those are the ingredients feel free to pause it. No plastic! Mm. It’s a bit dry. [Music: Mr Sunny Face] We made it! Cait: Hi!. Max: So Ice Mice,
partner, Cait. Cait: Hi. Max: Partner, Ice Mice. [laughs] Cait: Wow Max: I’m trying to
wrap stuff and they are judging me because I’m bad at it. Cait: Like really bad. Max:
I will put a card up here to another video where I wrapped presents, and people commented
like how they liked my use of feet. Cait: [wheeze laugh] did that actually happen? Max:
That actually happened. Cait: Wow. Max: That was actually a comment I cannot remember if
it was on the video or somebody messaged me or it was on somewhere I shared it. Cait:
I might check the YouTube comments. Max: Yes, well OK. [laughter] Cait: Do you want me to-?
Max: Yeah if you just hold that and then I will [laughter] Max: Oh fuck [laughs] Cait:
Did you break my tape dispenser? [sigh] Don’t use the feet. Max: I hope you still love me
after this. Cait: [laughs] course I do. You’re gonna have so much fun subtitling me Max:
Oh I am. Cait: Good job. Ooh, that’s some dark ass lighting. Ooh! Max: [laughter] Cait:
Hold- give- I will just be your lighting and camera rig [sighs] damn. Partner goals. Max:
Literally Cait: Good job Max [laughter] Max: oh my god Cait: They’re all gonna hate me
on this because I’m just roasting you Max: No they’re gonna be with you on this 100%.
If anything they’re gonna like you more than they like me Cait: [laughter] Max: oh my god
Cait: Are you- do you need- I would help but I don’t have any more hands because I’m currently
being your whole filming rig Max: [laughter] it’s fine I can do- I can do this Cait: Have
fun editing this shaky ass footage I’m so sorry Max: It’s not gonna be any worse than
mine. Cait: [laughter] dammit Max. it’s not twister. Max: Cover that up. Cait: Oh yeah,
you can edit this out [laugh] Max: I think you over estimate my editing skills. Cait:
Just make it fuzzy, I don’t know why I gestured with the light I’m so sorry Max: Yeah I don’t
have the editing software to make it fuzzy. Cait: Oh. Fair. Max Bet- Cait: Oh. Max: [laughter]
Cait: That was dumb and I might be blind now Max: Look how cute they are though, oh.. Cait:
Found it. Max: OK so we’re watching Shrek so I’ll be fast. Don’t forget to like, comment,
subscribe, and ring that notification bell so you get notified. Watch another video if
you want an outro. Um, Christmas Eve, Bye!

3 thoughts on “Travelling On Christmas Eve!? Meet My Partner! || Vlogmas Day 24 [CC]

  1. This is my first time captioning with more than one person speaking, please let me know if there's anything I need to do (or try, or get help to do) to make the captions more accessible. Merry Christmas! ♥

  2. Awwww you guys are so cute together! Have a good Christmas/Yule/winter season, look forward to seeing you when you're next down 💕

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