Treating Allergies with Allergy Shots or Immunotherapy at Ohio State

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So one treatment option that we’ve actually
been doing for over the last one hundred years is immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a treatment
option that we have that’s personalized to each individual patient. We take the information
we get from allergy testing, we mix that up into a prescription unique for that patient
and then we use that to change the immune system’s response to things that it shouldn’t
be responding to and create tolerance over the course of a three- to five-year treatment.
Typically, for most patients we’re seeing lasting improvement and this is actually a
way that we can cure the body of things that we’re allergic to. For most patients we do
start on a weekly basis for the first six to nine months of therapy and then after that
point we’re able to space patients out as they’re feeling better to every two weeks,
every three weeks then up to every month so that it becomes a little less burdensome on
their day-to-day and week-to-week activities. Allergy shots are a great treatment option,
but there are some things that we have to watch out for. We want to make sure that patients
who also have asthma, have asthma under good control so that we don’t trigger an asthma
attack. And then because we’re we’ve gotten better at knowing what doses are the effective
treatment doses, there is a a potential risk for reaction with each shot. So that’s why
allergy shots are administered in a doctor’s office, either in one of our offices or in
primary care physicians’ offices after a discussion with them so that patients can be monitored
and treated if these reactions occur. But when we get to these doses that we know are
helpful, we see this lasting improvement in patients’ symptoms. For many patients, we’re
seeing improved outcomes for ten to fifteen years after treatment and we’re hoping that
we’ll see even greater improvements as we continue to improve on these different techniques.

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